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Math Punishment (archives)

Math Punishment

“Crysta, I’m glad you’re here,” Donna said as she breezed into the room, smiling as she usually did. She wore a beautiful white microminidress — not quite sheer, but very revealing in some lighting — let’s just say she didn’t have to take it off to prove she wasn’t wearing anything under it.

Crysta looked her up and down, taking in her beauty. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just glad to see you is all.” Crysta was sitting at her desk, studying, but she was glad for the interruption. She wore a crop top, her large breasts filling it out nicely. Because her chair had solid sides, she didn’t need to wear any bottom. She had taken off her micro-miniskirt the minute she came home from her classes. For some reason Donna could never understand, Crysta never felt comfortable wearing a bottom. Unless it was absolutely necessary, like when she went to classes, she would always slip out of it.

Crysta got up, and stroked Donna’s long brown hair, and gave her a welcome home kiss. The kiss lasted a good minute because the girls hadn’t seen each other since the morning. While the girls were kissing, they stroked each other’s bodies, and each one noticed the other was enjoying the kiss.

Finally, Donna broke it off, but continued hugging and stroking her beautiful bottomless roommate. “I want to tell you about a wonderful punishment in my math class today.”

“A wonderful punishment?”

“Yes, I don’t know if you know these girls — Cindy and Debbie…”

“Sure, I know them. They’re roommates, aren’t they? I think they live in…”

“Yeah, on the other side of the campus. So here’s what happened. Debbie is wearing a red thong, and the teacher calls on her and asks her to explain the sine rule. You know Debbie, she’s clueless. So she starts talking about signs. You know? Street signs and stuff.”

Crysta laughed, and Donna joined in, and then continued her story. “People in the class were laughing at her, and you know my teacher. He likes to punish girls who don’t study by making them strip in class and donate their clothes to charity.”

“Yeah, I remember a few days when you came home naked from that class.”

“Not lately though. I’ve been studying harder.”

“So the teacher’s punishments have motivated you then?”

“I guess so. But let me tell my story. It gets better, I promise.”

“OK,” Crysta laughed, lifted Donna’s minidress, and patted her cute round butt.

“So without even being asked, Debbie takes off her shirt, leaving her wearing just a red thong.”

“That’s not so bad,” Crysta said. “Sometimes you wear just a thong to your classes.”

“You’re right about that, but keep listing…” Donna wagged her finger. Crysta nodded, and zipped her lips. “So Debbie sat down again, still fairly decent — her bottom was still fully covered as you said. She must have thought she dodged a bullet. But then the teacher called on Cindy to explain the cosine rule. Cindy stood up, and rattled on about side a, and side b, and the cosine of C for what seemed like a good five minutes. It sounded right to me, but I guess she goofed it up, because the teacher asked her to take off her top. It was a sexy orange lacy thing that barely hid her breasts anyway. I didn’t see what the big problem was, but she said she didn’t want to take it off. So the teacher ordered her to the front of the lecture hall, and demanded that she bare her breasts. She cradled her breasts in her top, and begged to have another chance to leave it on. The teacher wasn’t going to put up with this any more. He said if she didn’t take off her top, then she would have to take off her bottom, too. That’s when Cindy asked if someone else could take off her top for her.”

Crysta agreed. “I think it’s easier when someone else strips you. Somehow, it takes the sting out of it.”

“I suppose so. Debbie went up to the front of the room in her cute red thong, and stood behind her roommate. She did the deed, baring Cindy’s adorable little tits.”


“That was sweet,” Crysta said.

“But aparently not good enough,” said Donna. “The teacher went into a rampage, laying into the two girls for taking too long to strip off their clothes, and wasting valuable class time.”

“Oh, my God!”

“So he made Debbie bend over, and show her butt cheeks to the class. She stayed that way for a minute while the teacher made up his mind what to do next. ‘I’ve already punished you once,’ he said to Debbie, ‘but you really took your time taking Cindy’s top off, and so you need to be punished.’ Debbie begged to keep her thong on, and the teacher finally agreed. Debbie was so relieved. But then he had a second thought. ‘You can keep your thong on,’ he said, ‘but you’ll have to lower it just a little.'”

“How much did she have to lower it?” Crysta asked.

“That’s the question Debbie asked. The conversation between Debbie and the teacher degenerated into a discussion of inches and centimeters when he had finally had enough. He made Cindy lower Debbie’s thong an inch at a time until he was satisfied. Debbie cried at being humiliated — not only was she forced to strip, but slowly, in front of the class. Adding to her humiliation was the fact she was obviously excited. Cindy was nice, though, soothing Debbie as she did what was required of her. She rubbed Debbie’s breasts, and her belly. She even stroked the soft skin between her legs, and between her cheeks. It was so cute when she kissed each of Debbie’s butt cheeks, right on their tenderest part. Debbie was clearly glad she didn’t have to undergo the stripping alone.”


“That’s sweet,” Crysta said. “Come on, let’s get over to the cafeteria before the crowd.” She took Donna’s hand, and led her out of the room.

“Yeah,” Donna agreed, as the girls walked, “but poor Debbie’s ordeal wasn’t over. Guess what the teacher’s newest complaint was.”

“That Cindy didn’t strip Debbie fast enough?”

“You’re good! The teacher said Cindy would have to be punished for stripping Debbie so slowly, can you believe that? Debbie, still bent over, with her swollen, pink pussy facing the class, came to her friend’s defense. She begged that Cindy be allowed to keep her bottom on. You’ll never guess what the teacher said.”

