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A Mean Game (archives)

Crysta and Donna walked together across the main quad, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

Donna wore a salmon spaghetti strap camisole with a short white skirt. The skirt was longer than it should be, but Donna was always concerned with being decent. The camisole top was low cut and rather thin, so it was evident that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. But the skirt covered her entire front and bottom. It was sure to attract an inspector that would insist she remove it to prove compliance with the dress code. But Donna was just too embarrassed to wear anything shorter or more revealing today, and just resigned herself to being inspected from time to time. For Donna, occasionally being naked was the price to pay for being decently covered the rest of the time.

Her friend Crysta had no such concerns. She didn’t mind who saw her bottom. In fact, whenever she caught someone staring as her bare bottom, or even her exposed pussy, she somehow transferred the blame to them. It became their fault for gawking in an unseemly manor, rather than Crysta’s fault for exposing herself in the first place.

True to form, Crysta wore a black micro-mini dress that was just barely long enough to cover her bottom. As Crysta walked, the hem rode up exposing the bottom half of her cute butt cheeks. Most girls would be continuously tugging the bottom of this dress back into place. But Crysta couldn’t care less, and the dress rode up higher and higher as she walked along the main corridor. By the time Crysta and Donna were half way to their next class, the dress didn’t cover much more than T-shirt would.

Donna didn’t care. She didn’t have the nerve to wear a dress like that in public, but she certainly didn’t mind seeing Crysta’s adorable ass bouncing across campus either. As she was admiring Crysta’s backside, Crysta said “Hey, isn’t that Christine sitting over there? Let’s go say ‘Hi!'”


Donna looked over to see Christine sitting on the library steps, also enjoying the pleasant weather.

Donna grabbed Crysta’s arm and stopped her.

“Don’t you dare torture poor Christine” Donna said.

With an expression of exaggerated surprise, Crysta said “What on earth do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean” said Donna. “Remember the last time you talked to Christine?”

Crysta shook her head.

Sternly, Donna recounted the story. “She was wearing a tube top and a brand new pair of jeans. You begged her repeatedly to let you try on her jeans on until she finally gave in. She hid around the corner of the economics building, took off her pants, and held them out for you to try. Just then, a bicyclist rode by and snagged the pants on his handlebars. In a flash, both the bicyclist and the pants had disappeared down the walkway. Christine was beside herself. She had to spend the entire afternoon bottomless, trying to decide if it was better to cover her naked bottom with her books or use her tube top for a skirt and try to cover her naked top with her books.”

Crysta shrugged her shoulders and acted like she had never heard this before in her life.

Donna continued. “She eventually found her pants in the fountain. They were soaking wet. It took her five minutes of tugging to get them back on, all in full view of the entire student body.”

Crysta said, flatly “Accidents happen. It certainly wasn’t my fault.”

Donna was incredulous. She said “Crysta, you paid that bicyclist to steal her pants!”

Crysta got a far away look in her eyes and said “Oh, yea. I forgot about that.”

“I don’t want you playing anymore mean tricks on Christine” Donna said firmly.

“I won’t be stealing any of Christine’s clothes today” Crysta promised. She crossed her heart with her finger, then took Donna’s hand and placed it on her breast. “I swear” she said.

Warily, Donna said “OK, but I’ll be watching you.”

And with that, the two two girls crossed the green towards the library.

Crysta greeted Christine with a friendly “Hello, Christine. What brings you out to the Quad today?”

“Hello, Crysta. Hello, Donna” Chrstine replied. “I had some time before my next class and was trying to enjoy some more of this great weather.”

As Crysta and Christine exchanged pleasantries about the weather, Crysta held her hand over her brow as if shielding her eyes from the sun. As they spoke, Crysta kept taking small steps to the left, as if trying to avoid a glare. This caused Christine to shift position in order to continuing to talk to her.


Donna instantly realized that Crysta was getting Christine to unwittingly expose herself. It’s a silly game that a lot of the girls play. They target a girl with a particularly short skirt or loose top, then ask for help picking up books or get them to lean over a railing. The game is to provide a show to as many people as possible.

Donna put her hands on her hips and glared at Crysta with the sternest look that Donna had. Which, truth be told, was not all that stern. Crysta pointedly ignored her and continued talking with Christine.

Donna thought “two can play this game.” She suddenly suggested “Since we’re all headed to our next class, why don’t we walk together?” Crysta gave her a look that said “touche!” She was also a little excited. Donna was playing and Crysta loved games.

