Hot Summer Weather – A Cooling Mist

In extreme hot weather, what cools the skin is not uncovering yourself. The Dress Code is about modesty, and the weather doesn’t change that. To cool your skin evaporating water is perhaps the best method when you are outdoors.

You probably remember, as a child, playing in the water sprinkler on a summer’s day. Not only is the water cooler than the air temperature, but the evaporation will cool your skin as well. Wet clothes would hinder this process. So, if by chance as you walk across campus you see a water sprinkler on, by all means get cool. This can be a real health crisis in such hot weather. Of course, the Dress Code allows an exception for health reasons.

Get your skin temperature down in the cool water, but then carry your clothes until the water has evaporated. Inspectors understand the difference between you being wet from a sprinkler and being wet from sexual arousal. They are trained in these matters. Other students may not be as educated. But when you consider the risks to your health, a small misunderstanding is understandable. One little oxymoron we face in life.

If playing in a sprinkler is not your style, please do avail yourself of the outdoor showers around campus. Whether you use the showers alone or with friends, you will feel better reducing your skin temperature, with the added bonus of knowing you’ve cleanse your body of the sweat from wearing clothes for your modesty.

A fresh shave is also a great idea to feel cooler. notice the difference between those who enjoy the sunshine and the one girl who bares striking tanlines. The latter has a mild sunburn. She would be wise to have friends or others help her apply aloe to her damaged skin for it to heal. This is something some ladies have realized where the gropers on campus can be useful. Put aloe or sunscreen into their hands, and let them work the lotion into your skin.

Most of all, stay healthy, but have fun. The weather will eventually change.

14 thoughts on “Hot Summer Weather – A Cooling Mist

  1. Sienna

    I just started my freshman year here so I’m gonna keep this advice in mind for next summer! Other than when I was a kid, the only other time I’ve been in a sprinkler was once in high school, and it really did feel great. A few summers ago I babysat for my parents’ friends’ 3-year-old a couple days a week. He was such a good kid, surprisingly well-mannered for his age, so we got along really easily and that made the job something I looked forward to. On a particularly hot day he wanted to play in the sprinkler, so I helped him change into his swimsuit, set up the sprinkler, and sat down in a lawn chair to watch him play. Instead he just stood there and looked at me confused. I guess he wanted me to play with him! I told him I didn’t bring a swimsuit but that I could bring one next time. “Just play nakey!” he said. At first I laughed, then realized he was probably too young for it to be a joke. Oh I should mention something about my hometown. It’s nowhere near the college, or any college for that matter, and that’s probably why the people there are very behind the times when it comes to modesty. Being naked in public or anything close to it would never happen! “Sorry hun…” I tried to let him down gently, but his dejected puppy eyes were making it so hard! Well there was a tall fence around the whole backyard so at least the neighbors probably wouldn’t see me… My mind was starting to rationalize the possibility of actually doing it. I ended up caving. I stepped back inside for a bit to psych myself up before flinging all my clothes off to get it over with. Well I say that but I at least folded them and set them nicely on the counter. I of course wanted to cover myself but I thought it might make him think something was wrong, so I forced myself to keep my hands to my sides. I cautiously stepped outside, banking on the fence to keep me hidden, and he just stared directly at my pussy as if he’d seen a ghost. Oh no, was he expecting me to keep my underwear on?! He worriedly tugged at my hand for me to bend down and whispered in my ear, “Where did your peepee go?” I couldn’t keep myself from laughing, it was too cute! I told him I never had one and left the explanation at that; I didn’t feel like delving too close into birds and bees territory. Finally we started running through the sprinkler and it felt amazing! The heat of the sun mixed with the cold of the water felt so refreshing, and I had to admit it was better without a swimsuit. Warm sunlight on your nipples is quite the feeling! He was such a sweetheart, too young to think anything of me being naked, and was a big reason I quickly forgot my worries of being seen by the neighbors. Afterwards as I was letting the sun dry me he even brought me a towel and juice! It was a hand towel, but it’s the thought that counts. Once we were dry we turned off the sprinkler, headed back inside, and changed him out of his swimsuit. As I looked through his closet drawers he stopped me saying he wanted to stay “nakey” like me. I was so preoccupied with getting him dressed that my own clothes hadn’t even crossed my mind. I told him I was about to put my clothes back on soon but he started to get a little fidgety. He looked guilty about something. I went back down to where I left my clothes and they were gone! Turns out he spilled juice on them earlier and hid them in the laundry room. He clearly felt bad, it looked like he could start crying at any moment, so I couldn’t be mad at him. I gave him a hug and threw my clothes in the wash. I let him stay naked too; seeing him run around in his birthday suit was just too adorable to say no. If only penises stayed cute! He wanted me to read him a book so I sat on the couch and he jumped up on my lap. He must have tired himself out earlier because he quickly fell asleep with his head against my chest. He wasn’t the only one exhausted, and the next thing I knew we were waking up to the sounds of his parents coming home. I was mortified, I never got a chance to dry my clothes, I couldn’t let them see me babysitting completely naked! That being said I couldn’t exactly just hide from them either, so I ended up sitting frozen on the couch until they walked in. They seemed surprisingly calm, but confused more than anything. Maybe it helped that I continued to not cover myself, trying to play this off as being normal, though my beet red face probably gave me away. I nervously explained our day and they ended up laughing it off. What a relief, my parents are pretty open-minded people so thankfully their friends were too. They told me they would dry my clothes and I could pick them up the next time I watched him. I felt bad making them do that even if it’s as simple as tossing a few clothes in the dryer, but I wanted to escape back home as soon as possible. The husband offered to lend me a shirt for the walk home, but I refused it. Why did I do that?? I think the intense embarrassment was making it hard to think straight and I didn’t want to trouble them anymore than I already had. He at least convinced me to let him drive me home, which thank god he did because I literally could not picture myself walking nude through the neighborhood. Our house wasn’t too far from theirs so the drive wasn’t that long, but it was very cold. He was blasting the a/c and I swear he purposefully pointed the fans directly toward my boobs when I wasn’t looking. I could feel just how hard my nipples had gotten but I made sure not to look down at them, thinking if I didn’t look then he wouldn’t either, though I’m sure that’s not how that works. After a very long few minutes we arrived at my house. I thanked and apologized profusely and ran inside the garage. Finally out of his sight I covered myself with my hands and slowly made my way inside hoping no one would be around. My luck of course wouldn’t have that and I walked right into the dining room where my family was waiting. The kid’s mom already texted my parents the whole story, which they thought was just hilarious. They weren’t gonna let me live this one down and half-jokingly punished me by not letting me put on any clothes for the rest of the day. I complained a little but reluctantly gave in and sat my bare butt down at the table while Mom brought out dinner. Throughout the whole meal my parents kept poking fun at my nudity in every way they could think of, but at least my brother stayed quiet the whole time. Using a fork and a knife and covering your tits at the same time just doesn’t work, so I quickly gave up on that. After we finished eating they eased up and let me stay in my room the rest of the night. I thought to myself that I would make sure to never experience something like that again, but obviously things have changed since then! I feel like I’m still a long ways away from fully getting used to how things work here in college, but I’m at least a little better at it now than I was back then. And that’s mostly thanks to the “training” my mom put me through this past year. But that’s a whole other story and I’ve already rambled way past my point in telling this which is just that sprinklers really are a good idea. I’m hoping I can build up enough confidence to try it out on campus next summer!

