Hot Summer Weather – Rec Center

How to beat the heat – Rec Center swimming pool

Students and faculty are advise to take special precautions during the extreme hot weather forecast for the coming weeks. One great way is using the swimming pools at the Rec Center. During the summer months, the pools are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Just remember that swimsuits are not allowed in the pool. We’ve had too many instances of street clothing being worn, and those fibers clog the filtration system. It is perfectly natural to swim naked, skinny dipping as it is sometimes called. The history of this dates back from the beginning of mankind. Nothing to be ashamed of getting naked for a dip. Most find the act quite refreshing and enjoyable.

The pleasure in skinny dipping is increased when friends join you. Also a great way to make new friends. Everyone can relax and have a good time.

Care should be taken during these extreme hot days. While it is understandable some will want to work on their all-over tans, caution must be taken to not lay out in the sun and burn. Friends can help to remind you to rotate to avoid too much sun, and friends with helpful hands can help apply sunscreen, especially to hard to reach spots. Remember to hydrate, and limit your expose to the sun to a little bit each day.

Why submerging in shallow water might keep your skin cooler, it is quite dangerous as the sun rays will penetrate the water to damage skin if you float for too long.

Please use the Rec Center wisely. Enjoy the cool skinny dip to get out of the heat and cool yourself down. Drink plenty of water. Have friends help to ensure you have adequate sunscreen applied to all parts of your body. Limit your time in the sun and heat. Have a fun and safe summer.

8 thoughts on “Hot Summer Weather – Rec Center

  1. base

    The idea for a hot weather theme comes from an anonymous commenter – thanks.

    There will be a series of Hot Weather stories – if I can battle and win over WordPress

      1. base

        I cannot post a story directly in the usual way. I have to copy and paste to a quick draft. Nothing seems to work right without using work arounds. Like this comment. It does not recognize my login as base. I have to manually enter my information. Something is up. Reboots help for a day or two, then back to annoying disabled functions.

  2. someone

    Please also remember that too much sunscreen can reduce the water quality. Therefore, it would be best to wait half an hour to an hour and take a shower before entering the pool. And please refrain from using soap. This will keep the water fresh and you and your friends can continue to have fun in the Rec Center swimming pool.

    Also I think the Rec Center swimming pool is great. The students on these photos look beautiful and refreshed.

    1. Fellow student

      I can only agree. Sunscreen should always be allowed to take effect first, otherwise it will quickly become useless. It might be a good idea to use the time wisely. It would be conceivable to read a book or to study for class. Of course, a good conversation is also an option, or another meaningful activity. Especially when a male has helped a female to apply sunscreen and massaged the sunscreen intensively into the skin. The girl should return the favor as soon as possible and also massage the male a little, but not for too long. As soon as it can be seen that the male likes this treatment, the female should no longer use her hand for further treatment, but use her mouth. She will experience that the male not only has sun cream but also likes to offer another cream and will be happy to put it in her mouth.

  3. Christine

    I once went to the pool when nobody was there and sunbathed. A nice student came by and asked me to help put sunscreen on. He was a particularly nice, well built fellow and his tight red swimming trunks looked promising. So I accepted with thanks. He was really meticulous, took his time and really didn’t skip a spot. In order to be able to cream everything well, he made me kneel on the sun lounger and support me with my hands. What can I say, his efforts, especially on the buttocks and between my legs, got me pretty wet. Of course he noticed. He laughed and said that for better or for worse he had to find a remedy and before I knew it he was already holding my waist and did what he had to do and raped me. Well he did very well and when he cummed I was completely exhausted. He pulled out while I remained motionless for a few more moments. Suddenly I felt something hit my head. I looked up and saw his thick, again or still, stiff cock. But I opened my mouth to give him a little more fun. But then I was quite surprised because he just pushed a few times, holding my head and then he cummed four or five times and I had trouble swallowing it all. When he was finally done and I was still wondering about this gigantic potency, he pulled up his swimming trunks. It was a black Bermuda shorts.


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