The emergency medical facility has had an uptick in castrations. This is alarming to the college, and we ask for this to stop immediately. Males are warned not to attempt any sexual relations with girls wearing defensive heels. While part of the Code of Conduct is to punish females showing signs of sexual arousal, also part of our Code is that the female must resist the punishment, else the sex is consensual and not a punishment at all.

This makes the the male student responsible for determining who is or is not to be punished, and his decision is his alone. He must accept the consequences of his actions.

This sort of footwear is a clear sign to leave that female student alone. If the male student believes the wearer to be sexually aroused, he will drop his pants and shorts to enforce the punishment. This exposes him to the possibility of castration during aggressive resistance as demanded by the Code of Conduct. A groper will have his pants up, and has a small measure of protection against resistance; which in the case of groping, resistance is not authorized unless the groper moves to bodily parts covered in appropriate clothing. Therefore, bloody pants are not evidence of wrong doing by the female. Pants with slashes in the groin area might be evidence of taking self defense too far, unless her outfit can help determine that a groper was improperly seeking areas not exposed.

The above heels have been determined highly effective in castrating males. His genitals can become trapped between the sole and the blade. He has only a moment to beg forgiveness. The actions of the female are entirely up to her. The Code does support resistance to these sort of punishments. Males who are castrated are reminded to place their genitals on ice and hurry for medical aid. Keep in mind a male without genitals and bleeding between the legs may be confused with a female on her period. If another male student assumes this is an aroused female, the castrated male may be delayed seeking the medical attention. Re-attachment is not always possible.

Some females may choose to be less aggressive, and opt not to castrate. However, they are still allowed to resist, and might choose to gouge eyes or stab repeatedly on their punisher. Again, we cannot stress this enough. Resistance is part of the punishment when accused of sexual arousal. We request male students consider the possibility they are incorrect to claiming the female was sexually aroused. This is one reason the females are required to resist, in order to defend themselves against false accusations.

Males wishing to punish females need to think about their accusations before attempting punishment. Females are allowed to defend themselves, and some have found the means to do so. Males should be asking themselves, even in cases of female arousal, does that female deserve punishment. Is her transgression so extreme to run the risk of him carrying his genitals in a bag of ice to the medical center. Attachment is possible, but ED is a definite possibility. A couple of castrated male students elected to have sex change surgery and hormonal shots. This has had the effect of confusion on campus who is a female subject to the Dress Code and could be punished.

63 thoughts on “Resisting

  1. Sly

    What in the hell is this? This is a massive departure from the theme of this website, in a completely disturbing direction.

    Please, keep this sort of thing contained in blogs where it’s welcome. Don’t randomly drop a castration fetish into a site which isn’t remotely about that…

    1. base Post author

      Castration fetish? Weird.

      It is a warning to prevent castrations. Heed the warning.

      As with all of the Dress Code, each action has consequences.

    2. William G. Gruff

      “I’m not into the incest thing at all. Tossing in a CCC reference at the end does not make this incest sex story part of the CCC universe.”

      Watch out, he considers himself the arbiter of what is and isn’t appropriate.

  2. Tanager

    I know every writer has his or her own take on the CCC but jeezus, this has to be the furthest yet from Hertz’s original stories.

  3. Headpats

    I personally do not mind if a story doesn’t fit into my fetishes but helps make the location a more logical place. I get the intent here to make the world less of a fuckfest and more of a series of consequences and actions.

    The problem with having a system of defense for females, however, is that it begs the question as to why so many have not utilized said defense system. If wearing a set of heels is enough to avoid being consentually raped on a daily basis, why do we have a large number of stories (including ones by Hertz) where the female is forced to accept the consequences of her arousal?

    It is logical to assume that some females in the school might enjoy a bit of sex and thus not use said heels, but it is more illogical to assume that almost every story posted here about said subject would have the female ignore such a means of defense. There have been stories by Hertz that had females in heels that endured sex; this story would suggest that such an action was illogical since they had an easy escape.

    The CCC is quite the fluid thing and allows for a lot of freedom, but for it to be believable we need the story to rationally fit in the world. This can either happen naturally due to elements that were previously not explained and yet don’t contradict anything, or elements that can exist but are generally not used due to X or Y.

