Girls’ Workout Special Report Web Article Part 1/4

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[Peter Kent reports]

This college takes the fitness of its young men and women seriously and provides more than adequate utilities for all students to use. It has come to the attention of the Dean however, that we have a far greater number of male students enrolled in sporting and fitness programs than female. In order to address this imbalance, the Dean has asked for a special web newsletter to be produced to showcase some female fitness enthusiasts partaking in their favourite workout routines in the hope of inspiring their peers to undertake more fitness activities and enrol in our many active programs. This special report also seeks to highlight the fact that even if young female students do not want to participate in specific programs to stay fit, they can always create their own fitness routines themselves. The following are interview excerpts with some of our athletic and fitness enthusiastic female students talking through and showing us their favourite ways to be active and keep fit.

Upon speaking to many of the interviewees, it was found that although a gym kit is provided and used, many of the girls either disrobed from one during their sessions or started off fully naked. Some preferred to be fully nude during their workouts because they did not like the way their kits clung to them as they worked up a sweat. Many girls explained that if they were working out naked, they preferred to do so alone or in groups of just girls as they were a bit shy to be completely nude in front of the boys. Even though the majority were naked in front of me, they were still happy to perform nude for this report because they knew how inspiring they could be to other girls.


An aspiring gymnast, Nastya is keen to demonstrate her abilities and as mentioned already prefers to be naked for her sessions because she finds her gym kit getting in the way.

Nastya: I just love everything about gymnastics! Warming up is a big part of any keep fit routine so I like to start with some simple legs lifts.

Peter Kent: I see. Starting off with something gentle and building up to the more difficult stuff.

Nastya: Exactly! After this, I usually like to transition to something that requires more strength which leads me to being vertical in the air.

PK: Yes that does look a bit trickier!

Nastya: Yeah! When I first started doing these, I had a hard time keeping upright but I’ve developed the strength to continue this for a while now. However this does get a bit taxing and after doing something demanding, you should perform a few reps of a gentler activity to give your body a bit of a rest before moving on to another strenuous exercise.  My absolute favourite rest activity is simple but fun! The hula hoop!

PK: Oh, I can see why you like that. It gets the whole body moving even if it is only small movements.

Nastya: Yeah, I could do this for ages!

Thanking Nastya for her time, I visited the next interviewee.


Brittany isn’t into gymnastics like Nastya but is still keen at keeping fit and prefers other kinds of activities. She had already been working out for some time when I joined her so she is quite hot hence why she is naked. She tells me her kit only makes her sweat more which she does not like and since it is just the two of us, she doesn’t mind not having anything on.

Brittany: I like to jog!

PK: I can see that!

Brittany: I’ve done many small marathons and I aim to run a 5K event in a few months.

PK: That’s impressive. Just the thought of running that much makes me feel exhausted!

Brittany: It’s not that bad. You just have to build up to it, increasing your mileage gradually.

PK: I understand you like it but doesn’t just jogging get a bit boring after a while?

Brittany: Not really. If outside you get good scenery. But indoors, if you do find yourself getting a little board, you can vary your jogging like this:

PK: Wow, it’s really good that you can keep your balance with your arms up like that.

Brittany: It takes a bit of practice but many of us girls have developed a technique like this to keep running indoors interesting. It also has another purpose by helping with sweat.

PK: I don’t understand.

Brittany: A small issue that you boys don’t have to deal with is sweaty underboobs! Running with your arms up especially when naked, allows for better boob lift and thus better cooling.

PK: I didn’t know that.

Brittany: Don’t be surprised if you see other girls you interview do something similar.

[Brittany stops jogging, her body now glistening with sweat.]

PK: Would you like a towel?

[Looking around, I can only see the one she has on the floor.]

Brittany: No that’s fine. I have a great way of cooling off while continuing my routine at the same time – jumping jacks!

Brittany: Flapping my arms while doing jumping jacks creates great air circulation especially while done in front of an open window.