    1. Anonymous

      That sounds like a wonderful experience! It’s always good to spend time nude in public, especially as you get ready for the College. Try going to all your classes on your first day naked, at least bottomless!

    2. Sarah

      Sienna, I had a similar experience before my freshman year too.

      I was a senior in high school, and by then we knew where we were going next year to university. Anyone who took the College Prep (CP) class or was going to the College was allowed/required to follow the College Code of Conduct instead of the high school dress code. Most of the girls did this, since being accepted by the College was really prestigious. I usually wore a T-shirt dress (with no panties, of course), probably a bit conservative for the college but hey! It was still high school. And you could see my pussy when I went up the stairs, so it was all good, right?

      Coming up that week was the famous yearly bake sale. Everyone in the school was preparing for the event, and there was excitement in the air. But one time I came home, and my mom was waiting for me. “Sarah,” she said. “Take off that dress,” pointing at my T-shirt. I paused. “Did I do something wrong?”

      “The point of the CP class is to prepare you for the college, right? It’s been a month since you last had some clothes taken away, I think it’s time it happened again.” My mom said. I paused.

      “What? I’ve been following the rules!” I said. My mom shook her head. “I went to the college, I know how it works. Sometimes you’ll be inspected, even at inconvenient times. And you aren’t going to deny an inspector, right?”

      I wasn’t sure what to do. After a second, I took off my shirt and handed it to her, standing there naked.

      “Because you resisted so much, I’m keeping it for a week.” This includes the bake sale! “Noo!” I shouted. “Please, this is an inspection right? We’ll make a deal!”

      “No, if you get even a pair of panties you’ll be as closed as before. Come back in a week and I’ll give it back and you can wear clothes again.” My mom walked away.

      I stood still. I was a senior, top of the world. I’m about to be a college girl. I should know how to put up with this. I wiped away my tears and headed straight back outside.

      The CP class taught us exposure therapy can help with embarassment. I went to the mall alone, not to shop, but just be there. I hated it, especially the cold A.C., but I could feel my confidence returning. People stared at me, some took pictures. All normal. I carried myself high and felt much better.