    This story is flawed as it contradicts previous stories with the question of “why did they endure it” if simply buying a pair of heels was enough to solve all their problems. This story also does not set itself up as an exception, it does not explain why these heels are rare and in fact suggests that it is the cause of a lot of medical issues.

    It is also suggested that the female must be aggressive in her defense or else it is consensual and not a punishment. This doesn’t feel like it follows the original CCC, where a female’s arousal resulted in punishment but was ALSO considered consensual; the two do not conflict with each other and consent has always been a strong part of what the CCC is about. Having females avoid punishments feels wrong since the previous idea was that females would consent to punishments as consequences to their actions. This story on the other hand suggests that she should be defended even though she should be punished, since the latter is not consensual for some reason.

    I also have to ask this. If males castrated decided to become females and follow the CCC, why didn’t they use a pair of heels themselves? That part seems a bit inconsistent, especially given that the male should know about this defense having experienced the situation himself.

    1. base Post author

      Thank you for one of the more intelligent responses.

      Resisting has long been part of the CCC…
      Sexual intercourse

      Girls should refrain from voluntarily engaging in public sexual intercourse with a boy, either vaginally or anally. Kissing is perfectly fine, but the minute a girl feels any penetration of her vagina or anus by the boy’s penis, she is required to resist his advance. It is the strength of her resistance that distinguishes rape from sexual intercourse. An act of rape can’t be distinguished from sexual intercourse without a prolonged struggle on the part of a girl. It is not at all unusual for her clothes to be ripped to shreds during the struggle.”

      I do appreciate you understanding the action/consequence theme of my post. For us to cling to any sense of suspension of disbelief in this universe, a reminder from time to time that actions have consequences, even for little boys. If females were assaulted several times a day, why would any female enroll here? The fuckfest mentality is not part of the universe I envision. It makes no sense to me.

      Perhaps my future story on consequences of inspectors ignoring the codes will appear to show how that situation can be tamed down, especially the peer inspections. There has to be a consequence for stripping a female when it is clear she is not in violation of any dress code.

  4. someone

    I mean it is a fictional universe. As with many fictional universes it has a set of rules. Rules that are know to the fictional characters living in this world and other rules on how you tell a story.
    And surely everyone should have noticed that in many of the stories the woman ends up naked and is raped. And there is nothing consensual in rape either.
    Being “consentually raped” on a daily basis is fine within this fictional world. Readers come here, read smut, switch off from reality for a while and then move on. But readers should also be aware that the author does not want to treat girls like that in reality, nor does he want to call for girls to be treated like that. At least I hope so. And so it is at least my opinion to urge the other readers to treat the girls with respect in reality.

    I would like the girls to walk around a bit more freely in reality, without having to be afraid at every turn that she will be grabbed or worse. The opposite is the case. Because unfortunately there are too many assholes who don’t know how to behave. And this is why we can’t have nice things. So…yeah! In a world where shoes like the above are invented and also worn, a whole thing must have gone considerably wrong.

  5. Donna’s Cousin

    We love when men get scared about getting fictionally castrated in their “safe space” in which they can fictionally rape women. I love that this post burst that bubble. As a girl with an exhibitionist streak, I like the nudity fics but I hate the double standards and abuses of power. If you get off on abusing your power to rape women but are scared of the consequences, you just got to take a look at all that ugly in the mirror.

    I might even enroll at the CCC now.

    1. Donna’s Cousin again

      Also – if I can filter through ALL of the fics in which the girls are harassed, abused and gaslit and still cum, you can deal with ONE fic where boys’ actions have consequences.

    2. Sly

      Personally, I don’t like the rape part either. The point is that this is a departure from the theme of this website and doesn’t make sense within the world. Any story like that would irritate people, but this is also in a particularly gross direction.

      And, by the way, none of the women in these stories get maimed or killed. What, knifing classmates is totally cool now? How did that never come up in previous stories?

