Cold Weather

Even our campus sometimes gets hit with a cold front during winter. Smart college girls adapt.

Clover wears a warm sweater with enough of a view to show she is not wearing a bra, but she’s careful to avoid an overlap with her bottom. To avoid constant inspections, she adapts by wearing a minimal bottom, and any suspecting inspector approach, she’ll pull the tiny g-string to the side to show him she also shaves.

Kira also adapts wearing a sweater, but she wears it to avoid the overlap. An inspector could of course ask her to pull the sweater down to check for the overlap, but most like her fashion statement that shows she is not wearing a bra.

Nanci tries to beat the inspectors, but by rolling her sweater under, some inspector miss seeing her pokies and question if the rolling up constitutes a second layer. Her choice in panties also leads to more inspections. When asked why she would invite the inspectors, especially on colder days, Nanci has a simple reason, “I don’t want to ruin my all-over tan.” She’s spent the majority of the semester naked due to violations, and that got her started on nude sunbathing. Her tan looks great on her.

Others avoid the the layering trap of inspectors. Sweaters tend to be stretchy. Any inspector can pull the material down to turn a crop top sweater into a dress. Then they have the discussion on just how smooth your grooming has been.

Amy realizes the stretching trap, so she just wears a longer sweater, but holds it up when any inspector is about. No panties, and she can help them realize she shaves closely, too.

Finally, Abigail addresses the cold weather with a faux-fur jacket. Just the jacket. When she bought it, she hadn’t realized the jacket is not meant to close in the front. She soon found that a clear advantage when strolling across campus.

8 thoughts on “Cold Weather

  1. Anonymous

    It’s too bad for Clover that she’s also wearing some thigh high socks. I think those count as a bottom. If I were her, I’d keep the socks and ditch the thong since it’s not doing much anyway.

  2. sexy_pants

    base, how long does it usually take to get a response from Grinch? I sent an email with a story submission but have not heard back.

    1. base

      He’ll respond when he responds.

      Maybe he is trying to find photos to go with the submission. Maybe he thinks the submission needs a good proofreading. Maybe he finds the submission off topic.

      No one is working for profit here. We spend some free time here.

    1. base Post author

      One might think it is best to go naked in extreme heat, but that can be dangerous. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are possible. Light color and light weight material to reflect the heat are best. However, going to sheer fabrics can give the wearer a false sense of protection from the sun.

      Seems the pool is popular and even laying out under the ground maintenance sprinklers beats the heat the best for many.


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