Girls’ Workout Special Report Web Article Part 2/4

(continued from part 1)


Leaving Alexis, I meet up with Neave whom you would have been forgiven for thinking had been a kangaroo in a past life. She has a penchant for jumping.

Neave: Yes! I just love to jump. Bungee jump! Base jump! Anything jump!

PK: You sound like a very adventurous girl.

Neave: Yes I am but I can’t do those things all the time. The simplest form of jumping is the best as I can do that anywhere!

[She proceeds to jump up and down on the spot.]

PK: I really admire your enthusiasm for just jumping.

Neave: It’s soooooooo fun! You should try it!

PK: Maybe not right now, I just had lunch.

[Neave suddenly stops and looks at me with excitement.]

Neave: Guess what’s even better than jumping?!

PK: I don’t know… please, tell me.

[From a gap behind the lockers she pulls out a circular object…]

Neave: Jumping on a trampoline! It gives me extra bounciness!

[…and off she goes.]

PK: Well, it’s definitely going to keep you fit!

Neave: Yes! Boing! Boing! Boing!


Leaving Neave bouncing on her trampoline, I had arranged to meet up with Katee in her dorm room. She had requested a more private audience with me, explaining that she is a little reserved and only works out in her room. Like many of the girls interviewed, she was completely naked too when I arrived.

Katee: I wanted to give you an authentic demonstration. I don’t usually wear anything when I work out because it’s just me here. If I put anything on now I would feel as though I was lying to you.

PK: That’s fine. Anything you like. But I notice there isn’t much room for working out in your dorm. How do you manage this?

Katee: Well, I don’t actually work out. I dance!

[Katee puts a CD in her stereo, presses play and does exactly what she said.]

Katee: Dancing can also be a great way to keep fit. Just put your favourite tune on and jam! It gets the whole body moving!

PK: Yes. That’s wonderful! How often do you do this? Also the music is quite loud, could you lower it a bit?

[Katee is so into her dancing and is also singing along, she cannot hear me.]

[I take a seat and wait. The track finally comes to an end and I seek to get in my questions in quickly.]

PK: Does dancing give as much of a workout as say, going to the gym?

[She moves to the other side of the room and ties her hair in a bun.]

Katee: It can do, I mean look I’ve built up quite a sweat already!

[She walks towards me showing off her glistening naked body.]

PK: Yes. I can see how dancing can be a very effective work out.

Katee: You bet!


Stopping by Andi, I found she is actually quite new to keeping fit. She is very small framed and slim so hadn’t really thought she needed to pursue an active keep fit routine but wants to start doing so.

Andi: Sorry, I’m not really used to any of this. I heard you were doing an article of female fitness and wanted to contribute somehow but I don’t usually do anything like this.

PK: That’s very good of you. I can see you have an exercise ball. How do you use it?

[I can tell Andi is a bit shy about this. I think it’s because she is naked in front of me.]

PK: You can put on a gym kit if you like.

Andi: Oh, no. I want to be like the other girls. They say that ultimately a kit just gets in the way and makes you too hot. I’ve only just started using the ball and have learned to stretch with it.

PK: That’s good. If you keep practicing you’ll be an expert with balls in no time!

[Andi laughs and switches position.]

Andi: I have a friend Alison who is very good with one of these balls. She’s been coaching me some. She taught me to do this stretch too.

[Andi is still a little shy about exposing herself but she really wants to help with the article so throws herself into it.]

PK: That’s really nice. I can see that being a great stretch for your inner thighs.

Andi: Yeah you really feel it there and other places. You should really see Alison. She’s much better at this than me.

Taking Andi’s recommendation, I did.


Visiting Alison, I can see another reason why the other girls decide to be naked rather than wear their gym kits. Alison had bought her kit herself rather than take the one offered by the college. Her kit conforms to the college standards so is allowed. It is within the correct length boundaries and made of the right material but during her activities her breasts kept flopping out so she decided to just leave them out.

PK: Andi told me you were really good with an exercise ball.

Alison: Not that good but I can do a few things… like this:

Alison: It’s just like a space hopper ball but without the handles.

PK: Yes. That looks like it would give you a very vigorous workout.

Alison: Indeed but what is not quite understood by most is the balance one needs to stay on it. Take this next exercise for instance – using the ball to keep you upright is quite tricky.

Alison: Oops!

[Alison falls off laughing.]

Alison: I still haven’t quite mastered that yet! Anyway, you can use the ball to balance on but you can also try to balance the ball on you! See?

[Lying on her back, Alison lifts the ball up into the air with her legs.]

[I can see the concentration on her face as she tries to maintain the balance of the ball.]

PK: You seem like you have no problems with balancing.

Alison: Actually, I’m still working on it. I mean, I’m not very good at handstands and cartwheels like the gymnastic girls are. They keep telling me to just practice but I can’t seem to get it. What am I doing wrong?

[Putting the ball aside, Alison attempts to perform a few handstands.]

[She falls over with an ‘Oof!’]

Alison: See what I mean? I just don’t know where I’m going wrong. In trying to understand this, I’ve even read some physics books about balancing and counterweights…

[She suddenly looks at me with an enlightened look on her face.]

Alison: That’s it! Maybe I need a counterweight!

[Reaching for her discarded clothes she grabs her panties and proceeds to stuff them into her vagina.]

Alison: That ought to do it!

[She attempts a cartwheel.]

Alison: I did it! I did it! The counterweight works!

PK: Fantastic! Glad you found something that worked for you!

Alison: I can’t wait to show everyone! I feel like I’ve taken my first step to being like one of those great gymnasts!

Congratulating Alison, I bid her farewell and pay a visit to Chantelle.

(continued in part 3)

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