    3. someone

      I’m with Donna’s Cousin here.
      “I like the nudity fics but I hate the double standards and abuses of power. If you get off on abusing your power to rape women but are scared of the consequences, you just got to take a look at all that ugly in the mirror.”

      The german word for ‘rape’ is ‘Vergewaltigung’. It contains the stem ‘Gewalt’ with means ‘violence’. Or the frensh word ‘violer’ also means ‘to transgress a law’. You do not need to shed blood. That violence can be psychic too. It’s bad none the less.

  6. opra

    The weird thing about the above story imo is not that the men “have to face the consequences” of their actions. Instead its the level of physical violence thats unprecedented for the site.

    A story where a guy gets stripped and shamed in public for “punishing the wrong girl” would much better fit the theme of the site while keeping the “consequences” angle.

    The above story on the other hand, if genderswapped, is comparable to cutting of boobs or fingers. Nothing like this exists in any other story.

    It is just gore and has no place here.

    1. base Post author

      The Code of Conduct insists that a female resist a rape. Just laying back and taking it, then waiting for trial is not in keeping with the Code. The fact she did not resist would be held against her in this college universe. Defending herself is her proof.

      Your gender swap is not the same thing. A male cutting a female is the act of first aggression. A female cutting a male rapist is defensive – after his attack begins. As the story states, a male with shredded pants might have a case against the female’s cutting. However, if his pants are down, he is initiating the attack on her.

      I think you might want to look up gore in the context of rape, especially gang rapes. It ain’t pretty. If these gang rapes were not part of this universe, you’d have a point.

      1. opra

        It seems to me like you are taking a very negative point of view of what is still a porn site, that very much does not depict rape, or basically anything else, realistically.

        Rape in real life is a vile act that is never justified and deserves to be punished heavily. Rape is physically and emotionally scaring and leaves long traumas, parts of which may never heal.
        Is a woman in real life justified in cutting of a rapist’s dick in self defense? I’m not a lawyer, but the answer is probably yes.

        There are almost certainly subhumans who get off on the idea of real rape, but I, and I assume most of the other authors/readers on this site are not among them.

        So what are we doing here then? I think it’s mostly a type of roleplay, a kind of fantasy, a “what-if” scenario, just as you would see it being acted out in other porn. The key word here being “act”.
        As far as I know there is not one depiction of ‘real’ rape on this site and there certainly shouldn’t be. The “rape” on this site is at the same level of sincerity as a slutty Halloween cop costume is to a real police officer.

        In one of your other comments you wrote ” If females were assaulted several times a day, why would any female enroll here?”. And in real life, of course nobody would! But this is a porn universe and, as can be seen in quite a few stories depicting some of the girl’s decision processes, they enroll at this campus because they want to.

        The people depicted on this site are fictional caricatures of humans, that engage in lighthearted, imaginary, unrealistic sex acts. This is why your story depicting a dark, albeit more realistic, conclusion of women defending themselves by causing literal amputations is so jarring.

        It’s a morbid, gory story in a lighthearted, decidedly gore free porn universe and hence doesn’t belong here.

        1. base Post author

          thank-you. I can agree this is fictional world where a sense of reality needs to be suspended for belief. Of course, no actual rape has taken place; however, once you enter this world, then a rape culture does exist. Within this world, a balance needs to be struck to avoid all stories ending in a rape. Perhaps castration is an over-balancing of that end. Perhaps not.

          I’ve always viewed CCC as a place where actions have consequences. Some of them can be unpleasant. This is one that makes certain actions highly unpleasant.

          Any boy seeing a female in such heels would be best to avoid inspecting her for arousal. The few idiots that see those heels and continue their pursuit of her, well, consequences.

          I am troubled that you view rape as lighthearted and gore-free. That is exactly the mentality that drove me to write this jarring story. Maybe causing some to think about that rape culture that is here.

          1. Jacques Derrida

            I’m reminded of the classic Three Stooges short in which Larry suffers severe bleeding after having his hair torn out by the roots and Moe is arrested for having jammed his fingers into Curly’s eye sockets.

            In the meantime I will get back to this exciting Batman story in which a mentally ill man in blue and gray tights is shot dead by the police after leaping around their patrol cars.

