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Hot Summer Weather – A Cooling Mist

In extreme hot weather, what cools the skin is not uncovering yourself. The Dress Code is about modesty, and the weather doesn’t change that. To cool your skin evaporating water is perhaps the best method when you are outdoors.

You probably remember, as a child, playing in the water sprinkler on a summer’s day. Not only is the water cooler than the air temperature, but the evaporation will cool your skin as well. Wet clothes would hinder this process. So, if by chance as you walk across campus you see a water sprinkler on, by all means get cool. This can be a real health crisis in such hot weather. Of course, the Dress Code allows an exception for health reasons.

Get your skin temperature down in the cool water, but then carry your clothes until the water has evaporated. Inspectors understand the difference between you being wet from a sprinkler and being wet from sexual arousal. They are trained in these matters. Other students may not be as educated. But when you consider the risks to your health, a small misunderstanding is understandable. One little oxymoron we face in life.

If playing in a sprinkler is not your style, please do avail yourself of the outdoor showers around campus. Whether you use the showers alone or with friends, you will feel better reducing your skin temperature, with the added bonus of knowing you’ve cleanse your body of the sweat from wearing clothes for your modesty.

A fresh shave is also a great idea to feel cooler. notice the difference between those who enjoy the sunshine and the one girl who bares striking tanlines. The latter has a mild sunburn. She would be wise to have friends or others help her apply aloe to her damaged skin for it to heal. This is something some ladies have realized where the gropers on campus can be useful. Put aloe or sunscreen into their hands, and let them work the lotion into your skin.

Most of all, stay healthy, but have fun. The weather will eventually change.