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Archived: Shorts, part 8: Epilog (exhib)

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Shorts Part 8: Epilog

Donna was so relieved at being found “not guilty” of indecency that she didn’t even care that she was naked as she left the courtroom.  She just wanted to go with Crysta to start celebrating.  She was so giddy with joy, she didn’t even think of stopping by her room to get some clothes.  She grabbed her roommate and kissed her hard.  Crysta responded, making Donna wet all over again, but she didn’t mind.  “Let’s go to the pub at the Student Center,” she said.

Crysta kissed her one more time, and the girls rubbed their hairless pubic mounds together before exiting the courtroom.  Once outside, Donna was shocked to see a throng of reporters and photographers.  Their flashes blinded her as she approached the landing at the top of the courthouse steps, and they shouted questions at her.  With Crysta at her side, she listened carefully as the photographers continued shooting up at the girls, and got the gist of their questions.  Apparently, her not guilty verdict had cleared up a murky aspect of the Dress Code, and cleared the way for all the girls of the college to go topless in public if they so chose.  It seems this was a major test case of the Dress Code.  Donna became the hero of girls all over campus who yearn to let their breasts go free.

“OK, OK!” Donna said, raising her arms to silence the reporters.  “I’ll say something now.”  Donna looked radiant in her naked beauty.  She smiled and tossed her hair, which made her even more gorgeous.  The reporters got quiet, but the photographers kept clicking away.  Crysta kept her hands down, so her glove dress would cover her, but the photographers kneeling on the steps below the girls could see Crysta’s pussy.  Donna saw how tense Crysta was under the glare of the photographers’ lights, so she played a little game the girls share, to put her roommate at ease.  She slipped her fingers between Crysta’s butt cheeks, and gently rubbed the sensitive areas there.  Crysta smiled, spread her legs apart, and relaxed her cheeks to give Donna full access.  The rules of this game require the recipient of the butt rub to relax and open herself fully.  Any tensing or squeezing together of the butt cheeks or legs forfeits the game.  Donna sensed that Crysta was enjoying the game, and probed Crysta’s pussy from behind, finding it quite moist.  Crysta widened her stance further and Donna continued her ministrations as she spoke to the reporters.  “I’m glad my case has opened up the possibilities for girls to go topless, but I want to give Crysta the credit for discovering that loophole in the Dress Code.”  With her free hand, she gestured to her friend and roommate, provoking another round of shutter-clicking.

Crysta smiled and remained still, her arms at her sides, her glove dress not quite covering her moist vital parts, viewed from the front.  “Let me say two things,” she said.  “First, I must caution the girls who go topless that this loophole in the Dress Code requires them to wear panties as outer-wear, not a skirt or pants.  The Dress Code Inspectors will be out in force to make sure the panties worn by topless girls are small enough to meet the stringent definition of “panties” in the Code.  The most important thing to remember, girls, is that your panties may not cover your tail bone, so be sure the top half of your butt crack is left uncovered.”  Crysta gestured as she spoke, forgetting to cover up for the reporters.  “Roll the waistband down, if necessary, or better yet, simply use scissors to remove the waistband of your panties.  Also, the front of your panties may not cover higher than the top of your vulva, and the Dress Code prohibits visible pubic hair, so be sure to shave completely.”

Crysta continued, “Second, it is well known that the Dress Code Inspectors have been cracking down on girls who wear shorts, even though shorts are perfectly legal under the Dress Code.  We think it’s disgraceful that the inspectors have been singling out girls wearing shorts, and making them strip naked, and stand with their arms up in the air and their legs apart for long periods of time.  It seems as if the inspectors are trying to discourage girls from wearing shorts, which is unfortunate for those girls, like Donna, who really enjoy wearing shorts.”

Donna hammed it up, raising her hands to the sides of her face, saying, “So what’s a girl to do?”  The girls had rehearsed this speech several times, and they both knew it well.

“I’m glad you asked, Donna, because I’ve come up with a solution to your problem: a new kind of shorts — they’re like shorts in every way except they lack the little strip of cloth that goes between your legs.  They look like shorts from the front, from the back, from the sides, when you’re standing, and when you’re sitting, as long as you keep your legs together.”

Donna continued playing the straight role.  “If they look so much like shorts, and the inspectors are out to get us shorts-wearers, then how does this help me?”

Crysta replied, “When the inspectors are about, or if you’re pulled over wearing these shorts, just spread your legs, and it becomes obvious you’re really wearing a miniskirt.  If our theory is right that the inspectors are targeting girls who wear shorts, then they’ll just leave you alone.”

“But if I have to spread my lets all the time,” Donna said, spreading her own legs in demonstration, revealing her glistening girlhood once again, “then doesn’t that defeat the purpose of wearing these shorts?  I mean, the reason I wear shorts instead of a miniskirt is to keep my pussy covered.”

Crysta countered, “That’s the beauty of this new item of clothing, Donna.  Most of the time they really do look like shorts.  Just spread your legs a little; make it look like an accident when you flash.  The inspectors will be looking between your legs but most people won’t notice.  You have the benefit of both worlds — you will appear to be wearing shorts and therefore fully covered, and you will be able to flash ‘by accident’ to keep the inspectors away.”

Donna said, “I’m sold!  What are they called, and where can I buy them?”

Crysta said, “They’re called Mini Shorts and the two of us will be modeling them all over campus.  Just find one of us for more information.”

author: Richard Hertz