            Deconstruction is good stuff.

      2. Anonymous

        Additionally your story makes little to no sense. Yes the girls must resist and fight the punishment to make them rapes. However, as punishment the guys can just demand the girls clothing, which she must surrender. So if a girl is wearing these dangerous outfits, they would just confiscate them before punishing her. It is a nonsense story in which you just wanted to punish some guys in a universe/story world where there really is no place for that. It quite literally is build to be based on abuse of power and unfair power structures, in which as a girl you simply do not have a way to fight back unfair inspections or rulings. Hell we had a dozen or more stories all about girls being unfairly inspected and punished and how that is just part of what they had to deal with at the college. Because that is how it is. If you dislike it, that is fine, but dont put new examples or twists in a story that has already has preventions against the things you do.

        1. base Post author

          “dont [sic] put new examples or twists in a story”

          We shall write the same exact stories over and over. No variations. No new plot twists. Heck, the same characters do the same thing, over and over and over and over and over and over.

          There hasn’t been a dress code restrictions about footwear. Even when the clothing is taken, the shoes are often omitted in the stripping and trial evidence. The defendants might even appear in court wearing heels in a few stories.

          But perhaps another author will write a tale of taking the knife-heels away before seeking to punish someone. They can find the justification for deciding that footwear somehow violated the dress code, but they would be twisting or adding new examples, too. right?

          1. Anonymous

            Or maybe they just dont even need a reason, like in most stories before?
            Sure they cant CONFISCATE the items, and keep them, but it is already established that they may strip the girl of even non offending items for inspection. To see IF they are offending and all that.
            So all this would result in, is each boy stripping girls of everything, then raping them, then giving her the items back. Congratulations, by the rules you seem to base this on and claim to value so highly (you obviously dont) – you just created an idiot plot.

    2. Anono

      A good suggestion. He could also write a continuation to the parallel CCC which was a take on a reversed CCC.

      The level of ultra violence here is not what the user base is interested in. There’s no mono culture here, but this is so far out of nowhere. Is that what happens when someone who reads and writes for a website specialized in fantasies gets woke I guess.

      I also didn’t care for the Mr. Steele story where he tricked wetness with his spit. It was also against the spirit of the site, imo. But at least that didn’t involve body parts being chopped off.

  7. Mr. Roper

    Base – if I’m reading CCC right – students freely choose to attend the “College”, right? Given that they freely agree to the obviously oxymoronic idea of “consensual rape” – does that change your view at all?

    Personally – I’m not cool with the term. I’d rather “consensual exploration” or something. There’s no need to use the word “rape” except to elicit the idea of consensual power over someone, which I don’t need for my fantasies 😉

    1. base Post author

      Mr. Roper, short answer nope.

      Many of the stories begin as a female students suddenly becoming aware of the Dress Code and the Code of Conduct at Freshman Orientation. That means they had no idea how their lives would change enrolling into this college.

      Some of the stories explain the reasons they elect to stay at the college – scholarship, losing huge sums of tuition, or parental disappointment in them dropping out so soon.

      We all live in a society where some of the rules/laws we’d rather not have, but we are forced to abide by them for the greater good we receive from society.

      Resisting is totally accepting of the Codes, especially the part that they must resist this rape punishment. Some female students have thought outside the box, and if that makes some male students shrink, well, so be it.

      1. Mr. Roper

        Ok Base. So by your logic. If there is a school policy that was not known when enrolling, but then discovered later, and by that point there would be a financial loss for changing your mind (because you didn’t read the policy in the first place), it would be okay to resist the policy through violent means rather than changing schools. Like the idea of consensual rape – this violent power play is not by thing.

        Do you have a strong BDSM fantasy? Do you define all relationships by power and sex roles i.e. would your opinion change if this was an all-girls school?

        1. base Post author

          Mr. Roper, you are going off on tangents.

          My reply was to your post saying, “students freely choose to attend the “College”, right?” You asked the question, and I answered it. Now, you are trying to twist this into some sort of rebellion never discussed.

