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The Government Education Inspector Continues His Day On Campus

Mr. Steele finished his business with the Dean for the day and thanked him for being so hospitable during his visit. Kandi’s pussy and ass were still very much on his mind. On his way out of the administration building he was crossing the quad and saw a beautiful young lady sitting on the grass with her boyfriend. She was sitting Indian style and her boyfriend had his hand up her skirt. Mr. Steele looked on noticing her long blond hair, her large perky tits covered only by a very tight tank top that was practically see thru, and her long sexy legs were almost completely exposed except for her short skirt. Once he was done undressing her with his eyes he let his gaze fall to her face. She looked familiar to him but he couldn’t remember where he had seen her before. Then all at once he remembered…

She was Ashley, the daughter of the chief of police. They had met when Mr. Steele had been at the chief’s house playing poker one night. She had been in the study doing some homework and he had wandered in accidentally on the way to use the bathroom. He had noticed how sexy she was and on the way back to join the men for more poker he had popped in on her and asked her to bring some refreshments in to the men. She had complied and brought them some chips and some beers. When she arrived she leaned over to put the chips down in the middle of the table and Mr. Steele had been able to see that in addition to being obedient she was also good at following the dress code, no panties under her skirt. That night Mr. Steele had been winning at poker but after the distraction of looking up Ashley’s skirt he ended up at the end of the night $5000 in the hole to the chief of police. He was very angry, he never lost at poker. And on top of that the chief was a lousy player. On his way out of the house he passed Ashley in the kitchen checking the oven. Her ass was in the air and she was bending over the bottom shelf. He walked over to her and patted her bottom, she gasped and stood up. He was standing so close that her tits brushed against his chest. She asked if he had a good time that night and he turned angry eyes on her and told her he had lost a lot of money to her father, but now he had an idea of how to get payback. He reach in between them and pinched one of her nipples between his fingers. Just then her father had walked in and he had stepped away. He felt he had just been cheated a second time tonight by this man and he vowed revenge.

He snapped out of his recollections when he heard her laughing at something her boyfriend had said. He remembered how angry he was about that $5000 he had lost to her father and marched right over to her on the grass. “Freeze exactly where you are, both of you”. They both looked up at him like deer in the headlights. Ashley remembered this man from one night at her house. He had said he was going to pay her father back for beating him at poker and had fondled her in the kitchen before her father came in and rescued her.
“What’s wrong?” the boy asked.
“Nothing as far as you are concerned I think” said Mr. Steele. “Young lady please lift up your skirt”.
She hesitated. “I said NOW!”
Ashley lifted her skirt and Mr Steele saw that the boy had 2 fingers inside her tight pussy.
“Just as I suspected. Young lady you are engaging in sexual activities in public, this is disgraceful. Young man you are dismissed.”
The boy removed his fingers, licked them, and then rose holding his books getting ready to leave. Then Mr Steele thought better of it. “No, why don’t you stay. This could be educational for you.” He said with an evil glint in his eyes.
“Am I in trouble Sir?”
“No, not yet. But this young lady is in big trouble. You are going to help me teach her a lesson.” Mr Steele took the two of them to a secluded spot between some trees where nobody could see them. “OK young lady hand over that tank top to this young man for inspection.” She started to pull her tank top up slowly but Mr Steele had no patience left. “When I give you an order you must do it IMMEDIATELY!” he said as he walked right up to her and standing directly in front of her, grabbed her tank top and feeling the flimsy material of it smiled to himself and ripped it right off of her body. He tore it off of her so hard and so quickly that her tits bounced at his effort. “Now take off your skirt and give it to this young man to inspect and do it quickly.” Having learned her lesson she quickly unzipped her tiny skirt and pulled it down her legs, bending over in front of Mr Steele who took in the sight and licked his lips. “Young man does that skirt seem alright to you?”
“Uh, yeah I guess so.”
“Oh really?” Mr Steele grabbed it and turned it inside out. “Hmm looks like its lined to me, that counts as layering. So not only is this young lady breaking the no sex in public rule but she was also flagrantly ignoring the dress code.”
