Hot Summer Weather – Lightweight Clothing

Wearing light color and lightweight material that can breath (air circulation) is one means to avoid over heating. Avoid darker colors or even opaque material. The air circulation is minimal.. You’ll get hot faster, and start to sweat. Who wants to spend the day in sweaty clothing? There’s also the advantage that the inspectors are less likely to strip search you wearing outfits like this. Just make sure you are not double layering with pubic hair underneath.

One other advantage of sheer, lightweight gowns is you are always ready for a frat toga party.

5 thoughts on “Hot Summer Weather – Lightweight Clothing

      1. someone

        No clothing at all is very comforting. I went on a Nudist Hike with a group this summer. Was a great experience.
        However, you should be aware that you can get sunburned just as quickly with translucent clothing. So even if you’re wearing something, don’t forget the sunscreen.


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