Dress Code Guidebook


This is your Dress Code Guidebook.  It’s not the Dress Code itself, which is rather dry.  Instead, it’s a pictorial guide for you co-eds, especially you sexy young incoming freshmen girls, who might be a little apprehensive of the Dress Code and its enforcement.

What the Dress Code is NOT

We know you’ve heard some things about it, and, well, what you’ve heard is mostly nonsense.  You won’t be forced to parade around campus naked.  You won’t be forced even to wear clothes that are more revealing than you would like.  You can wear anything you like, with some very reasonable restrictions, and this is enough for you to feel comfortable and confident.

Can I wear panties?

Of course you can wear panties.  If you heard anything to the contrary, then you have been misinformed!  However, there is no need to wear panties under a decent dress, is there?  I mean, a decent dress or skirt is long enough to whatever underwear you might be wearing under it, so of course panties are not needed in that situation.  Similarly, if you are wearing shorts or pants, then again, your panties won’t be needed.  The Dress Code addresses this with a very simple rule: you may not wear panties if they aren’t needed, such as under a dress.  But if you would like to wear panties by themselves, there is absolutely no rule against that.

What if my dress is too short to go without panties?

That’s the whole idea of the Dress Code!  Since you aren’t allowed to wear panties under a dress, you will be encouraged to wear a dress long enough to go without panties.  In this way, the general attire of the campus co-eds will trend toward the conservative side.

Can I grow my bush as an alternative to panties?

Certainly!  Many girls on campus have grown out their pubic hair, and feel very comfortable wearing it as an alternative to panties.  Note, however, that the same rules apply to both pubic hair and panties: you may not wear it under any other clothing.  Faced with this restriction, some girls go essentially naked, day in and day out, letting their natural hair cover their pussies.  These girls feel fully decent dressed as nature intended.  Most girls prefer to wear clothes, and so they keep their pubic hair completely shaved.

I’m worried about the public inspections.

Public inspections are nothing to worry about.  Just about every girl faces inspection at least once during each school year.  When you are called upon to remove an item of clothing, please remember that the request is being made to improve your decency and dignity.  Without inspections, it is likely that girls would stop following the dress code, leading to an overall decline in decency.  Your right to not only wear decent clothing, but have others around you do the same, is guaranteed by tastefully executed public inspections.  When it is your turn to be inspected, it is understandable that you might be shy or embarrassed.  Try to take it in stride.  Take a deep breath, and remove the items of clothing as requested.  Remember, an inspection never lasts more than five minutes past the point that you are fully naked.  You might be asked to remain for these five minutes standing with your arms over your head, and your legs spread apart so that you might serve as a reminder to others to follow the dress code.  Please try not to feel embarrassed as a crowd gathers to watch you.  Instead, remind yourself that each girl in the crowd watching you will someday be inspected herself.

Can I wear sexy clothing to avoid inspections?

Of course not.  This is a rumor that has very little basis in fact.  Naturally, if your dress is so short that it’s obvious you couldn’t possibly be wearing panties under it, then you’ll never be inspected in that dress, but this is no reason to wear an indecent dress!  You should weigh the possible indignity of an inspection that might or might not happen while you’re wearing a decent dress to the day in, day out indignity of wearing an indecent dress and having everyone look up it and see your pussy.

No Dress Length Rules!

Yes, that’s right.  The Dress Code doesn’t have any rules that say things like “three inches above the knee” or anything like that.  The genius of the dress code is not allowing you to wear panties, which naturally encourages you to wear a dress that’s long enough for you to feel decent.  And if you feel decent, you will look decent.


In the introduction, above, we mention that “panties” are not to be worn under a dress, or any other clothing for that matter.  So you might think it would be necessary to define the word, panties.  However, if you were to read the dry language of the Dress Code itself, you would see there is nothing special about panties, as compared to, say, shorts.  This is because there is a whole spectrum of clothing that merges from panties to shorts.  Gray areas about, in which an article of clothing can’t be positively classified as one or the other.  So the Dress Code skirts the whole issue, by defining new terms “bottom cover”, “top cover”, and “body cover”.


A bottom cover, or simply “bottom”, is any article of clothing that covers the lower part of your body without covering any part of your body above your belly button.  Panties, shorts, and skirt are all bottom covers.  (Stockings and knee socks are also bottoms — see their section, below.)


A top cover, or “top”, is any article of clothing that covers the top part of your body without covering any part of your body below your belly button.  A bra or shirt is a top cover.  In designing the Dress Code, we recognize that some shirts are designed to cover a girl’s belly button.  These are still considered tops as long as they don’t cover her pubic bone or any part of her butt crack.

Body cover

A body cover is any article of clothing that covers your top and your bottom areas.  As a matter of defining such articles of clothing, it is convenient to define any clothing that covers a girl’s belly button (with the exception of some shirts, see Top Cover) is a body cover.  Examples of body covers include a dress, leotard, overalls, or even a t-shirt that is long enough to cover part of your butt crack.

Perfect Length Dress

Perfect Length Dress — Pictorial Guide 1

Perfect Length Dress — Pictorial Guide 2

In case you’re wondering what a perfect length would be for a dress, here is your answer.  Any dress that completely covers your butt just invites inspection.  The reason is clear: you’re hiding something!  Maybe you’re just being decent, which is good.  But maybe you’re wearing panties in violation of the Dress Code, which is very bad.  An inspector’s job is to find out which is the case, so he will ask you to remove your dress, which, if you’re a good girl, will leave you naked, defeating your motivation for wearing such a long dress in the first place.

So, to be safe from inspections, you should wear a dress in which you feel mostly decent, but which leaves uncovered a portion of your butt.  Some girls think they can get away with showing just an inch or two of their cheeks, and this is certainly admirable.  However an inspector might still suspect such a girl of wearing a thong.  So to feel safer from inspection, and only a little more vulnerable to casual glances, it is best if you wear your dress short enough that fleeting glimpses of your asshole are possible from time to time.  It takes some practice to settle on the perfect length, covering just about half of your butt, and you will find after some time that you are able to feel completely comfortable dressed this way.

See the Pictorial Guides (links at the top of this section) or take a look at these two pictures to use as a guide for selecting the dress that’s the perfect length for you.  To make this guide as helpful as possible, we selected the “fishnet” style of dress, which gives the best portrayal of the coverage you should go for in a dress. 


We’re showing a fishnet dress only as an illustration of proper length.  Of course, a more opaque dress can be worn, if you prefer that style.  In the dress, above, you can see the hemline falls just below the girl’s clitoris, hiding most of her pussy from view.


From the back, as you can see, the dress covers the majority of her butt, including her asshole, giving her nearly modesty, fishnet style notwithstanding.

Stockings, Socks, and Leggings

Pictorial guide: Socks and Stockings

If you start with a pair of pantihose, and cut them through the crotch, then you’re left with two stockings.  Clearly, pantihose are pants, and so they count as a “bottom” in Dress Code parlance.  Is there anything magical about making a single cut through the garment that turns them into anything other than a “bottom”?  Of course not.  So stockings count as a “bottom”.

The rule is simple: Any clothing that covers your thigh (or any part of your thigh) is considered a “bottom”.

Unfair?  I feel your pain.  Unfortunately, if stockings were made an accessory, then some unscrupulous girls would take advantage of the rule by making “stockings” that cover their cute little bottoms, in violation of the spirit of the Dress Code.