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FTSFD – Part Three (Genevieve Takes a Shower and Makes a Friend)

(Part 1, Part 2)

Genevieve strode briskly along, trying to ignore her totally nude state relative to her (primarily) (comparatively) clothed female counterparts. This was made harder by the way boys and girls alike would still point at her and snicker, as well as occasionally snap photos. This wasn’t helped by the fact that Genevieve had failed to realize that even after her very dirty cleanup job, she still had several long streaks of cum in her hair, making it very obvious that in addition to being very naked she had very recently been very well fucked.

As she walked Genevieve was surprised to see a girl who was evidently taking a shower and lathering up right in public!




Genevieve blushed prettily as the girl, catching on that she was being watched, turned and clearly spotted Genevieve staring. Genevieve was surprised (though far less so than she would have been even earlier that day) as the girl continued to lather up with no sign of embarrassment whatsoever, even turning around to face her.




The girl spoke to Genevieve directly, looking her right in the eye. “So, little voyeur, enjoy the show?” Genevieve blushed even more intently and hoped the girl hadn’t noticed the way her cute little pussy had flushed along with her face as she watched, offering mute testimony that yes, yes she had. “I – I mean, I’m not like – that is, I didn’t mean to-“, Genevieve stammered. The girl laughed at her obvious embarrassment as she stood up to rinse off. “It’s alright. Always nice to have an admirer.”, she said with a smile.


“Say”, she said, looking back at Genevieve, who was still unable to tear her eyes away, “you look like you could use a turn washing up yourself.


Genevieve considered. Well, she was already naked in public anyway, and while her seminal – no, that should be semen-al – (get it? get it? –ed) luncheon earlier had removed (most) of the obvious cumsplatters from her face and body, it couldn’t be denied she was still decidedly… sticky. Not to mention the annoying fact that she’d been pumped so full of cum by her various consensual rapists that it had been leaking down her legs out of both her pussy and asshole as she walked. Yes, she decided, a shower was just the thing – public or not.

“Thanks! Let me just, um, step on in here…” Genevieve said, easing her way under the water as the now suds-free other girl made room. Genevieve looked about for the soap, but was surprised to find it in the other girls hands. Well, really more surprised to find the other girl’s hands on her body, gliding over its smooth surfaces and delightful curves. “Oh!” Genevieve gasped. “That’s really – really not necessary…” The other girl smirked. “Nonsense. Always happy to help out a fan.” Genevieve blushed again, both from the girl’s words and from the way her pussy was moistening and her nipples were standing erect and almost painfully hard from the feel of the girl’s attentive hands – not to mention the way she kept pressing her naked body against Genevieve’s.

Genevieve gasped again as, while the warm falling water sluiced the suds away, the girl slid down her body as well to stick her tongue up Genevieve’s still cum-filled asshole. “Mmm. Tastes like somebody’s been having fun.”, she said, much to Genevieve’s further embarrassment. “Here. Let me help clean this up for you too.” Genevieve’s previous embarrassment catapulted to new heights of humiliation as the girl enthusiastically went to work on both her pussy and asshole, switching back and forth from one to the other as she tongued and sucked the cum out of Genevieve’s still tight young holes, vigorously fingering each to pump out still more cum to be devoured. Genevieve moaned louder and louder in increasing arousal and pleasure under the girl’s expert administrations, almost but not quite oblivious to the gathering crowd admiring yet another of her humiliatingly public sexual displays. With a cry of unrestrained ecstasy Genevieve came hard in front of all her witnesses as a knee-weakening orgasm pulsed through her receptive body.

Genevieve barely had a moment to recover before she suddenly felt another, thicker, undeniably male set of fingers probing the inside of her pussy from behind. “Yup, soaking inside and out!” She could practically hear the grin in his voice as he continued, “Ready for your punishment, sweetheart?” Ready or not, here he came, bending her over and plunging his big hard cock deep inside Genevieve’s wet eager pussy in yet another consensual rape for her day. As he pounded her tight hole so hard she was lifted partway onto her toes with each thrust, her combined pleasure and humiliation barely left her enough awareness to see another boy similarly bending over and fucking her shower friend right in front of her. When she leaned forward a little further to lock lips (and tongues) with Genevieve as they each got the public deep-dicking of a lifetime (or perhaps a weektime on the Campus), Genevieve was so overcome with gratitude for this kindness (not to mention with arousal) that she returned the kiss eagerly, making out enthusiastically with the other girl even in the middle of getting fucked hard. Her consensual rapist considerately lessened the force of his strokes to help enable this tender moment of connection, causing Genevieve’s pussy to moisten still further in gratitude for his thoughtfulness. Even if she wasn’t in the shower, she’d still have been dripping.

Suddenly, with almost simultaneous cries of pleasure, all four of them came together, the two boys pumping the two girls pussies full of their hot sticky cum. As they pulled out the two girls had to lean forward and cling to each other to stay upright, their orgasms had been such knee-tremblers. The watching crowd applauded this fine foursome’s performance with enthusiastic appreciation, causing the already-flushed Genevieve to redden still further from her deep embarrassment.

As she clung to her comrade-in-fuckery, one wet young body pressed against another, it occurred to Genevieve that right after her cleanup by her friend, here she was full of cum again. Well, there was only one thing for it, she told herself. And with unspoken agreement, the two girls arranged themselves in a 69 on the ground – ready to help each other clean out their cum-sticky holes this time.

And to think – some people say it’s hard to make new friends on your first day on a new campus.

[to be continued! and comments, as always, welcomed]