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Dinner Party (archives)

Dinner Party

“How was dinner?” Crysta asked as Donna returned to the dorm, patting the floor as an invitation for Donna to sit down and join the group. Crysta was sitting with a half-dozen of third-floor residents, in the hallway. Most of the girls were wearing just panties, which is the casual attire for sitting around the dorm. But Crysta is shy about her boobs, so she wore a camisole (but no panties).

“It was a bit weird,” Donna replied. “The dean made his wife serve us, but she didn’t join us for dinner.”

“Really?” one of the girls said. “Tell us the whole story.”

“OK, let’s see,” Donna began. “Sheila and I rang the bell, and the Dean’s wife answered, wearing a sexy minidress. I remember thinking what a lucky guy the dean is. She invited us in, and seated us in the living room. She was about to offer us a drink when the dean called her to one end of the living room, and said something quietly to us. She became agitated, and started pleading with the dean. He raised his voice enough so I could hear him say ‘you do as I say’ and that shut her up. She started crying and unzipping her minidress. The dean grabbed her arm and brought her into our end of the living room, and told her to continue. She looked at him as if she were about to plead with him again, but he was very stern, so she just looked down, and took off her dress. She stood before us in nothing but a pair of panties and high-heel shoes. She had gorgeous tits.”

“Wasn’t she a student here?” one of the girls asked.

“At dinner, we found out she was. The dean had her as a student.”

“‘Had her’ is right,” one of the girls said, and everyone laughed.

“Go on, Donna,” Crysta prompted.

“OK, so we were all looking at her tits and her panties, and wondering what to do. It was very awkward. Then the dean asked his wife if she should be wearing panties. She didn’t answer. Then the dean asked the two of us if we were wearing panties. Well, we came straight from school, so of course we weren’t. Then he turned to his wife and asked her if she thought it was right to wear panties if her guests weren’t. I could tell she wanted to say ‘why not’ but she held her tongue. Her body was so sexy, I started to lubricate at the thought of seeing her naked. But the dean took pity on her, finally, and let her go to her room to change. She came back a few minutes later wearing a see-through negligee with nothing but lace covering her gorgeous tits.”


“Any panties?” someone asked.

“That was the thing I was wondering, too. When she bent over to set a drink down next to Sheila, I tried to look up her dress, but I couldn’t tell for sure. But during dinner the subject turned to the crazy dress code at the College, and some of the odd rules in it. Like no pubic hair. The dean asked Sheila and me if we were fully shaved, and of course we said yes, even though the question seemed a bit out of line. Then he asked his wife, and she nodded. He asked her to show us, but she shook her head, and said Please. Then the dean backed up his chair and beckoned to his wife. She turned white and shook her head harder than ever. You have to come here, he told her, until reluctently she came to him, and bent over his lap. While we were watching, he lifted her dress, exposing her butt. She was mortified, covering her face with her hands. He gently traced the curvature of her butt crack with his finger. When his finger reached the bottom of her butt crack, he stopped, and said come on, darling, you know what to do. It must have killed her, but she spread her legs apart. From where we were sitting, we got a full view of her pussy, which was glistening wet. Then he lifted his hand, and THWACK! He smacked her naked butt, and then gently stroked her puckered asshole with his middle finger. Then THWACK! THWACK! Her butt turned bright pink, and her pussy juices flowed like a river. Even though she was crying, it looked from her pussy as if she enjoyed the spanking. When the dean was done, she gladly showed us her pussy.”


“And sure enough, it was fully shaved,” Donna said.


The girls laughed. “That was a lovely story, Donna,” they said.


You should read about my work study program.

Yes, the Dean’s wife was at the party I was hired to serve, but she got wear sexy outfits all evening. I just had my collar and cuffs.

I told everyone about my professors fingering me, but what the Dean had his wife do to me was so embarrassing. She ate me out in front of everyone as they ate their dinners. I climaxed something like four times during the main course.

The Dean offered me dessert – his wife’s pussy, and I have a real sweet tooth for sweet pussy, too. She’s as good as she looks.

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