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Pretty Girl of the Day, September 5, 2014

The summer has been a wonderful time for me to wear overlapping clothes again, something I missed when I was at College. Here I am wearing one of my favorite tops with a cute little denim skirt that shows a little cheek, but not too much for hanging around with my family and friends back home.

It was a little over a year ago when I built up the courage to wear this skirt to high school. I know you’re laughing to hear me say that, but it’s true. And the only reason I was such a chicken was our high school dress code, which said you couldn’t wear a skirt so short your panties would show. I saw what happened to some girls who violated that dress code, and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. The poor girls were given a terrible choice: either call their parents to come and take them home, or else remove the offending article of clothing. If it was a short skirt, then usually the girl would just take it off. Sure, it was embarrassing to spend the rest of the day wearing a top and panties, or worse yet, just a thong, but that was still better than getting picked up by her parents. But then she had a harder choice to make if she had been wearing a short dress. If she chose to take it off instead of involving her parents, then she was down to just her bra and thong. Or what if she wasn’t even wearing a bra?

I know what you’re thinking. It sounds like the teachers were stripping girls all the time in our high school! There was one particular style of super-short dress — shorter than crotch length — that was meant to be worn with matching panties and no bra, and usually teachers recognized that and gave the girl a pass. And even if they punished the girl, they would usually give her the choice of taking off her panties or the dress. It wasn’t an easy choice for the girl, because these dresses were really too short to wear without panties, especially in high school, but it was still better than forcing her to take off the dress.

If a girl was wearing a skirt, though, and her panties showed, she would naturally be forced to remove the skirt, leaving her with just a top and panties. This put the girl at risk, though, because in her next class, the teacher might mistake her top for a very short dress, and make her take it off. We called this a double whammy — the poor girl comes to school fully dressed, and then has to take off her skirt in one class, and her top in the next, leaving her wearing just her panties! So to be nice, after forcing a girl to remove her skirt, a teacher would often make her take off her panties as well, just to keep her out of risk of a double whammy. Not every girl appreciated being saved this way from a double whammy. A girl wearing a belly shirt, for example, might have preferred to take that top off rather than expose her pussy to everyone in the school! But each time a girl was forced to finish the day bottomless, she learned an important lesson, and she taught that lesson to the rest of us: Don’t wear panties!

So this is one of the outfits I wore to high school in my senior year. Do you like it?


But I can’t wear this outfit at the College, of course, because the top overlaps with the bottom. Is this a problem? Not really. Since they overlap, clearly one or the other is at least partly redundant. I could take off the skirt if I wanted to, but honestly, this top isn’t really long enough to make me feel comfortable, even with the relaxed standards of the College. So, when I go back to the College for my second year, I’ll most likely take off my top. Do you like that choice?


It’s fun to wear just a skirt, and while it’s fine for other girls to parade around bottomless, it’s not for me. I know what the girls always say at the College. If you wear a bottom, you’re just begging to be Inspected, because there’s a lot of opportunity to hide a dress code violation down there. I get that. But I’ve seen plenty of girls at the College wearing a crop top and absolutely nothing south of the belly button, and they’ve still been forced to strip naked, maybe just for the amusement of the Inspector, or maybe to prove she’s not wearing a bra (or pasties) under that top.



Honestly, I feel more comfortable without a top on, and just a skirt that’s short enough to show a little cheek. I’m really looking forward to getting back to the College, where I can feel sufficiently dressed wearing just a cute bottom! Do you like it?