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Ashley’s Diary — Tuesday, March 31, 2009 (archives)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I’ll admit I’m a little behind in my diary updates.  But I remember what I wore on Tuesday — a sexy little crochet top, which I wore as a minidress.  Since the dress is covered with little holes, the idea is to wear a camisole under it.  But the camis I tried on were all either too short or too long, and just didn’t look right, so I ended up wearing the top as a dress without anything under it.  It was perfect for our little game — not too long, but long enough.  The only trick was to position my nipples so they didn’t pop out of the crochet holes!

I was selected again, thank God — it would be a shame to wear such a sexy dress and not get selected!  It was good to see Alex was selected, looking really cute in just a thong and a halter-top that showed her cute little side-boobs.

Taylor wore the sexiest outfit of the day, though, in a cute purple top that flared out at her hips, and was almost long enough to hide her lack of panties.  But what made it really sexy was the top was so skimpy, it barely covered the nipples of her huge breasts.  She was the only girl so far to get 3 points.  I was glad to see her get the points, because yesterday she wore just panties and a half-shirt, and she wasn’t even selected.  To add insult to injury, her boobs kept falling out of her shirt, forcing her to adjust herself again and again, much to the delight of the boys!

So now, after two days, here are the point totals:

Ashley – 4
Lauren – 4
Elizabeth – 3
Jennifer – 3
Taylor – 3
Nicole – 2
Alexis – 2
Courtney – 2
Katherine – 1
Megan – 1
Brittany – 1
Hannah – 1
Samantha – 1
Rebecca – 0
Emily – 0
Chelsea – 0
Kaitlyn – 0
Amanda – 0

Yahoo!  I’m on top, far from the doghouse where Becky, Emmy, Chelsea, Kaitlin and Mandy sit.  I don’t feel at all bad for Chelsea, since she’s not even trying to play the game, wearing relatively long dresses both days, but I do feel bad for the other girls who are trying.  For example, Emmy went without panties today, and her dress wasn’t terribly long.  She was philosophical about it.  Tomorrow’s another day, she said.

Today’s pretty girl likes to wear a dress long enough to keep her pretty butt covered.  Not that anyone would be looking at her butt anyway, since her face is so doggone gorgeous!