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Hot Summer Weather – Rec Center

How to beat the heat – Rec Center swimming pool

Students and faculty are advise to take special precautions during the extreme hot weather forecast for the coming weeks. One great way is using the swimming pools at the Rec Center. During the summer months, the pools are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Just remember that swimsuits are not allowed in the pool. We’ve had too many instances of street clothing being worn, and those fibers clog the filtration system. It is perfectly natural to swim naked, skinny dipping as it is sometimes called. The history of this dates back from the beginning of mankind. Nothing to be ashamed of getting naked for a dip. Most find the act quite refreshing and enjoyable.

The pleasure in skinny dipping is increased when friends join you. Also a great way to make new friends. Everyone can relax and have a good time.

Care should be taken during these extreme hot days. While it is understandable some will want to work on their all-over tans, caution must be taken to not lay out in the sun and burn. Friends can help to remind you to rotate to avoid too much sun, and friends with helpful hands can help apply sunscreen, especially to hard to reach spots. Remember to hydrate, and limit your expose to the sun to a little bit each day.

Why submerging in shallow water might keep your skin cooler, it is quite dangerous as the sun rays will penetrate the water to damage skin if you float for too long.

Please use the Rec Center wisely. Enjoy the cool skinny dip to get out of the heat and cool yourself down. Drink plenty of water. Have friends help to ensure you have adequate sunscreen applied to all parts of your body. Limit your time in the sun and heat. Have a fun and safe summer.