“He said no,” Crysta guessed.

“No, he *agreed* to it, but on one condition. Debbie had to give up her panties completely, and remain bent over while Cindy kisses Debbie all over her body.”

“All over?” Crysta began stroking her own pussy at the thought of a naked Debbie, bent over in front of the class, receiving all-over-body kisses from her beautiful roommate.

“Oh, it was terrible,” Donna said. “Debbie was so afraid of cumming in front of the class. She begged Cindy to stop, but the teacher made her continue. He even told her what to do. Lick her asshole, he said. So Cindy licked it, all the while soothing her belly and her breasts with her soft touch. The teacher ordered Debbie to spread her legs apart so everyone could see her wet pussy more clearly.”

“What happened? Did Debbie cum?”

“Did she ever. She screamed, and her pussy literally gushed juices down her legs and onto the floor. Cindy had stopped licking her, but the teacher made her keep licking and fondling the poor girl, even while she was cumming. Her orgasm must have lasted a whole minute. She quivered for another two minutes after that, with Cindy still licking her asshole and pussy, and fondling her legs, belly, and breasts.”

“That’s terrible,” Crysta said. “I feel so bad for Debbie.”


“I felt bad, too, although I have to admit Debbie’s plight excited me just a little.” Donna didn’t admit to Crysta that she was getting all hot just retelling the story.

Crysta sensed it though. “That was a good story, Donna.” As they walked, Crysta let her hand slip under her micro-minidress, and stroked Donna’s cute round butt sweetly. Donna didn’t resist, even as Crysta lifted her dress in public.

“But the story’s not over,” Donna said, pretending to ignore Crysta’s intrusions between her cheeks. “With Debbie dripping and quivering in the front of the classroom, the teacher told Cindy she didn’t do a good enough job, and that Donna would have to teach Cindy how to do it.”

“You’re kidding!”

“I wish I were. Debbie took off Cindy’s bottom, and pried her legs apart, so the whole class could see them. Donna was naked, and her pussy was swollen, red, and sopping wet, so what did she have to lose? She stripped Cindy naked, and licked Cindy’s breasts and her pussy, and before long, Cindy came, too. But Debbie was mad at Cindy for continuing to lick her even while she was cumming, so she did the same thing to Cindy — she continued kissing her breasts and pussy while wave after wave of orgasm swept over the hapless girl. Debbie was so into her job she didn’t even notice that she faced her wet pussy toward the class quite a few times while she kept at it. Cindy had an even longer orgasm than Debbie, if that’s possible.”

“Wow, I’m really sorry I missed that.”

“Yeah, it was really entertaining. After the girls were done, they begged the teacher to have at least some of their clothes back, but the teacher said no. ‘What kind of punishment would it be if I let you keep your clothes?’ he said. So the girls had to leave the classroom naked.”

“Did they have a chance to dry off before leaving the classroom?”

“No, that was sad. They were both still pretty wet, and fully engorged. Some boys were waiting for them when they got outside.”

“That doesn’t seem fair,” Crysta lamented. “It wasn’t the girls’ fault they were excited — the teacher made them do that to each other.”


“Well, the girls really should have tried harder not to become sexually aroused in public. They knew they were gonners when they saw the boys. Cindy just layed down on the grass, and spread her legs. Debbie turned around and put her hands up on the wall. They each got it in the pussy, the boys commenting on how easily they went in. The girls were both completely ready for sex. When the first boy was done with Cindy, she offered sloppy seconds to the others, but they declined. I think Debbie was nailed twice, though.
The girls arrived at the cafeteria, when Crysta suddenly exclaimed, “Oh! My God!”

“What is it?” Donna asked, alarmed.

“I forgot to put on a bottom!” Crysta covered her pussy with her hands. People looked at her, and started laughing.

Donna felt sorry for her roommate. How embarrassing to be caught bottomless in public. Then Crysta started laughing, too, and Donna knew she was kidding. “Gocha!”

Donna got Crysta back by stroking her inner thighs. She was trying to get Crysta excited, but she was tough. This would take some doing, and she was determined to enjoy it as much as Crysta!


Stupid people deserve what they get. These girls are in college. They haven’t been studying, apparently, for their whole lives. The sine of an angle is equal to opposite side of a right angle divided by its hypotenuse. The cosine of angle is equal to the adjacent side of a right angle divided by its hypotenuse. Everyone should have learned those simple rules in high school.

I like how my differential Equations Calculus professor punished girls who didn’t study. If you got a 50% on your exam, you had to remove 50% of your clothing. He applied the rule from 0-99% and brought the scissors. Since I aced his exams, he made me be the one to determine the exact percentage of clothing to be removed.

Comment By Sandi At 11/28/2007 2:25 PM

If I was off in my calculations, my own clothing was reduced. If I removed 30% of the clothing of a girl receiving a 65% or 75%, I lost 5% of my clothing.

The first exam left me bare, but I learned to be much more careful in my measurements.

My professor has taught some girls to study much more. Everyone’s grades improved, well except my 100% stayed the same.

Some girls played dirty tricks on me. If the professor was to measure the clothing by weight, they’d slipped pennies in the hems. If the professor measured by frontal length, they rigged their shirts to have drop down panels.

Sometimes, I leave class more bare than the dumbest girls, but at least their grades are improving.

Comment By Sandi At 11/28/2007 2:32 PM