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Girls’ Workout Special Report Web Article Part 4/4

(continued from part 3)

Girls’ Gym Class

This is a one of the typical non mixed gym sessions that takes place regularly. Usually males are not allowed in the girls’ session except for the rare occurrences when the boys’ and girls’ gym sessions have to be combined due to a tutor being ill and a substitute cannot be found. For the promotion of more females being active, I was given special access for this article.

The girls had been already going at it for 30 minutes and had started in their gym kits but because they were now hot with all the movement, their tutor insisted they remove their kits completely for their own wellbeing. Some of the girls are a little shy, not being used to being naked in front of a male (myself) but they feel more comfortable as I explain I am here in a professional capacity representing the college newspaper.

Having already completed several aerobic style sets and reps, the girls are currently on a cool down. They had built up a sweat and are instructed to perform a less taxing exercise to prepare for something more strenuous. They are next going to do some workouts with gym balls so the girls are instructed to collect their ball and to just sit and bounce on them for a bit.

Some are still quite hot. The air conditioning is on but in order to cool down quicker the tutor suggests they use the technique seen earlier of raising their arms allowing the air to circulate around their hot bodies more.

Now cooler and slightly rested it is time to build up to the finale. The instructor warns them that it will get quite intense but for now they start slowly by simply standing up and holding their gym balls above their heads and squat a few times.

As they continue they begin to start feeling it in their legs but as they are all young fit girls so this exercise isn’t much of a difficulty for them.

The tutor states it’s now time to increase the difficulty of the workout a bit. They transition to some reverse crunches / hip thrusts and position themselves on their backs on the ball.

This is now starting to get tough for them but the girls continue with determination. After a few reps, they are then instructed to use their upper bodies as though they are performing sit ups.

Through gritted teeth they continue, eventually reaching the end of that rep. Their last task is a true test of abdominal strength. The tutor instructs the girls to turn over and get into a press-up position but place their lower legs on the ball. Using all their strength, they have to raise their butts high into the air.

They persevere through the burn, reaching the ends of their limits. The tutor encourages them to dig deep and give it all they’ve got. They muster all their might to continue.

Finally they reach the end of the strenuous session and their tutor commends their efforts. I also can’t help but comment to them on how well they have all done.

After a little rest session, the tutor tells the girls they have one last workout to complete but this one is a game their tutor has devised – a game whereby the girls are divided into four teams and lie in rows and have to pass a gym ball between them back and forth.

The rules are explained to them and they all take their positions and begin.

The group that successfully completes this sequence a set number of times the fastest wins. It is quite an intense game as the girls have to be careful to complete the hand off correctly so they don’t get a penalty for dropping the ball. Playing it cautiously, none of the teams can afford to move too fast.

With the balls passing between them all, it is clear the second row team is gaining the lead. They have mastered the hand off perfectly and only need to continue for a few more passes.

With the final pass made, that’s it! The second row have won!

The friendly competition is good for the whole class. Exhausted but satisfied, the girls relax on the floor chatting to one other about hard that had all been. I give them a round of applause and their smiles beam across the room as I leave them to warm down.


And so that is the end of this special web report on female fitness. I hope this has provided a great insight into how seriously we take the fitness of our students and the encouragement we give them to be the best in all they can be.

*Following on from the publication of this special report, it has emerged that an increased number of girls have indeed signed up many of the athletic and fitness programs the college offers and interestingly, we have had an even larger amount of boys wanting to join too, many of them stating they would like to offer their services in helping any of the girls with their workout and gymnastics sessions. Whether the girls are in a scheduled class or just working out privately on their own, it would appear the boys are only too happy to help.

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