Ashley was starting to get worried where this was going. She was now naked except for her 5 inch stiletto heels and she had noticed a look in the inspector’s eyes that she had seen many times before in the eyes of boys on campus. Usually she was with her boyfriend and felt safe, but she didn’t think he’d be able to save her from this powerful man.
“I suppose I’ll have to perform a tactile inspection on her now too, just to make sure she isn’t breaking more rules.” Mr Steele said in a huff, more for the boy’s benefit than Ashley’s. Mr Steele could see in her eyes that Ashley already knew what was about to happen to her. Then an idea occurred to him. “Young man I want you to help me with this inspection, after all my job is to educate and this will be very educational and beneficial for you too. You can help me by holding her. Young lady I want you to do a hand stand.”
Ashley got on all fours and then kicked her legs in the air, her boyfriend caught them and held them together.
“Very good” he said to the young man, “but I need you to hold her legs apart.”
Ashley felt her boyfriend separate her legs and was immediately embarrassed as now both the inspector and her boyfriend were looking down between her legs directly at her cleanly shaven pink little pussy.
“Hmm she certainly looks smooth doesn’t she?”
“She sure does Sir” said the young man, unconsciously licking his lips at the sight.
“But lets see how it feels…” Mr Steele said with a grin. He slid his hand up her thigh and started feeling all over her pussy.
Ashley, who had been enjoying a nice afternoon with her boyfriend was now extremely embarrassed. Oh well, she thought, at least I’m not excited anymore, this experience has cured that.
Mr Steele was still running his fingers all over her and then exclaimed “She feels perfectly smooth to me. But now I need to see if she is breaking the rule about becoming wet.” Almost before he had finished the sentence he had a finger inserted in Ashley’s sweet, tight pussy. He reached his finger in deep and began to feel for her g-spot knowing that should do the trick.
Ashley, being one of the prettiest girls in school, was not new to this kind of treatment and had built up a pretty decent tolerance and kept dry.
“It seems her pussy is dry” Mr Steele said with disappointment in his voice. “I guess your girlfriend isn’t as much fun as she looked when I caught you two.”
“Oh she’s fun alright, you just have to know the tricks.” Said the young man and winked at Mr Steele.
“Oh really? By all means tell me what is your trick?” said Mr Steele, now realizing that this cocky and fairly stupid young man was going to prove more useful than he had expected.
For her part, Ashley couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She had just barely been able to resist Mr Steele’s fingers and now her boyfriend was going to help this man into raping her. She tried to say something to her boyfriend but Mr Steele quickly silenced her.
“Young lady a girl who breaks the rules the way you have should keep quiet or suffer the consequences. Now be quiet before I shut you up myself.”
“Actually Sir, that is exactly what I was about to show you. You see when I want to get Ashley really excited I let her suck my cock, she’s a real good cocksucker, she loves it.”
Mr Steele could tell by the pink color creeping into Ashley’s face that this was about to get even better.
“By all means, please show me.”
He didn’t need to be told twice. In a flash his jeans were around his ankles and had shoved the entire length of his cock into Ashley’s mouth. She started moaning uncontrollably.
“See, I told you. She loves it. Sometimes she begs me for it.” He started thrusting in and out of her mouth rapidly, truly fucking her face. “Check and see if she’s wet now, I bet she is.”
Mr Steele brought his fingers back to Ashley’s pussy and before he even got close he could smell her and see her juices glistening in the sunlight. He took 2 fingers, crossed them around each other and slipped them into her beautiful pussy easily. The little whore is wet, he thought to himself.
“Young man you are correct, she is soaking wet. Ashley, you have allowed yourself to become aroused and now you will have to be punished. Lay her down on this bench.” The two men laid Ashley’s horny body out on the bench and Mr Steele positioned her so that her head was actually laying over the end of the bench, dangling off. “OK young man we all know what she wants from you, so I think you should give it to her.”
Again with a speed only the young and horny can possess he undid his jeans and put his still hard cock between her luscious lips. Mr Steele crouched between her legs and fingered her pussy a little more to make sure she was still wet, he needn’t have worried, her juices were dripping down her pussy and coating her ass too. Perfect, he thought to himself. But that was for later. He unzipped his suit pants and slid his cock deep into Ashley’s pussy. It felt better than he had hoped.
