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Pretty Girls of the Day, August 6, 2017

“The day has come for some of the pretty girls in this class to be raped.”

Donna paused for effect. She was wearing an adorable little micro-miniskirt, and the cut-off t-shirt that the boys really liked. This would be a challenging class, and an exciting one, too. Her nipples were hard just thinking about it.

“Oh, don’t look so surprised, girls. You knew this day would be coming. You’re all over 18, and you all signed a waiver saying you understood that being raped was part of the CP course. Besides, chances are you’ll just watch one of your classmates get raped, and you won’t be raped yourself.”

She waited for the class to quiet down before she resumed.

“Listen, I know this is awkward for you girls. None of you wants to be the first to be raped in front of her classmates. But think of it from the boys perspective. It’s awkward for them, too. As you can imagine, it will be embarrassing for your rapists, too. Most of the boys in this class have never raped anyone at the school, so this will be their first time as well.”

“To make things as simple as possible, I have assigned one boy to each girl as that girl’s rapist. Each boy knows which girl he will rape, but the girls don’t yet know who will rape them. This morning, we will choose one or more of you girls to be raped, so you will have some time to prepare. You won’t know exactly when or where you will be raped, just some time today.”

“I will call five names. When I call your name, I would like you to please remove all but one item of clothing, and then come up to the front of the room, and face the class.”

Donna called the names of five girls. The class gasped each time a girl was named. Some of them came to school wearing only a single item of clothing. Others had to choose whether to remove their top or bottom. It was heart-wrenching to see one girl finally decide to leave on her skirt, and come up to the front of the room, topless.

“Now,” Donna continued. “You may each wear one item of clothing today to your classes. If a boy removes it or asks you to remove it, don’t resist. He may be your rapist. Simply allow him to strip you naked, if that’s what he wants to do. It’s okay to become sexually excited; in fact, that’s expected. You will be having forced sex in front of whichever students happen to be present at the time of your rape. Many girls, and for that matter, many boys find this sexually exciting, so it is common for the girls to get wet, and for the boys to sprout erections. Try not to be embarrassed by that.”

“Since this is the first time we’ll be having rapes during school hours, I want to give you girls a chance to reduce your chances of being raped. So if any two of you would like to strip completely naked right now, then I will call off the rape of one of those two. If four of you decide to strip naked right now, I’ll call off one of the other rapes, and if all five of you strip naked right now, then only two of you will be raped today.”

Almost immediately, all five girls stripped naked, and faced the class.

Donna laughed. “I guess being naked isn’t as bad as being raped. I get that. “Okay, then, all five of you will remain naked today, but only two of you will be raped. I’ll hold onto your clothes, if you don’t mind, until tomorrow morning, so whether or not you are raped today, I would like you to remain naked this evening, and come to school tomorrow in the nude.”

“I don’t want you to change your schedules or curtail any activities just because you are naked, okay? So if you have dates tonight, go ahead and go out with your boyfriends. If you want to go with your friends to the mall, or whatever, please go ahead and do that. I want you to feel as comfortable as you can in the nude. Just think of it as a small price to pay for reducing the chance that you will be raped today.”

“Then, tomorrow, when you come back to school, the two girls who were raped will have a special treat. I will give their clothes to your rapists, who will have the option of dressing you, or not. The boys can be nice, and let the girls get dressed, or they can be a little mischievous, and give the girls just their panties, or just their tops, if they like. It’s completely up to the boys who raped you which items of clothing you will be allowed to wear.”

“As for the three girls who were not raped, when you arrive here tomorrow, completely naked, I expect you will be pretty happy to have escaped being raped, right? But you all know you’ll be raped sooner or later, right? And so I think it would be good to rape just one of the the three naked girls, as long as they agree to remain naked for one more day, and one more night, doesn’t that seem fair?”

“Also, I want you boys to report on which of these five naked girls you see out and about tonight, and which of them hid in their houses. I think it’s only fair to encourage you girls to get out, and not let nudity be a factor in your social lives, so I’ll be sure to use these boys’ reports to help me decide which of you will be raped next.”

“Finally, girls, let me just encourage you to have fun. After you’ve been raped, and your rapist starts treating you like a barbie doll, or like a sex slave, just have fun with it. If you’re naked, and waiting to be raped, just enjoy yourself. Whenever any boy begins fondling you, spread your legs, and let him make you wet. Even if that boy turns out not to be your rapist, it’s good to be wet, so that whenever you are raped, it will be easy for both of you. Remember, girls, this is supposed to be fun. It will be fun for the boy, and for the spectators, and it will be fun for all the people who see you naked. And what the heck, you might as well have some fun yourself, am I right?”