As they walked Donna asked what Christine had done over the weekend. “We all hiked up to the lake. Everyone had a great time.”

“Was Fiona with you?” Donna asked innocently. “She mentioned going hiking this weekend.”

“Oh no,” Christine said derisively. “It was only sorority girls and a few A-list girls. We weren’t slumming with any of the regular dorm girls.”

Donna was dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe Christine had just been so rude. Fiona was about the nicest girl you could have met, and to say that hanging out with her was “slumming” was just too much.

Crysta stifled at laugh at Donna’s reaction. She knew that Donna was consumed with the fact that her friend had just been snubbed, while completely missing the implied complement. Clearly Christine knew that Crysta and Donna lived in the dorm, so she must consider them “A-list” to confide in them so.

As Donna silently fumed over Christine’s remarks, Crysta took the initiative and exclaimed “Oh, don’t tell me you were with the group of swimmers up at Bear lake?”

Christine stopped walking. “Yes, why?”

Crysta said “Haven’t you heard about the poisonous grass?”

“No,” Christine said, her voice betraying her sudden concern. “What about it?”

“A lot of the girls are getting a terrible rash. It doesn’t itch or anything at first, but it becomes very painful if not treated. Did you lay on the grass after swimming?”

“Yes,” Christine replied. “Most of us did.”

“And were you wearing bathing suits?” Crysta inquired, even though she already knew the answer.

“No, we always go skinny dipping” replied Christine, now starting to panic.

“You better let us check you for a rash” Crysta said. “It could be serious!”

They all began to intently inspect Christine’s legs. Crysta continued “It shows up first on the most sensitive skin. You’d better lift your dress a little so we can check your thighs.”


In her heightened state of panic, Christine didn’t think twice about lifting her skirt to let her friends examine her. As Crysta bent over and peered at Christine’s remarkably smooth skin, Christine asked nervously “Do you seen anything?” After a pause, Crysta said “Nothing so far, but you better turn around. You probably laid on your back most of the time.”

“Oh my gosh, your right!” Christine exclaimed and turned to show her backside to the two girls.


Crysta was also watching Donna. Her anger over the insult to her friend had slowly transformed. Her scowl melted away as she gazed at Christine’s shapely body. It then turned into a grin as she shifted her attention to Crysta’s bottom, now fully exposed as Crysta bent forward to inspect Christine. Finally, it transformed into a sly smile as Donna realized what Crysta was doing. There was no poisonous grass or rash! Crysta had tricked Christine into standing in the middle of the busy Quad while holding her own skirt above her waist — providing a view that every passerby was enjoying.

But the trick wouldn’t last forever. “Well, do you see anything?” Christine asked, starting to sound just a little annoyed.

“No, I think you managed to avoid it” Crysta admitted reluctantly.

Christine dropped the hem of her skirt with relief and the three continued to walk to class.

“What’s your next class?” Crysta asked.

“Biology,” Christine said with a sigh.

“Oh, then you must be in the same class as Audry” said Donna.

“Don’t you think she’s a little plain?” offered Christine. “She does OK in class, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she copied my answers on the last test.”

Donna was shocked and speechless. She just walked with her mouth open, unable to comprehend how someone could be so mean and spiteful. First of all, she knew Audry and she happened to be very pretty. She did have a tendency to dress plainly, but Donna has seen Audry many times in the buff around the dorm and there was nothing at all plain about her body.

Furthermore, Audry was an excellent student and rather sharp. She’d helped Donna several times with math assignments. “Christine would be lucky to copy her answers,” Donna thought!

Crysta was worried that Chirstine had gone too far and that Donna was about to say something about Christine’s mean remarks, when a sudden change occurred. Donna’s mouth abruptly closed and turned once again into that sly smile that Crysta had seen earlier.

With a voice as sweet as honey, Donna said “Christine, would you mind walking around the corner so we can be behind that wall?” She then got close to Christine and confided “I couldn’t help but notice a little heart when you lifted up your dress earlier. Is it some kind of tattoo?”

“Oh, that!” Christine said. “It’s a tanning sticker. One of the girls was handing them out after we went swimming. You just stick it on while tanning and you get a little temporary body art.”

Her voice practically purring, Donna said “Oh, I’d love to see it again.”

Crysta couldn’t contain her glee. Donna was playing the game!

