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I was really mad at my high school “Health” teacher

Sorry about this text-only story. It comes from a slender brunette named Jackie, who still dresses like she did in high school—in a cute little top, and no bottom. I’ll be back soon with more pictures. Now, let’s listen to Jackie’s story. Thanks!


Like most girls in my high school, I was nervous about Health class, even more than gym. At least in gym, although nudity is required, we just needed to strip in front of other girls. But in Health class, each girl had to strip in front of the whole class—girls and boys! The only good thing I can say about that experience is that it was just one day, and then it was over. And it was for a good reason, so I can’t fault the teacher for that. We called it the “crotch inspection”. A key requirement of Health class was to make sure every girl knew how to shave completely before she went off to college.

It was supposed to be a secret which girl was up for crotch inspection on any given day, but we could always tell. You see, to save time, the girl of the day wasn’t allowed to wear any bottom at all. No skirt, no pants, not even underwear. A dress is okay, but it has to be really short, it can’t have any buttons or snaps, and the girl has to be able to pull it off over her head. Near the beginning of the year, one girl went out and bought a stretchy mini-dress just for the crotch inspection, and even though she didn’t wear any underwear, our teacher said she was wearing too much clothing, can you believe it? Even after she took off the dress and begged to be inspected, he made her reschedule her inspection day. After that, no girl dared wear anything but a t-shirt on her inspection day, which is why one look around the classroom was all it took to see which girl was going to be inspected on any given inspection day.

But that’s not why I was mad at our teacher. I totally get the need for inspections. Some girls really had trouble understanding the need for complete shaving. I was glad my inspection day wasn’t too late in the year. When my day came, I had been planning to wear a t-shirt. I spent hours in front of the mirror, checking it from every angle, as if I could will it to cover my pussy! But on the fateful late fall morning, I was afraid I would be too cold, so at the last minute, I switched to a baggy sweatshirt. It was warmer that just a t-shirt, but when I got to school, I found out it was a bit too short. I kept pulling it down over my pussy, but it kept riding up, which was very embarrassing! I was so uncomfortable in that sweatshirt, it was almost a relief to take it off, and come up to the front of the room for my inspection. Like a lot of girls, being naked in front of the class made me excited, so my pussy was pink and wet when spread my legs. I was glad when my crotch inspection was over, because I could enjoy watching the other girls squirm in the comfort of regular clothes.

So I wasn’t mad about the crotch inspections. He was just doing his job. But what really pissed me off was what he did on all the other days—the days we were all supposed to be fully dressed. Fully dressed! What a joke. Our teacher didn’t consider a girl fully dressed unless she was wearing a top, a bottom, a bra, and panties. And do you know what his test was? A girl should be able to withstand losing at least two items of clothing, maybe even three, and still be fully decent. Crazy, isn’t it?

I was one of a bunch of girls who objected to the need to wear four items of clothing. With a dress, I could wear a bra and panties, I suppose, but that’s only three items. Besides, under a thin, tight dress, you don’t want VPL, so panties were a no-no. And under a really short dress, like a jeans top, for example, you don’t want to wear panties because they might show. Like most schools, we had a “no visible panties” rule. It’s an old rule, carried over from an era when girls were expected to wear dresses long enough to cover their panties. So according to the rule, a dress so short your panties showed has to be confiscated. The idea is to embarrass the girl, who would have to spend the rest of the day in her bra and panties. When they invented the dress confiscation rule they never imagined that a girl wouldn’t wear a bra, so nowadays it’s even more embarrassing for girls whose dresses are confiscated, and all the more reason not to wear panties.

I wasn’t alone in my objection to wearing four items of clothing. Other girls complained, too. So our teacher relented, and said it would be okay for girls to wear three items, but only if two could be removed while preserving decency. I would have been happier if he let us wear one or two items of clothing, but three was a reasonable compromise.

So why was I so mad at him? Okay, I’ll tell you. Part of it was his stupid “wheel of clothing”, which he made us spin. Instead of picking a girl at random, and asking her to remove two items of clothing, he made her spin that stupid wheel. The wheel was divided into four quadrants, each with a picture of an item of clothing. The quadrants were labeled with a t-shirt, bra, pants, and panties. I kept looking at it during class. It was as if the wheel was mocking us, even when it wasn’t in use. Then, at random, he would call on a girl, and make her play the wheel.