          Pure The Code, if someone is trying to enforce the “consensual rape” to a sexual aroused female, the female is to resist. That is part of The Code. Often neglected, but it is absolutely part of The Code.

          Now, you are trying to turn this into mounting a violent protest against a sign reading “Keep off the grass.” Your logic fails.

          The female student wearing these sorts of heels is following The Code. Defending herself is part of her rights and duties under The Code.

          I have a general dislike for BDSM and rape fantasies; hence, my story to empower females to gain some sort of level playing field towards those males seeking to get their cheap thrills.

          While girl-on-girl rapes could happen, it is not of this particular universe. But given The Code as written, I would still hold my opinion that an accused-aroused female has not just the right, but the duty, to resist. If the rapist walks away injured, that is a consequence towards their actions — a consideration for the accuser to think about before acting.

          1. Mr. Roper

            The BDSM comment was me trying to understand why you would bring such a violent idea into this website.

            It now seems that you believe “rape culture” must necessarily be part of the fantasies on this website, and therefore justifies the actions you are suggesting around “resisting”. I don’t see why since these are characters. Unless you mean that the readers need to be informed about the dangers of “rape culture”…..

          2. base Post author

            If your thoughts are rape is all well and fine “since these are characters,” ought that not also apply to the castrated characters as well? No real penis was removed. Only the fictitious penis of a fictitious rapist was removed.

            Perhaps this would have been more a more appealing story to counter the non-consensual rapes: Keep in mind not all the rapes described within the collection of stories here at CCC are consensual. It is the level and duration of the resistance of the victim that the CCC determines whether it was consensual.

            Do keep in mind that any female wearing such heels is making it quite clear she is not about to consent to rape. Only an idiot would press the claim of arousal to such a female with such footwear.

          3. Mr. Roper

            Sorry – I meant to include the following quote before “I don’t see why…”

            “hence, my story to empower females to gain some sort of level playing field towards those males seeking to get their cheap thrills.”

      1. base Post author

        Reason would have had you moving on before replying to Mr Roper. Yet you remain not taking your own advice. There are several different authors here, and I suspect Dick Hertz will continue his tilt on his universe. That would be good enough reason to keep this website bookmarked and come back for new stories… or to re-read old ones.

    1. Tanager

      I don’t know who pays the bills for this site but base has always acted as if it belongs to him and that he alone decides what is and is not appropriate here. Just look at his past interactions with people whose comments didn’t align with his own preferences. All the negative reactions will only make him double down on his interpretation of the CCC.

      1. base Post author

        I do not know who pays the bills either, but it is not me. You may think I act as if I do, but I don’t think that way. I act and write according the previously published Code of Conduct. When someone is ignorant of the actual words in this Code, I reply with quotes. Of course, that is just me reading the actual words written here. If you are ignorant of the Code, I will post to correct so that others do not follow your ignorance.

        So, please enlighten me where in the in actual Code of Conduct that a female must lay back and enjoy her punishment?

        I’ve cited this before, but you gleefully ignore the facts that counter you disappointment in this story:
        Read the section Sexual intercourse: … the minute a girl feels any penetration of her vagina or anus by the boy’s penis, she is required to resist his advance. It is the strength of her resistance that distinguishes rape from sexual intercourse. An act of rape can’t be distinguished from sexual intercourse without a prolonged struggle on the part of a girl.

        That your little man-boy mind cannot accept this is your interpretation that is counter to the spirit of the Code itself.

        These rules are designed to be easy to enforce, because whenever intercourse occurs in public between a boy and a girl, one of them is at fault — the boy is at fault if the girl puts up a sufficiently prolonged struggle, and the girl is at fault if she doesn’t.

        If the boy is at fault, he is a rapist and sexual predator. Ought not everyone seek punishment to these sexual criminals? What does it speak of you that your mind not wishing any form of punishment to such vile creatures?

        Did I double down? Or do you want more?

        1. Mr. Roper

          Base’s comment: “So, please enlighten me where in the in actual Code of Conduct that a female must lay back and enjoy her punishment?”

          What Base did not post: “While she is being raped, she must continue to resist him until one (or both) of them reaches orgasm, at which point she is no longer required to continue resisting.”