      I went home, and my mom didn’t say anything. Next day at school, a couple kids said something, but mostly people are used to the CP class and its rules. Then soon, the day of the bake sale. I arrived to see my friends, two girls named Lana and Mary, also going to the college with me, also butt naked. I was shocked. “Did something happen?”

      “You’re naked too? It wasn’t the CP teacher was it?” I shook my head. “My mom.”

      We talked it over and found out our moms had worked together, and made us all go naked for the bake sale! Villainous!

      But we ended up having a great time. Everyone could see us, lots of pictures ended up on the school website, but it was a blast. Especially since we offered free touching instead of clothes.

      You see, there is a tradition at my school, for the bake sale. All the college girls, and anyone in the CP class, in addition to selling cakes and buns, also have to sell their clothes. The amounts are randomized for each item and placed on price tags. But once someone buys it, you can’t refuse, and you strip out of it. Not all girls end up naked, but some do.

      The other part of the tradition is that once you’re naked, you sell gropes, like it was the college and you had to spread for anyone who wanted to touch. Fixed prices this time, $3 for breasts, $6 for pussy. And boy were we hotcakes! We got groped so many times you wouldn’t believe, and made so much money! More girls than normal ended up naked too, I guess since customers wanted to get in on the action. By the end me and my girlfriends were very horny, but also very satisfied.

      1. Amazing Dough

        Groping really is the best possible kind of fundraiser because it’s a hands-on experience that brings everyone in the school — students, faculty, and parents — closer together.

      2. Judy

        My high school was similar. When they introduced the CP class, they changed the dress code so that all students could observe either the high school dress code or the college dress code. Of course CP students had to only follow the college one.

        I started the CP class in sophomore year when I was 15, and it took me a while to adjust, but I really came to love the freedom of the dress code. Like Sarah I wore a T-shirt dress, only at first, then it started getting shorter until it was above my navel. But by senior year that’s not what I wore at all.

        See, the college dress code became popular among girls because of the freedom, and soon it was very normal to see girls wearing very little like on campus. One trend for a while was bra as top and bush as bottom. But I always shaved, so me and my girlfriends came up with something else.

        We all wore only knee socks as our bottom, leaving our hairless pussies completely exposed. It felt so great and free, and of course we could sneakily masturbate during class! For tops we started with crop tops but after a while we just went topless. Since being topless is usually allowed on campus it was okay. We were dressed relatively decently.

        But off campus people treated us like we were naked! They took pictures with us and gawked at us and it was a lot of fun!

        Of course it changed a bit when CP class got further on, and then when I came to the college. After all, if your pussy is that open access, you’re going to great groped a lot. And I get wet VERY easily…

        1. cato

          Statutory rape laws are still on the books. The laws may be bent for the college campus, but note that off campus, there does not exist “consensual rape.” The entire fondling to get a female wet is not allowed off the college campus.

          A high school would not be able to bend these laws to permit such. No one under the age of consent can willing give themselves to another, especially anyone older. This has the problem of high school girls walking about the college campus. A fondler might not know the age of the girl being fondled. If that girl show signs of sexual arousal, anyone thinking they can “punish” her is actually setting themselves up for a felony.

          And don’t think for a minute these girls do not understand the laws fully. Your consensual rape suddenly becomes a felony act of statutory rape. In fact, the girl does not even need to press charges if this act is observed by others.

          1. Pope Nope

            cato thinks he’s Richard Hertz and can speak ex cathedra on behalf of the entire CCC, but he’s just a troll who’s ignoring countless high school stories by Dick himself. Pay him no heed, girls.

          2. cato

            Old School story of High School:

            Read it. Stop making shit up about what RichardHertz wrote. In this early story, high school students did not have sex in school, unless they signed a permission slip upon their 18th birthday. Why? Because before then, it would be statutory rape.

            Despite what lies within your perverted head, having sex with an underage student is not permitted. Your fantasies of this universe do not drive the storyline.

          3. Anon and On

            cato must have run out of things to bitch about over at NWO and is looking for someplace else to annoy people

          4. Fellow student

            I don’t understand the discussions. Of course it’s all pure fantasy. Whether females are on a college campus or in a high school makes no difference. Consensual is consensual and rape is rape. If you don’t like reading the stories or comments, just let it be.

  2. Anon

    All of the pics in ASSTR posts have 404’d, and some of the ones hotlinked from Internet Archive are starting to go, too. Is there any way to recover or reproduce the original photos?

    1. base Post author

      many are located here:
      under the “Archived” heading.

      If you find a story here with broken image links, post a comment on that story, and we’ll try to find the original.

      UPDATE: domain host took them off line for violating their TOS. It is unclear when or if ASSTR will return on-line. We can hope it is soon. As for finding the original images and replacing them, that will take a lot of time. If the readers can locate the original images, we can update the links. My suggestion is to be patient. ASSTR will likely resolve their doman hosting issues.


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