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So, you want to write some “Donna and Crysta” stories of your own, do you?  First, may I suggest you write about other girls in their dorm?  That way, you won’t be constrained by the peculiar character foibles that make these two girls so adorable.  But if you really want to write about Donna and Crysta, then you’ll need to know some key facts about these adorable girls.

The most striking features of Donna are that she’s bubbling over with joy, all the time, and she’s really, really cute.  Her secret is that she wants to feel the excitement that comes from danger of exposure without actually exposing herself. She craves this so much that she is ready to believe Crysta when she tells Donna her dress is plenty long, and not to worry. It’s only after she’s out in public and happens to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror, say, that she suddenly realizes she’s totally uncovered down below. Amazingly, this happens over and over. Donna is a slow learner, it seems.

Donna envies Crysta, because Crysta seems to have no fear of being bottomless in public. Crysta’s special gift is that she has realized that if she pretends she’s fully dressed, then everyone around her — friends and strangers alike — will play along, and refrain from commenting on her full frontal (and “backal” for that matter) nudity. Crysta uses this curious social taboo to her advantage, totally flaunting her nudity, and daring anyone to stop her.

Crysta’s most striking feature is her over-the-top sexiness.  She’s “Ginger” from Gilligan’s Island times ten.  She’s no skinny girl, quite the contrary.  She has a lot of curvature in all the right places, and she has no fear that people might see the real her.  As I said, Donna envies and admires Crysta for her bravery. Crysta’s not afraid to become visibly sexually excited in public, and never resists when Donna teases her in a sexual way. Donna, on the other hand is scared to death to go out in public without her panties, even if she’s wearing a dress long enough to cover her completely (or so she thinks!). So when Crysta sits next to her in a public setting and begins to stroke her inner thighs, Donna’s fight or flight reflex kicks into high gear. In Donna’s case, that reflex brings her instant (and unwanted) sexual excitement. Because the girls have an unspoken agreement between them that they won’t “flinch” or pull away from any stroking, Donna feels she has no choice but to try her best to relax whenever Crysta begins to stroke her smooth upper legs. Well, you get the idea.

I should point out that this “sexual grooming” behavior goes on between the girls even as they tell stories about what happened to them that day — or what happened to them a year ago — and the more the girls stroke each other in the present, the sexier their stories about the past become.  And this “story-within-story” aspect is another thing that makes the Donna and Crysta stories unique.

Other odd things about both girls is that they seem to have a strange way of losing touch with their surroundings as they near orgasm.  They “forget” that people are watching them, or that they shouldn’t really scream out in ecstasy when they cum.  And in the story-within-story as they tell about how they came, you are never really sure whether they’re talking about how they’re cumming in the present while they’re telling the story, or if they’re telling a story about how they came in the past.  In the frenzy of sexual excitement that accompanies both the story and its telling, the girls’ sense of reality takes a major nosedive.

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