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Pretty Girl of the Day, April 2, 2018

Doreen is today’s pretty girl.

By the way she’s gripping the bottom of her dress, you can guess she’s harboring a terrible secret.

Do you think she might be wearing panties?

Luckily, there’s a way to find out. You see, any girl at the College is required to remove her dress upon request. Any boy can make the request at any time, but only if he suspects she’s violating the Dress Code. The goal is to expose bad girls, but not to subject good girls to unnecessary embarrassment.

Just about all the girls at the College are good girls who have nothing to hide. But every once in a while, one of the girls will try to pull a fast one. Some girls dare each other to wear panties, just to see which one will last longer before being inspected. Naturally, if a girl is found to be wearing panties, she will most likely be stripped naked, and quite often, the girl will ask to be raped as well. To let the boy know she is ready to be raped, the girl will exhibit signs of sexual excitement. It’s hard for some girls to avoid showing such excitement, in part because when a boy strokes a girl’s inner thighs, the girl is required to spread her legs, allowing the boy full access.

So what’s this girl’s secret? She is sporting a bush! This is permitted under the Dress Code, but she has to treat her bush as a full bottom, which means she can’t wear a dress over it, or even a top, if it’s longer than waist length.

Many girls at the College enjoy wearing a bush as a bottom. It looks good on Doreen, don’t you think?