Ashley couldn’t believe what was happening to her now. Her boyfriend was holding her head over the edge of the bench ramming his cock into her throat while her head dangled upside down and Mr Steele was pounding her sweet pussy at the same time. They were taking turns thrusting so that each was actually thrusting her entire helpless body into the other one and then back again. She felt like a bone being fought over by two dogs. Then she felt Mr Steele pull out of her. She was relieved, she thought her punishment was over. But then she felt a strange sensation and realized he was lining his cock head up with her virgin ass. She tried to look up at her boyfriend to signal to him, but all she could see from underneath was his cock sliding into her mouth and his balls kept slapping her in the face. She tried to scream but all she ended up doing was making her mouth vibrate on his cock and he moaned and told her to keep it up.
Mr Steele knew well what he was doing was against the rules but felt safe enough knowing she couldn’t speak. This was working out better then he had hoped, with her boyfriend’s help he hadn’t even had to rape her dry, she really was wet and it felt great on his cock, probably felt better for her too but who cared about that little detail. But now as he was guiding his cock into her tight little ass pucker he felt a heightened sense of lust. Knowing he shouldn’t be doing this and that she was extremely humiliated only added to his pleasure. And the dumb boyfriend didn’t even realize that he was being usurped for her ass cherry. The way she was screaming into her boyfriend’s cock let him know that she was a virgin and he loved taking her virginity away from her. All of her screams were being muffled by her boyfriend’s cock and he could tell the young man wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer due to the vibrations her screams created on him. Mr Steele loved the image he had created. This innocent young girl had just been sharing an afternoon with her boyfriend and now she was being used like a common whore, being fucked at both ends by two men. With each thrust Mr Steele erased a dollar from the $5000 he had lost to her father, he started to wonder how much of the loss would be written off by the time he came in her ass. His thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of her boyfriend’s grunting and moaning and then he gave one final thrust deep into her throat and came loudly with a primal yell, flooding her sweet mouth with his cum.
Ashley felt her boyfriend release his load into her mouth and tried her best to swallow it all, but there was just too much of it. She ended up swallowing most of it but a little bit trickled out the corner of her mouth and down her face. She could feel her boyfriend’s cock growing softer and had hoped that she would now be able to tell him what Mr Steele was up to.
Mr Steele saw the young man finish and was close himself. He told him to leave his cock in her mouth until he was finished and yelled at Ashley to suck every last drop of the fine young man’s cum out of him.
Ashley’s heart sank as she realized there would be no opportunity to help herself. Mr Steele thought of everything to keep her helpless. She busied herself licking off her boyfriend’s cock and sucking the last few drops of his cum out of his cock. As she was finishing up she was horrified to feel his cock growing hard again in her mouth. Then she felt him grab a hold of her head again for leverage, tilting it all the way back so his cock slid right down her throat.
Mr Steele was relieved to see that the Ashley’s mouth was being kept busy while he continued his assault on her now not-so-virgin ass. He could feel that he wouldn’t last much longer and watching her mouth being used for a second time sent him over the edge. He gave one final thrust deep into her ass and released his cum deep inside her.
Ashley felt Mr Steele cum in her ass and her humiliation was complete. She had been used and abused by a man who was supposed to look out for the students’ well being and learning and had instead chosen to take out his fury at losing a simple poker bet on an innocent young girl. Was this what the world was all about? Abuse of power, revenge and lust? Why hadn’t her boyfriend helped her? Was he so lost in his own pleasure that he cared more about getting off then helping her? She felt Mr Steele pull out of her ass and smear his cock all over her pussy to disguise what he had done to her. At the same time her boyfriend came in her mouth for the second time. Thankfully there was less volume this time and she was able to swallow it all easily. She sat up and watched as the two men zipped up and stared down at her naked form on the bench.

“I hope you learned a lesson today young lady” said Mr Steele. “And I want to thank you, young man, for helping me, you have the makings of a fine inspector yourself.” Mr Steele reached out his hand to shake.
Ashley watched as her boyfriend eagerly shook hands with Mr Steele, beaming with pride. Mr Steele walked away with his shoulders back and his chest out. She looked up into her boyfriend’s face and saw him glowing with appreciation for Mr Steele’s compliment. She was afraid to see that there was also a twinkle in his eye at the thought of becoming an inspector.