Playing the wheel. My heart is beating fast, just recalling it for this story! The poor girl—the victim, I call her—would have to come up to the front of the class and face her fellow students, waiting for a nod from our teacher. Then, she would give the wheel a spin. If the wheel landed on an item of clothing she was wearing, she had to take it off, and spin again. This continued until the wheel landed on an item she wasn’t wearing, and then she was allowed to sit down.

Was this fair? Hell no! Our mean teacher defended the wheel, saying the expected number of items of clothing to be removed was only 2.22, only slightly higher than two, so girls shouldn’t be worried. But of course we were very worried! So our teacher took us through all the probabilities using Markov Chains, so we could understand the probabilities and plan our strategy. Did I tell you he was our math teacher, too? So it was a good lesson for us.

The first case we considered was of a girl wearing a crotch-length top (any longer, and it would count as a dress), a bottom, a bra, and panties. As long as the game ended with her wearing her top, bottom, or panties, she would be considered decent enough to make it through the day without undue embarrassment, because any one of those items was enough to cover her pussy. So we calculated her probability of being embarrassed by having nothing to cover her pussy. A girl forced to wear nothing but a top might also be a little embarrassed, too, because her butt will be at least partly exposed, so we also calculated the probability for these “over-sensitive” girls, too.

When we worked out the probabilities for girls starting out wearing four items of clothing, we were surprised to discover that fully 16% of girls would be embarrassed by being stripped almost completely naked, and an over-sensitive girl stands a 30% probability of feeling under-dressed at the conclusion of the game. Our teacher accentuated the positive, of course, pointing out that exactly half of all girls playing the game will end up fully clothed, that is, wearing her top or bra, and her bottom or panties. Well, 50% isn’t that great, and it includes girls wearing just their bra and panties, which is far from fully clothed, if you ask me.

Not at all good odds, especially since the stated objective was to test whether we were decent! Poo-pooing the objections of girls who said they would feel uncomfortable not wearing a bottom, our teacher kept emphasizing the 16% figure, pointing out that fully 84% of fully dressed girls who play the game will end up wearing enough clothing to feel comfortable. What a jerk!

But wait. It gets much worse for girls wearing dresses…

You would think a girl wearing a nice dress with a bra and panties would be considered fully dressed by this asshole of a teacher, right? But get this: if a dress covers any part of a girl’s legs, then it’s considered both a top and a bottom! So if the wheel lands on either one, she has to take off the dress and keep playing, wearing only her bra and panties! When you work out the probabilities, it turns out a girl who starts the game wearing a dress, bra, and panties has a 38% chance of ending up more or less naked, compared to just 16% for girls who start the game wearing 4 items of clothing. On the bright side, the expected number of items a girl would have to remove if she starts the game wearing a dress is just 1.81. Still, it’s clear a girl is better off playing with a crotch-length top and bottom instead of a dress.

But can a girl do better?

As a matter of fact, yes, she can! The secret is not to wear a bra, believe it or not. By now, I bet you can see how this would help a girl. If the wheel lands on “bra”, the game simply ends. In fact, a girl wearing just three items—Top, Bottom, and Panties—has to remove just an expected 1.22 items of clothing, and has a 59% chance of ending the game still wearing her top, compared to just 45% if she begins the game wearing a bra under that top. Her chance of embarrassment due to nudity is much improved: just 9%, compared to 16% for girls wearing a bra. For sensitive girls, their chance of being embarrassed by having no bottom drops from 30% to just 19%! It’s paradoxical that a girl can improve her odds at the game by flouting our health teacher’s dress code!

As I mentioned earlier, there are good reasons for a girl not to wear panties. The school’s dress code is one. And the logistics of playing this game is another. Consider a girl wearing jeans and a cute top. If she spins the wheel and it comes up “panties” then she’ll have to take off her jeans, then her panties, and then put her jeans back on again. Not only is this a lot of work, some girls might find it embarrassing to spend so much time in front of the class without a bottom. So why wear the panties at all? Imagine the girl is wearing the top and jeans, but no panties. When she spins “panties”, she just needs to unzip enough to prove there’s nothing between her and her Calvins, and she can sit down!

