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Inspector Test #3

Still thinking about becoming a Dress Code Inspector? You’ll be faced with tough decisions all the time. The girls will not make your decisions easy either. They play the game for keeps. Stay alert. Observe everything. Never miss a detail. Keep the big picture in mind always.

The lazy inspector just sees a girl, and orders an inspection. Soon his quota of inspections is up and the girls realize everything is fair game. Order is broken down. Mayhem develops.

So, have you decided whether to inspect Adrianna as she leaves the Ed Center?

A smart inspector waits to see what develops. He also knows his ladies. Adrianna wearing a simple dress? Wait. She often prefers to go topless on bright sunny days. But is waiting for her to drop the top of her dress enough for a keen inspector?

Wait. She dropped her papers in the process of lowering her dress top, and look what you get a free peek at seeing. No panties? Think about it. If she was wearing panties, would she bend at the waist? Flashing panties on campus is not wise, and Adrianna is one smart gal. But could she be attempting to distract you with her bare breasts and a glimpse of her butt cheeks to hide something else?

Wait around. Adrianna did spot you. I told you she is bright. She’s willing to give you a peek without a formal inspection. Why? A quick flash and she figures you’ll spare a complete strip search. Will you?

Wait a minute before yelling out inspection time. Observe. What was that to her right? I think we all know. Talk to her. Ask what she was planning on doing with it. Perhaps she’ll suggest a little more private location.

She’s willing to give you a good look, provide some entertainment. She does this all with a friendly smile, too. Are you satisfied? One dress. No bra. No panties. No bush. Gorgeous gal, gorgeous smile.

Now is the time for all inspectors to make a good decision. One that will not only catch those flaunting the rules, but one that will help instruct the total student body. Remember stripping too many girls without just cause will send the wrong message. You must reserve your authority to strip a girl for just those cases that will help all students learn better what is proper and what is not.

What did you decide? No rules were violated.

The best inspectors on campus make the correct call. Did you? Strip Adrianna. Why? Did you look at this girl? Or were your eyes glued to what she was wearing or not wearing? Whether she shaved or not? The best inspectors see a gorgeous gal!

Do you not agree? Ask for her dress. The clever inspector will not demand it as an inspector, but merely ask for the dress. Not a full inspection, yet. The equally astute Adrianna will question whether it is an inspection or a simple request. Do not lie. Tell her, “If you hand me your dress and I do not see any violations, I will return your dress.”

As you hold her dress, enjoy the view of this incredible lady. Magnificent female form. Is it time to hand back her dress? The non-inspection inspection is over. You got your simple pleasure. Game over? What else is there to do?

Remember, think, observe, think. Have you paid attention? Have you fulfilled every aspect of what it means to be an inspector? Who learned the lesson from this? you? Adrianna? What of others? Ought they not learn something more, too?

You keep Adrianna’s dress. Why? How? Did you lie to her? You said you would return it if you found no violation.  You can keep your word as you watch this beautiful lady walk off naked. Watch her. Smile. Rejoice in seeing her beauty… you will see her again this day. Not before the judge’s bench. You found no reason to drag her before the judge.  So why would you see her tonight?

Adrianna agreed to meet you for a date when you’ll return her dress as promised. Well, return the dress after your date and you walk her home… the only question remaining is whose home?

The inspector must keep the school spirit high. What better means than having the gorgeous Adrianna on display for all to see? She sees the value in what you did. She’s intelligent. She also loves playing games. Especially these sorts of games. Observant. You should have realized she wore that dress for one reason – to catch your eye. Think. Why would she be willing to give you a show with her toy? She likes making people smile. She has no problem walking across campus naked. You already knew she often goes topless on nice days. She was quick to flash her bare pussy.

Stripping her for the day was a form of foreplay that you, her, and everyone else can enjoy. Besides, the unobservant girls witnessing the event unfold will be very careful to wear a shorter more transparent dress not knowing the exact violation Adrianna (did not) commit. Win-win.

How’s your score after Test #3? Getting the idea that not everyone can be an inspector? Or Are you learning what it takes to be an inspector?

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