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Oops, part 3

Hi, it’s Donna, again…

So, I made it in and out of Starbucks, bottomless. Back in my car, my heart beating fast, I realize I’m sopping wet! As I drove the few blocks to the school, wondering if I would cum, I was reminded of when I was in College, and Crysta would tease me right to the edge, and then send me out the door to my first class. It was so hard to keep my legs together, but I knew I had to do it, because it was against the rules to let other students see when you’re excited. Then, after I sat down, sometimes the boy sitting next to me would rest his hand in my lap, and so even though I didn’t want to, I would have to spread my legs. I would cover my face, hoping my dress would be long enough to remain decent, but if the boy started touching my inner thighs, I would have to spread my legs more, and pretty soon, the boy would have full access.

I parked the car, and then it hit me: I’m going to have to walk into the school, right past the main office, completely bottomless. Even worse, I had been teaching the boys in my class that any girl taking CP can be fondled, even their teacher. I let them fondle me in class, mostly so the girls will see it’s no big deal to let a boy touch your legs, and that it’s okay to spread your legs in public while a boy is touching you. Most of the time, I keep my cheeks covered, but even when I’m wearing a cheeky miniskirt, I still let the boys touch my legs, right up to the bottoms of my cheeks,

But today was different. I was completely bottomless, so if a boy decided he would touch my bottom, I would have to spread my legs, and then people would see how excited I was! So I hoped and prayed that wouldn’t happen, and, you know what? Whew! I made it to my class. I was early enough that only a few students had arrived, so I sat down at my desk, and pretended to be busy with administrative stuff.

* * *

Soon, the students began filing into the classroom, chattering among themselves the way kids do, and then before I knew it, the classroom was full, and the bell rang, calling the class to order.

I took a deep breath, and stood up, praying my lack of bottom wouldn’t cause a big hubbub. I walked up and down the rows of desks as the morning announcements played over the loudspeaker in the room. A few students patted my bottom, of course, but beside that, there was very little reaction to me being bottomless.

What a relief!

“Wait a minute,” I said, looking around the room. “Something’s different. What is it?”

No one answered.

“Come on, tell me. You look different. What is it?”

After another awkward pause, my kids reminded me that I agreed to let them off the hook for one day. It had been a rough week, and they needed a break. On Monday, two girls forgot it was “topless day”, and wore only a top. They begged me to keep their tops on, but that wouldn’t be fair to the other girls, so I made them take off their tops.

Then, on Tuesday, one of the girls was bad, so I made her go to the “stocks” in the cafeteria. This is a harmless little punishment, meant to mimic the colonial period. The girl’s head and hands are placed through the holes, and it’s closed down on her, so she just has to kneel there until her punishment is over. It’s not as if the girl was naked or anything; she was fully clothed. I think she was wearing a t-shirt dress. One of the boys lifted her dress to make sure she wasn’t wearing panties, and, of course she wasn’t. But having her privates exposed like that, well, it made her a little excited, I guess. The poor girl begged to have her shirt pulled down over her butt, but no one did. Then they teased her and made her beg to be fucked, which, of course, she was. More than once.

Wednesday was “belly button and miniskirt” day. Cute little tops, and adorable micro-miniskirts, showing off the girls’ extra cute bellies. The girls really don’t need much encouragement, but I wanted to make it a fun game. So I made a couple ground rules: No skirts longer than 5 inches, and the three longest skirts would be removed. Well, bless their little hearts, the girls didn’t disappoint. Not a single skirt was longer than 3 inches, and many were less than 2 inches! The three girls who lost their skirts didn’t really mind too much, as none of the skirts hid very much!

Then, on Thursday, I had four girls put on a little exhibition for the other students during lunch time, to help them understand what the CP class is all about. To prepare for this, I asked all the girls to simply wear t-shirts that day, nothing fancy. Of course, I warned them not to completely cover their butts, or I would confiscate their shirts, but that was the only requirement. I was very pleased with the result. I had the girls model their t-shirts for the class. Some of the girls’ pussies weren’t completely covered, but by and large, they were pretty decent looking. I picked the four girls who were the best covered, and had them stand in the cafeteria with instructions that they didn’t have to take off any clothes, but they weren’t allowed to stop their fellow students from stripping them naked. They stood next to a sign asking students to guess which one of them was wearing underwear. The students were eager to play the game, and soon realized they could touch the girls, make them raise their arms, and even make them bend over, so they could guess which one of them was wearing underwear. Of course, they soon realized none of the girls were wearing underwear, which make the game that much more fun.

So here it was, Friday, and then I remembered — after making them pose half-naked in front of their classmates all week, I agreed to give them a break, and let them wear up to four items of clothing — a bra, panties, a top, and a bottom, if they so chose. The only catch is that one of the girls would have to get naked this morning, stay naked all day, and even go home naked. Then, if she had the courage to do so, she would stay naked all weekend, and come to school on Monday, still naked. If she did all that, then not only would she win the admiration of all her fellow students, she would also get a pass the next time she would otherwise have to get naked in school, such as an Inspection, or any of our ordinary stripping games.

To decide which girl would have to get naked, I offered them the following game: One by one, I would pull their names out of a hat. Each time I called a girl, she was allowed to take off a single item of clothing, and then her name went back in the hat. The game would continue that way until one girl was naked, ending the game. When the game ended, all the partly-naked girls still playing would be allowed to put their clothes back on again.

To make the game a little more fun, I offered the girls some twists. For example, when a girl was down to just a top and a bottom, I would allow her to take off her bottom, and drop out of the game. That way, she got a guarantee she wouldn’t have to get naked, but she would be bottomless for the rest of the day. When we played the game, only one girl actually agreed to that condition, and her top was actually pretty decent — it covered her belly, and even part of her butt, so it was a pretty good deal for her. Then, when five of the girls were topless — four wearing adorable little mini-skirts, and one wearing a thong — I offered them all the chance to quit the game, before I picked the next name. This was a pretty good deal, because the next pick could have ended the game for any one of them. And going topless for a single day wasn’t such an ordeal for my girls. But only two of them took the deal — the thong and one of the skirts.

After those three girls sat down — one in a thong, one in a miniskirt, and one wearing only a cute top — we were soon down to seven topless girls, and six girls wearing two or more items each. Now, it was more likely than not that the game would end with the next name I picked, so I made a new rule to prolong the game: From now on, when a girl wearing a single item is picked, she gets a one-time exemption from stripping if she agrees not to put her clothes back on after the game ends, but then she has to stay in the game to the end. As it happened, four girls took that deal before one of those four, Sofia, was called again.

As Sofia removed her panties, the three girls who took my last deal sat down, making seven half-naked girls, and one fully naked. The rest of the girls put their clothes back on, feeling a mixture of relief and survivor guilt.

I felt a little bad for Sofia, because she had never been naked in public before. Of course, she had been naked in the classroom, and she had even agreed to be raped by one of the boys in front of the class, which not every girl has had a chance to do so far this year. And, like most of the girls in the class, she has been coming to school most days wearing just a top, as a very short mini-dress. I’ve noticed Sofia is a little shyer than the other girls, wearing tops a little longer than necessary, and she’s a little slower to undress than the other girls.

So this weekend will be good for her. I hope she enjoys all the usual extracurricular activities that a girl her age would do on a weekend — soccer, the mall with her girlfriends, a date with her boyfriend, that kind of thing, and then, on Monday, when she returns, naked, to school, she can tell us all about her weekend.

Pretty Girl of the Day, May 8, 2016

One more pretty girl wearing stockings…


Oh, so pretty!