          Therefore your post encouraging violence would not allow for this part of the Code – unless bloody castration of the boy brings the woman to orgasm first. Hence my question on whether you enjoy BDSM.

          But please. Keep teaching because clearly only you are intelligent. Only you understand that fantasy must result in the same sort of behaviour in the real world. I applaud you for such a violent post instead of a thoughtful post where the College intersects with the real world, which could result in some interesting dialogue. But of course – that may not include physical violence, which clearly, you find important.

          Only you can save us Base.

          1. base Post author

            I’m delighted you actual read the CCC on the subject.

            So, you think a female being rape will reach orgasm? Really? smh.

            The rapist might ejaculate, but the female is still not require to lay back and enjoy it. She “is no longer required to continue resisting” – any English-speaking person understands this to mean she is also allowed to continue resist.

            I find it unbelievable you do not see rape as a violent act. You can only see the castration as violent (which it is). The difference is whether violence is justified. Self-defense is a basic human right. Administrating punishment is not a human right – it is an elective action per the CCC.

            So place yourself squarely in the camp of the rapists. You do not need to like the consequences of your thoughts or their fictional actions here. Claim you are not promoting violence, but some female defending herself, as required by the code, is somehow the unjustified violent one.

          2. Mr Roper

            Don’t bother with facts. Pope Base has issued their decree and therefore it must be true. In true modernist Karen style, only Pope Base’s perspective matters….. which is odd given Karen’s postmodern claims…..

  8. Hummer

    Can we abandon,close or delete this post and move on to something more interesting? Like, beautiful girls, girl of the day, pictures from school( as school started)?Some new students?

    1. Anono

      Here, here. Although base seems to lack empathy and thinks this is what the readers want for some reason, hopefully one of the other authors can move on.

        1. Amazing Dough

          However if someone attempts to tell a story in-character in the comments that doesn’t appeal to you personally, you will either tell them to stop posting or act as if your interpretation of the CCC is the only valid one.

          1. base Post author

            I did that when the commenter was not making their little story about CCC. He talked about incest, then at the end said, “That year they implement [sic] the CCC.” With that sort of weak tie to this universe, you could make a political post, spam the comments, or start a communist revolution, just put “That year they implemented the CCC.”

            You might also note, I did not delete his little incest tale. I replied to it. Maybe that was too subtle for you to understand, and I won’t bother to explain the difference how freedom of speech invites differences of opinion. You wouldn’t understand.

        2. Mr. Roper

          Authors write what the author wants? I don’t think so, but you do?

          Geez. What do you think about Stephen King? Or wait… how about your own little post? Are you implying that you’ve castrated people????

          1. base Post author

            Yes, even Stephen King writes what pleases him. That others enjoy his writing is a perk, not the reason he started writing his books. I’m sure you can find some authors who write for the masses, in hopes to sell more books. However, here, no profit is being made. The authors here are writing stories they like. If a few readers enjoy the story, that’s a plus, but not the motivation to craft a story the author dislikes but pleases the crowd.

            I’m implying nothing about my tale. I’ve stated my thoughts, and if you still refuse to read my actual words, that’s on you.

            I have castrated piglets. If you believe yourself to be a swine, well, there you go.

          2. Mr. Roper

            Who said anything about why Stephen King started writing Karen? King is on record as saying he felt constrained by having to write horror. But of course, in your lonely universe, only you are right. You probably wear a Disney costume to a sci-fi convention insisting that it qualifies because it’s fantasy.

            Keep castrating those piglets. I’m sure they love you for it.

  9. Weary Wanderer

    What I see here is someone taking a huge, steaming dump in the middle of an erotic sculpture garden, then superciliously declaring that the existence of coprophiliacs means that their “sculpture” is just as good as any of the others, and that any who disagree are just not open to artistic innovation.

  10. Grinch

    Wow, I hadn’t noticed this thread before.

    I have two points to contribute:

    1. It’s all fiction. No need to be offended on anyone’s behalf.

    2. Any random PG-13 Hollywood movie has people being shot and killed routinely so in comparison the things going on here on CCC are relatively mild in comparison.


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