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The Roomie’s Mother (archives)

“Hey wait up Amy!” Amy stopped and waited for her roommate to catch up. Amy cringed seeing Susan approaching. It wasn’t that Amy didn’t like her roommate, but Amy couldn’t imagine why Susan would willing run around campus in her lingerie just to avoid inspection. Today, Susan was wearing a pink lacy babydoll tied between her breasts and open all the way down. As Amy watched Susan skipping to her, the babydoll fluttered to Susan’s sides exposing all of her below the waist, well, bustline.

Susan gave her roomie a hug, and Amy blushed. She always did. She was not used to hugged nearly naked girls in public. Susan said, “You weren’t planning on running home for the weekend without saying goodbye, were you?”

Amy said, “I told you goodbye at lunch. I think you should remember lunch today. You wore the panties to that babydoll.”

Susan said, “Oh yes, it is a special event when I wear panties, isn’t it?”

Amy pouted, “You know what I meant. You only wore the panties, and I went back to the dorm room when you changed after being reminded that your afternoon class was in a No Topless building.”

Susan smiled, then hugged Amy again, “Good call, roomie! Professor Fussyfeathers gave one girl a lot of flack for coming to class naked. That probably would have been me had you not said something at lunch.”

Amy raised an eyebrow, “What did Professor Frostfeather do?”

Susan asked, “Do you have the time?”

Amy said, “Mom isn’t due for another few minutes, and she is always late.”

Susan said, “Ol’ Fussy himself demanded to know why she was naked, as if it wasn’t obvious.”

Amy said, “She might have not worn a top and had to remove it to enter the building rather than an inspection. That is what would have happened to you.”

Susan said, “Oh, right. Well, it was the obvious, she was inspected and lost her debate on what was a top versus dress. Then ol’ Fussy quizzed her on the difference to see if she learned anything. He made her go around the room and get examples of tops and dresses.”

Amy asked, “Get examples?”

Susan said, “Sure. she had to take some other girls’ clothes to demonstrate how a top would not cover her bottom, but a dress did.”

Amy said, “She stripped other girls?”

Susan said, “Of course. Where else would she get the outfits? But she had a real problem when she put on my babydoll.”

Amy blushed beet red, “yours? and that meant you were, hmmm,…”

Susan said, “Naked. Yes, she took my babydoll, but she’s on the volleyball team, and must be over six feet tall.”

Amy said, “Oh my, your babydoll wouldn’t cover much of her, would it?”

Susan said, “So I’m short. I happen to like being short.”

Amy laughed. It was the one thing she learned to tease her roommate about, “Being a dwarf is not short, it tiny-ville.”

Susan laughed, “Two inches taller and you think you tower above me!”

Amy said, “Two and a half inches, and yes, you are the first person over twelve and under 89 that is shorter than me!”

Susan hugged Amy. “Two inches and an eighth, maybe.” They laughed sitting down on the curb to the parking lot. Susan’s babydoll separated baring her waist down. She continued telling of the quiz, “Anyhow, Professor Pussytethers made her decide whether my babydoll was a top or a dress. She couldn’t decide. It was a trick question for sure. On me, it was a dress, that’s why she picked it. But on her it was a top. I realized she was going to get the answer wrong no matter what she said, and I was right. She tried to have it both ways, but he refused to accept that as an answer. It was a dress or it was not. She picked a top since it was on her, and he maintained it was a dress as it came into the room as a dress and could not have transformed into something else. He told her that since she clearly had no clue what was in the dress code, hence her getting stripped and unable to get this little quiz right, he would teach her. Assuming her trial clears her of punishment by next week, she is to wear just a top to class all week to demonstrate she knows what a top really is versus a dress.”

Amy shivered, “Bottomless for a week? And that is after getting punished by the Dress Code judge? That poor girl.”

Just then, Amy’s mother pulled up in her convertible. Susan and Amy stood up. Susan blushed. Her mother was once again wearing a see through catsuit. It happened the day Amy called home crying about the College Dress Code. Her mother drove up to see for herself that girls were being stripped. Rather than comfort Amy, Amy’s mother took off her own clothes and made Amy walk around completely naked with her until Amy claimed she could accept the Dress Code and punishment. And to help her not violate the Dress Code, Amy’s mother took all of Amy’s panties and bras home. Packages from home were not cookies or brownies like other girl’s  Care Packages. Amy received sheer blouses and sexy little skirts. Amy had yet to wear one of them.

Amy’s mother said, “Susan! So good to see you. Are you coming home with Amy for the weekend?”

Susan said, “Well, I hadn’t planned on it, but I’d love to get away from here for a little bit. Only, I wouldn’t want to delay you any longer.”

Amy’s mother said, “Not at all, besides, you don’t need anything to join us. I have an extra toothbrush at home for you.”

Susan said, “Okay. Sounds like fun.” And she jumped into the car.

As Amy slid into the passenger seat next to Susan, Amy’s mother said, “Oh, before we go back home, let’s go to that delightful mall here in town. I’m looking for something new and different.”

Looking forward to the continuation!
Comment By axel_qwerty At 6/26/2010 2:37 PM

It’s nice your mom is so understanding, Amy. My mom went ballistic when she saw me get off the plane in my crochet minidress. By college standards it was long, so I felt quite comfortable without panties. Usually, in a public place, I tuck the back of my dress under me when I sit, but a girl sat next to me. I saw her looking at my bare bottom, so I apologized and started to cover up. She said, ‘no, no, I completely understand’. She wiggled her own panties off, and offered them to me. ‘That’s so sweet,’ I said. ‘But…’ (more later)
Comment By Trisha At 8/2/2010 10:51 AM