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(This is the story of a quiet girl named Tammy, whose mom thought it would be a good idea for her to take Donna’s CP class. Tammy is very pretty, with straight light brown hair, blue eyes, a pretty smile, small breasts, flat belly, extra cute butt, and thin legs. CP class is challenging for any girl, but for Tammy, it’s extra hard. Tammy has worn sheer tops to school before, and even gone topless once or twice, when the weather was warm. But the year has barely begun and already Tammy has had to come to school completely bottomless. It was her mom’s idea. To help her get over her shyness. But already this week, Tammy has come home from school completely naked. She swore to her mom she hadn’t been punished; that she took off her clothes on purpose; but of course her mom doesn’t believe her. To help correct Tammy’s bad behavior, her mom has hidden all of Tammy’s clothes, and for the next few days, Tammy will have to make do with just a sports bra to cradle her adorable little breasts.)

“You’re going to learn a lesson, young lady,” said Tammy’s mom. And with that, she sent Tammy, wearing nothing but a light green sports bra, on an errand to deliver her new friend, Barbie, back home.

Tammy was thankful to be allowed to wear the top, because the windows of her mom’s car weren’t tinted, and there were a few stoplights along the way. When they arrived at Barbie’s house, Barbie thanked Tammy for the ride, and asked if she would like to come inside.

“Normally, I would, but…” She gestured at her lack of attire.

“Come on,” Barbie begged, “look at me. I’m not much more dressed than you. You’ll be fine, I promise. I think we’ll be alone and safe once we get inside.” Barbie took Tammy by the hand, and pretended not to notice that Tammy covered her pussy with the other hand.

Barbie unlocked her front door. “Mom?”

Tammy gasped. “I thought you said your mom wasn’t home.”

“Just making sure… Hey, do you want to play a game?” Barbie led Tammy to the rec room, with a soft carpet, a TV at one end of the room, a sliding door leading to the back yard, and a bunch of bean bag chairs strewn about. Very cozy.

“Sure, like Monopoly or something?”

“Yeah, it’s like Monopoly, except without a board or any money. It’s a tickling game. Here’s how it works: You lie down on your back, and put the bottoms of your feet together, and lie the sides of your knees down flat on the carpet, and try not to move, or laugh, or say anything at all. Just relax completely, okay?”

Tammy laughed. “It sounds like fun. But how do you win at this game?”

“You win by following the rules, and letting me tickle you. If you move, then your turn ends, and it’s my turn to be tickled, okay?”

Tammy nodded, and walked to the center of the room. She sat, cross-legged, then gently laid back, and touched the bottoms of her feet together. She closed her eyes, and laced her fingers together behind her head, ready to be tickled. Her erect nipples were visible through her thin sports bra. Her belly was flat, with little goose bumps all over it. Her thighs were stretched apart, tendons showing. Her pussy was moist, her lips parted.

Barbie gently pressed Tammy’s knees into the carpet, and Tammy took the hint, and relaxed. Barbie ran her finger along the bottom of Tammy’s bra, gently feeling the curve of her underboob, then tracing a line down her taught belly, skirting her belly button, around her pussy, along the very top and inside of her leg, to her adorable little anus, which was clenched in anticipation.

Barbie gently dipped her finger in Tammy’s vagina to wet it, then used it to stroke Tammy’s anus, whispering, “relax…”. Tammy relaxed as much as she could, as Barbie ran her finger around the rim of her anus, and then gently down both thighs at once, prompting Tammy to tense up and take in a quick breath. Barbie pushed Tammy’s legs up and apart, and let her hair fall on Tammy’s belly as she continued to stroke Tammy from her asshole, then along her thighs, and then she kissed Tammy’s belly and tickled her with her nose and all ten fingers until all at once, she came in an explosion of excitement she had never felt before.

“You lose,” said Barbie. My turn.

Tammy laughed. “I thought you were going to tickle me, not make me cum!”

“Now it’s your turn. You can tickle me if you like.”

