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Pretty Girl of the Day, Sept 1, 2016

I was absolutely mortified!

Let me tell you the story.

I was pledging the IPT sorority, which the boys call “I Phelta Thigh”, (the boys are so funny!) when it suddenly became my turn to do the laundry. I felt so bad for the other girls when they had laundry duty, because it was such an embarrassing job. The laundry girl was only allowed to wear a single item of clothing, and then she was sent out into the town to the laundromat.  The sorority by-laws say the laundry girl must be fully dressed, which I took to mean a dress, or at least a top long enough to feel more or less decent in public. But I saw some girls get sent out wearing just a bottom, like a skirt, maybe, and that was it. So embarrassing!

So when it was my turn, I was so relieved to be allowed to wear a top long enough that I would gladly wear it around the campus rather than my pledge t-shirt. (I’ll tell you about the little pink pledge t-shirts another time.)


I did my job, bending at the knees as much as possible, just trying to stay decent. Then, at the last minute, I took off my top and threw it into the washing machine. The worst part was when I sat down, stark naked, and waited for my laundry to finish. I tried not to make eye contact with anyone, but when a boy sat down next to me, I looked at him, and he put his hand in my lap.

I felt my face turn beet red as I spread my legs. On or off campus, it’s a girl’s duty not to resist fondling, you see. He patted his own lap, so I got on, and let him completely feel me up from my tits to my pussy. The only good part, if you can say that, about being off-campus is that when I got visibly excited, he still couldn’t fuck me, because that was only legal on campus. So he brought me to the edge of cumming several times, and made me beg him to finish me. When the wash was done, he got me right to the edge of cumming, and made me hold a big dildo in my pussy while I put it in the dryer. Then he made me kneel backwards on the chair and use the dildo to cum before “letting” me sit on his lap again.

Thank God the buzzer went off, and my laundry was done. I quickly retrieved my top, and put it on. It had shrunk a little, but it was still good enough to feel ever so slightly decent for the long walk home.