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High School Dress Code

I read the new dress code, and I don’t like it. Oh, sorry. My name is Marjorie. I’m a junior at the high school. Like most other girls, I like to dress decently, so I don’t have a problem with the old dress code. You see, that’s all the old dress code required. Dressing decently.

What is “decent”? It’s simple. 50% coverage. Oh, sure, the teachers won’t come out and say that’s what it means, but that’s it. Pure and simple. If you’re wearing a top and a bottom, you’re good, even if the bottom is just a thong. Some girls like to come to school topless. That’s okay, too, as long as you have a decent bottom. A pair of jeans, for example. That’s good. You don’t even need to wear underwear if you don’t want to.

Bottomless? Same thing. It’s fine as long as you’re wearing a decent top. Now, let me tell you, in case you didn’t know: girls lie. Especially freshmen and sophomores. They come to school all giddy on “bottomless day” but I know they’re wearing panties under those adorable little tops. For the older girls, it’s not so easy to wear panties and still claim to be “bottomless” because we challenge each other to wear shorter tops.

Some girls feel uneasy going commando under a short top, but I take it in stride. It’s not as if the boys haven’t seen my pussy already. They have. And that goes for most of the girls in school, even if they wear panties every day. You see, the teachers are allowed to spank the girls for misbehaving. Even something as simple as talking in class.

“Stand up, Marjorie!” Those dreaded words. There I am, wearing a sexy top, and a cute little thong. I stand up.

“I’m sorry, honey, but I have to ask you to please remove your bottoms”, says the teacher. “For a proper spanking, I mean, no other reason.”

That word. “Please.” As if I had a choice. I remove my bottom, and try not to look at the boys who are starting to whoop and holler.

“Hands at your sides, honey,” he says.

I blush and say “Sorry.” It’s only natural to want to cover your pussy, isn’t it? I hand my thong to one of the other girls. I know I’m not getting it back, so I try to get used to the idea of all my classmates seeing my bottom.

“Come on up to the front of the room, honey,” says the teacher as he moves his chair into position, the back to the windows, and the side of the chair facing the class. “Now, I want you to stand still, little girl, with your back to the class. I want the class to take a good look at the sweetest, purest part of your adorable body, which I am going to spank. I want each of the girls in the class to look closely at your pretty butt, and for you all to be thankful it’s not you up here being spanked. And I want the boys to understand that you will become sexually excited during your spanking, and that’s okay. Some girls even cum when I spank them, so I want the boys to be aware of that, and not judge you too harshly if that should happen to you.”

This wasn’t my first time being spanked, but maybe the teacher didn’t know that. And it probably wasn’t the first time for many of the boys, either. To see a girl get spanked, I mean. The room got quiet. The teacher smiled when he saw I was already getting excited, before he even started.

I knelt down before him, and rested my head in his lap.

“Just a minute, honey,” he said. So I lifted my head slightly, as he lowered his trousers, and scooted forward in his chair. “Okay, now, darling, just relax. Spread your legs and relax.” He had a full erection as I rested my face on his bare thigh. He pushed my head up a bit, so my mouth was touching his penis. He gently stroked my butt cheeks, feeling between them, and telling me to relax. I relaxed as completely as I could, allowing him to feel my anus, and down, down to my vagina, into which he inserted a finger or two. “Very nice,” he said. When he removed his fingers, my vagina stayed open, and pulsed once or twice, because I was about to cum. Then all of a sudden he hit me, not hard, but firmly. And it was enough to push me over the edge. I came. Quietly and softly. Then he stroked my thighs, and mmmmm, it felt so good, I’m ashamed to say, and I came harder. Then it started raining. It was raining cum, all over me. What a mess! I licked his balls while he wiped it off me.

Then I stood up and faced the class.

What a relief my spanking was over. And, as I suspected, my thong was long gone. I was going to have to get used to my new outfit for the rest of the day.

Which brings me back to the new dress code. Now, at the beginning of every period, the teacher will verify that each girl is sufficiently “decent” to attend class. That means any girl who is more than half naked will be punished, which is a little ironic considering the main punishment given to a girl at our school is forcing her to strip.

I recently saw an adorable freshman girl being punished. I don’t think she was any older than 15, the poor thing. The teacher made her strip down to her underwear, which consisted of a cute little bra — A-cup, I think — and some tiny bikini panties. Her underwear was so thin, her nipples were completely visible, and her panties were soaked. Young girls can get very excited from being stripped in public. Then the teacher gave the girl an awful choice: “Take off your bra, and lose all the clothing you took off so far, or else take off your panties, and at the end of the class period, you’ll get your clothes back.

I don’t think the girl had ever taken off her panties in a classroom before, so it was really hard for her to decide. She pulled at her panties, testing how it would feel to pull them down in public. Then she unfastened her bra, imagining how the light of day would feel on her tiny breasts. Finally, she settled on removing her bra. She made peace with the idea of wearing just panties for the rest of the day.

I thought the girl’s ordeal was over, but the teacher offered her a second chance. “Remove your panties now,” he offered, and then at the end of the period, I’ll let you pick one item of clothing to wear.

“How long do I have to think about it,” the girl asked, practically shivering.

“Pull your panties down to your ankles right now, and then you can think about it as long as you want.”

The girl was clearly conflicted, but she did it.  She looked so adorable sitting at her desk, completely naked, with her panties around her ankles. Her little nipples were erect, and her pussy was beautifully smooth. She spread her legs a little, so I could see her lips were engorged and glistening pink.

The bell rang, signalling the end of the class period. “Okay,” she said, “I’ve made a decision.” She let her panties drop to the floor, and approached the teacher. “I want to wear my skirt today.”