PK: That’s interesting. I would have thought you would have gotten even hotter.

Brittany: I understand why you say that but I don’t with the breeze. When I’m cool enough, I can do the jumping jacks with my arms down.

PK: How resourceful of you!

Brittany: Thanks!

Bryn & Sapphire

I stop by Bryn and Sapphire who are workout partners. Like Brittany, they are also keen runners although they prefer to use treadmills and were happily running on them when I found them. Since they are midsession, they are both hot and have removed their kits already.

Bryn: Hi! I’m nearly done with my session actually.

PK: I can see all that work has been paying off. You’re already very slim.

Bryn: Thanks! I sometimes stay on here more than I should because I enjoy it so much!

PK: Any plans for a 5K or anything like that?

Bryn: No! I’ll be a bag of bones if I finished one of them!

[Sapphire is on her machine on the other side of the room and responds to the same question.]

Sapphire: No. Even though I like to run, that long a distance is beyond my talents too! I’m content just using a treadmill. I don’t have any now but I can put books up on the dash and study at the same time.

[Sapphire is well into her stride, happily running on her treadmill.]

PK: Does that not make you loose concentration, reading and running at the same time?

Sapphire: No. I’m really good at multitasking!

[Reaching up, she puts her hands behind her head whilst continuing to jog.]

PK: Ah yes, the cooling technique. Brittany showed me that earlier. Allows the airflow to circulate under your breasts.

Sapphire: Yes! Good isn’t it! Rather than just get hot and stopping, I can cool myself and continue to run for longer!


Moving on, I find Alexis who is testing one of the newer treadmills that have enhanced safety features. Two cameras, one on the front and back, are attached to the treadmill which can be observed by a gym partner who can watch closely in order to detect if the user runs into any difficulties.

PK: How are you finding the new machines?

Alexis: They’re really good! I feel safer knowing someone is watching and is on hand in case of any problems.

PK: I notice you are not actually jogging or running yet.

Alexis: No not yet. I’ve just started my session so begin with a simple shake down warm up technique.

PK: That will loosen you up.

Alexis: Yes, it gets my whole body ready for the workout ahead.

PK: So with these new treadmills with the camera system, do you have a particular gym partner to monitor you?

Alexis: No. Not really. I try to ask one of the other girls but they’re usually too busy with their own workouts to just sit and watch the monitor. However I get a lot of boys volunteering to assist and watch the screen for me. I don’t know why they would want to interrupted their own work just to help me. I’m sure they must be very busy.

PK: Maybe they’re being considerate.

Alexis: Yeah. The boys here are nice like that. They pay very close attention to the monitor so I know they can see everything and are really watching closely for signs of me stumbling or anything like that.

PK: So, after your shake down warm up. What do you do next? Go for a sprint?

Alexis: I’m not that good a runner and prefer to just walk a lot. I start with a slower walk but I’m aware walking is not as active as running so I’ve developed a technique that makes me more active than simply walking. I call it the Bounce Walk.

PK: That’s interesting. Yes. I can see that gets your body moving more than just walking would.

Alexis: Exactly. And after a while I go a bit quicker.

[Alexis presses a button on the dash speeding up the treadmill. She also starts singing.]

Alexis: I love singing along to heavy metal as I pound the treadmill! It really gives me a great rhythm to move to.

PK: Yes, you look great doing so.

[Viewing the dials on the treadmill I notice a button with a curious symbol that I don’t know the meaning off.]

PK: What does that do?

Alexis: Oh, this gives a better view of the other camera for the person monitoring. See?

[Alexis presses the button which switches the pictures on the monitor around.]

Alexis: For some reason, when they boys are helping me by watching the monitor, they keep asking me to switch it to this view. I don’t really know why but one boy did tell me it’s easier to tell from this view if I was about to fall off.

PK: Ahhh, that must be it then.

Alexis: Yeah, the boys here really do seem to care a lot.

(continued in part 2)

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