Christine looked around to see that no one was around, then lifted the hem of her dress again so Donna and Crysta could look at her heart.


“That is just so adorable” exclaimed Donna. “Don’t you think so, Crysta?” Crysta nodded in agreement, grinning with the knowledge she shared with Donna.

You see, while there wasn’t any foot traffic next to the retaining wall, Donna, Crysta, and Christine were standing across from the business college building. The building is all mirrored glass on the outside. Inside about 200 students were, at that very moment, agreeing with Donna’s assessment of Chirstine’s heart shaped tan.

“Anything on the other side?” asked Donna, impishly.


“No, I just used the one this time” Christine remarked as she casually modeled her other hip.

There was a rustling sound behind them. Christine suddenly clutched at her dress and looked around.


“Do you think someone saw?” she asked nervously.

Donna and Crysta made an exaggerated survey of the area to reassure Christine that no one was around. At the same time, they wondered how many people in the business school had already snapped a picture of Christine for the school newspaper.

“Nope, the coast is clear” Donna announced.

“Just us girls” giggled Crysta. “Now lets see your tan again!”

Christine happily obliged.


Crysta said “This has been fun, we should do it more often.”

“Yes, let’s” replied Christine, completely oblivious of the humiliation the two girls had just put her through. “See ya round,” she tossed over her shoulder as she ran off.

As soon as Christine was gone, Donna walked up to Crysta and gave her a big hug.

“I’m so sorry I ever doubted you, Crysta” she said warmly. “I had no idea that Christine was such a … such a …” Donna searched for the word. “Bitch!”

Donna said “I can’t believe you called her ‘poor Christine’!”

The two girls burst into laughter.

Crysta and Donna resumed their walk to class. After a short distance Crysta said “You play a pretty good game, once you get started.”

Donna smiled. “I guess I just never had a reason to play. It always seemed like such a mean game, but some people just deserve it” she said forcefully.

Crysta leaned over and gave Donna a light kiss. “We make a pretty good team,” she said.

“The best!” said Donna.

Well done! although her humiliation would been better had she later realized she been exposing to many, but your way does make for more games to be played.
Comment By base At 4/30/2008 8:33 AM

Well, maybe later she can get a copy of the school newspaper and find herself so totally exposed to all…
Comment By boy At 5/1/2008 1:04 AM

So many boys were watching her that everything else had to stop while we stared out the window. She is known as a bitch, and so many boys were getting pictures with their camera phones and planning the posters to put around campus and online that she will know soon enough how she was exposed to all, and now to the world, tits, ass pussy and all!
Comment By another nboy At 5/5/2008 6:54 PM

I agree with the first commenter – I love it when competition or pranks between girls leads to some girl or girls being naughtily exposed to groups of horny boys, girls finding themselves nude to the delight of boys whose desire to see tits and pussy is spiced up with the girl(s) embarrassment, their (useless) attempts to cover themselves, the knowledge compromising photos which will oh so publicly circulate thereafter…
Comment By fan At 5/9/2008 10:58 AM

What a bitch! Well, she’s been exposed now! Ha ha! You feel violated? Tough, you have been. Your most private parts revealed to so many horny horny boys? Yep! Look everyone, that bimbo doesn’t realise we can all se her tits and pussy! I’m just surprised that she couldn’t hear the laughter through the window…
Comment By exposethem At 5/21/2008 1:21 AM

Oh my God! Learning this was mortifying. Everyone waved the school paper around shouting, “Nice tits!” and “Sweet pussy!” People stripped me naked every day for two weeks after this! People still do it often! And I am NOT a BITCH!
Comment By Christine At 4/11/2009 12:16 AM

Oh, Christine, you are so! Don’t worry, we all loved the show you unknowingly put on for us, and Donna later encouraged us to put out that special issue of the school paper and to put up those posters of you naked for everyone. And the constant peer inspections were Crysta’s idea, though mayeb she wouldn;t want me to mention that…
Comment By Andrew At 10/29/2009 6:42 AM

I knew she was behind that! I may be a tad bitchy at times, but that doesn’t justify stealing my clothes, or sticking a remote control vibe in my pussy while I’m asleep! I had a presentation the first day she did that and became visibly excited!
Comment By Christine At 10/30/2009 5:39 AM

And we were all glad you did, Christine, at least I was! Ha ha!
Comment By Andrew At 2/6/2010 6:54 AM