My heart went out to the adorable girl. Her skirt was so cute and short. Short enough to show a little cheek. And she was willing to wear it in lieu of panties, because it gave her just a tiny bit more coverage. I admired her bravery to be willing to go out into the school, attending all her classes, wearing nothing but that tiny skirt.

“No deal,” said the teacher.

“But you promised!” insisted the girl, now fully shivering and having difficulty standing. She was still naked as she argued with the teacher. The students from the next period were starting to enter the classroom.

“I said you could have one item of clothing. And here it is.” He handed the girl her top, which ordinarily would have been the cutest top ever, fitted to her adorable breasts, with elastic below them, and ending just above her sexy belly button.

The poor girl sighed, took her top, and dashed out of the room, not even pausing to put it on. She was late for her next class. I didn’t see her again that day, but I know it couldn’t have been easy for her.

So, you see, forcing a girl to strip as a punishment for not wearing enough clothing is silly. And that’s why I really hate the new dress code. Because at the start of each class period, every girl who isn’t wearing enough clothing gets to “pick her own punishment”. Sure, being stripped naked is one of the choices. But the punishment will be assessed on a future day, without warning.

Another punishment the girl may choose is the “stocks”. This is an old-fashioned wooden device, placed in the back of the cafeteria, where a girl may choose to be restrained.

Although the length of time a girl must spend in the stocks is not long, some girls find it embarrassing to be restrained in this manner. Fellow students may look at the girl in the stocks, and they may adjust her clothing for a better view. In addition, students may console the girl by stroking her gently on her belly, back, and legs, but please refrain from touching her nipples, clitoris, vagina, or anus.

There are several models of stocks for the girl to choose from, with the aim of allowing the girl to maximize her own discomfort. The overall goal of the stocks is to force the girl to bend over and to keep her legs apart so that her classmates can fully appreciate the girl’s chosen predicament.

One very entertaining model forces the girl to lie on her back with her legs in the air, bottoms of her feet touching. A girl in this type of stocks is particularly vulnerable to being touched on her inner thighs and buttocks, and her physiological reaction to such touching is particularly evident in this position. Spectators may observe the girl’s vagina opening when she is ready to climax. When this happens, please begin stroking her more gently and farther from her wettest areas, so that she may suffer as long as possible in a state of heightened sexual excitement, without offering her the release of actually cumming. A girl in this position may beg passers-by to “finish her”, but please don’t do that. The point of the stocks is for the girl to be punished, after all, so she should suffer a little longer.

Another punishment offered to girls who misbehave under the new dress code is called “off hours” punishment, which is conducted outside of school hours, and managed by the girl’s parents and friends. This type of punishment is particularly effective when it is done in public. The objectives of off-hours punishments are twofold: to cause embarrassment, and to cause sexual torture by stimulating the girl but not letting her cum. One of the rules is that she has to do everything her handlers tell her to do, and she may not try to cover herself when she’s less than fully dressed.

Here’s how it can work. A group of girls can go to the mall, each wearing nothing but a sexy top and a thong — except for the girl who is being punished, who wears a sexy top, but no thong. The sexy should be the kind that can be unbuttoned to allow it to open slightly, but not enough to expose the girl’s breasts. When any of the girls does something that might be embarrassing to the girl not wearing underwear, they all have to do it. Going up the escalator. Bending forward to drink at the drinking fountain. Sitting at the food court with legs up, or spread apart. For extra fun, each time one of the girls undoes a button, they all have to do it. The beauty of this is that a girl can freely allow her top to be open as long as she’s wearing a thong, but the one girl not wearing a thong will dread each new button. The girls wearing thongs can even take off their tops, and while being topless might attract some attention, the one girl who is forced to strip completely naked in public will be beside herself with embarrassment.

Another prime candidate to help a girl with her off-hours punishment is her own boyfriend. He can ask her out on a date to go ice-skating, with the condition that she wear nothing but that sweat jacket that looks so cute on her. You know the one? It comes down just short of crotch length, and is extra cheeky in the back. Every few minutes, the boy will ask her to unzip the sweat jacket just an inch. She’ll beg him to slow down, but she does what he asks. Until the zipper reaches the bottom, and her breasts are almost completely exposed. Finally, as their skating time nears the end, he asks her to unzip it completely. She begs him to give her another minute of modesty, but he insists. She isn’t happy about it, but she does what he says. The jacket is a bit big on her, so it falls off her shoulders. She’s absolutely mortified, because she isn’t allowed to cover her breasts or her pussy. She covers her face, though, as the jacket slips down, covering her butt — a small saving grace. She begs her boyfriend to let her get off the ice, and sit down in a dark corner. He says sure, but it won’t be dark, and she’ll have to sit with her legs spread apart. She agrees, and he gets her a drink. “Ohh!” she says. “The seat is cold.” so the boy takes pity on her, and lets her take off the sweat jacket to sit on. They kiss, and while they’re kissing, he massages her inner thighs, something he knows makes her go wild. He can feel her getting more aggressive as they kiss, so he stops rubbing her, and pulls gently away from her. On her knees, she begs him to finish her off, but he refuses. “The best you’ll get from me right now is a kiss, but no touching except the lips.” She agrees. They touch lips, but no other parts of their bodies touch. Do you have any idea how sexy that is? The boy almost cums in his pants, but he manages to contain himself. The naked girl gets more and more passionate. Finally, the boy offers to let the girl cum if she agrees to remain completely naked for the rest of the evening. At this point, she’ll agree to anything so she says “Yes!”. The boy surreptitiously takes off his pants, and lets her sit on his lap, while he continues to stroke her breasts and inner thighs. She needed to bounce only a couple times before she came, and then she wiggled around to face the boy, and give him the greatest kiss of his whole life!

And that’s the main reason I hate the new dress code.