So we ran the numbers for a girl wearing just a top and bottom, without any underwear, compared to a girl wearing a top, bottom, and panties. We found her probability of being embarrassed by nudity rises from 9% to 13%, and for a sensitive girl, her probability of having a bare butt rises from 19% to 31%. Clearly, a girl not wearing any underwear doesn’t fare as well playing the game, but that may be offset by the reduced chance of running afoul of the school’s dress code and the convenience of not having to remove her pants while playing the game.

Finally, there are some girls who prefer not to wear any bottom at all. Are you surprised such girls exist? Ha ha! Well, I’m one of them! You see, if it weren’t for the school’s dress code, I would wear just a t-shirt and panties. It’s comfortable, and, well, lots of girls dress this way, so what’s the harm? But the school’s dress code is a problem. It’s hard to keep your panties covered up under nothing but a t-shirt, so girls who dress this way run the risk of getting their t-shirt confiscated. Now, of course, going from class to class wearing nothing but a pair of panties isn’t the end of the world, but I do feel a little embarrassed being topless.

The solution to this dilemma is simple: don’t wear panties. I admit, it takes courage, at first, to come to school wearing nothing but a t-shirt, but I really don’t feel any different than I do wearing a t-shirt and panties. And it helps that I’m not the only girl who dresses this way. I’m not so naive as to think the boys don’t see my pussy from time to time, just as they used to see my panties when I wore them. But, just like letting them see my panties was no big deal, letting them see my pussy is more or less the same. We all know a t-shirt isn’t quite long enough to stay fully covered all the time, and we’re okay with that.

So let’s run the numbers for me when I wear just a t-shirt compared to the best case we found, which is a girl wearing a top, bottom, and panties. For me, the game is simple: one spin and the game is over. There’s a 25% chance I’ll have to take off the t-shirt and be embarrassed. For the other girl, her chance of being embarrassed is just 9%.

So, clearly it benefits that girl to wear a bottom and panties with her t-shirt, so why would I come to school wearing just a t-shirt? Well, I’m more comfortable, especially if the t-shirt is baggy. And paradoxically, if the t-shirt is a little too short to cover me completely, although I feel more awkward at first, but then, as the day progresses, I start to feel more comfortable. You see, a short t-shirt leaves my butt completely bare, so there’s no point in trying to pull it down, so I don’t even try. When I’m walking from one class to the next, my pussy is completely exposed, which is a little embarrassing, but once I sit down, I just arrange my top in my lap, and keep my legs together. Then, in Health class, if I’m called to the front of the room to play the game, and I end up having to strip naked, it’s embarrassing of course, but not as bad as if my pussy weren’t already on display.

So do you see why I was so angry with my high school Health teacher? Was it because he forced us to play “the game”? No, not really. The game was actually a fun break from classwork. Was it because he asked girls to wear bras, but then if they did, they were almost twice as likely to be embarrassed by the game? No, because he was honest about that part of it, and basically told us it was okay not to wear a bra if we didn’t want to. Was it because once in a while, a decent, fully dressed girl was forced to bare her butt, and go from class to class, bottomless? No, actually, I enjoyed that. Since I rarely wore a bottom myself, I just found it amusing when a girl got all pissed off about having to take off her bottoms. What really pissed me off about this guy was the way he pitted us girls against each other.

Instead of simply making us play the game, he made us challenge each other to the stripping game. Here’s how it worked: Girl “A”—let’s call her Audrey—is called to the front of the room. Audrey then has the choice of playing the game or picking on another girl, “Brenda”, who then has to come to the front of the room and let Audrey “do something” to Brenda. Audrey can remove an item of Brenda’s clothing, or she can spank Brenda, or she can even make love to Brenda. When Audrey is done with Brenda, then Brenda can either play the game or “do something” to Audrey. The game reverts back and forth this way until one of them plays the game, or else they are both naked. The teacher keeps the discarded clothing, so the girls have to stay naked for the rest of the day, go home naked, and then return to school the next day, still naked, at which time their clothing is returned to them.

This is so mean! Of course Audrey doesn’t want to just play the game. Giving Audrey the chance to “do things” to Brenda and then force her either play the game or face the same choice is just mean to both girls! That’s why I was so mad at my Health teacher in high school. But you know what? The experience made me a better person, so now I would thank him, if I ever saw him again.