“Okay, shhh,” said Tammy, as she gently lifted Barbie’s head, and straightened her arms. Then she pulled Barbie’s top up over her head, both as a blindfold, and to expose her adorable breasts. Tammy gently bit Barbie’s nipples, then said, “nope, uh-uh,” as Barbie raised her knees. Tammy straddled Barbie, backwards, lowering her pussy until it gently touched Barbie’s mouth, and then she grabbed the very most adorable part of Barbie’s butt, and spread it apart so she could lick clear from her vagina to her anus in a single swipe, then come back and plunge her tongue into Barbie’s vagina.”

“Hey, what are you girls up to?”

“Tammy lifted her head, and said ‘what?'” then she jumped up and covered her pussy with one hand, while Barbie was still lying on her back, face covered by her shirt, the bottoms of her feet still touching. “Um, Barbie, I think maybe this game’s over. Barbie? You won.”

Tammy lifted the shirt covering Barbie’s face, and she laughed. “Hi, daddy.”

“I’m so sorry, Mr. um,” Tammy said. “I think maybe I should be going.” She started running in circles muttering “where are my keys” when Barbie got up and put her arm around Tammy.

“It’s okay, honey, relax. It’s just my dad. He knows we play games down here. It’s okay.” She cleared her throat. “Daddy, this is Tammy. Tammy, this is my dad.”

Tammy’s knees buckled, and Barbie caught her. Barbie explained to her dad, “she’s a little worried about school tomorrow, because her mom won’t let her wear anything but that sports bra, and, you know, she’s a little shy about her bottom.”

“Is that all? Come here, honey, and take off your bra. I’ll fix it for you.”

Tammy was shell shocked. Like a zombie, she took off her bra and handed it to Barbie’s dad. He reached into a drawer and pulled out some scissors. A few snips later, he had turned her sports bra into two extra sexy items of clothing: a tiny little half-shirt showing a lot of underboob, and a sexy two-inch skirt she could position to exactly cover her pussy.

“Try them on,” said Barbie, excitedly.

Tammy put on the bra (or what was left of it) first, and was delighted to see that it (barely) covered her nipples. And then she pulled up the skirt, which was a tight fit, but she could adjust it to exactly align with the top of her pussy.

“Thanks, Barbie’s dad, you’re a life saver!” She kissed him on the cheek, then blushed as Barbie’s mom came down the stairs. “Sorry, Mrs. um…”

“That’s okay, honey. Mr. um is always pulling you girls’ asses out of the fire. He’s very handy.”

“Well, I’d better be going, Mr. Mrs. um, Barbie.”

“I’ll walk you out,” said Barbie. When they got to Tammy’s car, Barbie wrapped her arms around Tammy and kissed her hard, and Tammy kissed her back. “Thanks so much for bringing me home, and playing with me. I really had fun. Maybe we can play again some time.”

“Like tomorrow, in Science.”

Barbie giggled and turned, her adorable butt receding. Tammy sighed.

Pretty GIrl of the Day, November 27, 2017

People outside the College sometimes think girls aren’t allowed to wear panties, but that’s just not true. Panties can be worn by themselves as an outfit at any time, and in fact, a girl is generally considered to be fully clothed if she’s wearing just a pair of panties. So many girls find a simple pair of bikini panties, or a sheer thong to be the perfect simple outfit for the day, especially in the warm weather.

Of course, all girls are subject to Inspection, and now that the privilege of Inspection has been extended to all boys on campus, It’s very rare that a girl would try to violate the Dress Code. But there’s one type of violation that can still happen, even if all the girl is wearing is a thong. This type of violation is most common among blondes. I’m speaking of course, of the muff violation. It’s important to verify that girls who wear panties (or skirts, or even stockings) as a bottom aren’t also sporting a bush.

Now, girls, after you remove your panties, and your Inspector can see you’ve been a good girl, you should wait patiently for him to give you the signal to put your panties back on. An Inspector is within his rights to keep you naked for up to five minutes, if you are polite, and longer if you cause any trouble. Often, an Inspector will waive the waiting period if you simply offer him your panties, or if you offer to fuck him. Naturally, each Inspection is different, and so you should be as nice as you can, and allow him to do to you whatever he feels necessary to a proper Inspection.