The College

The college Donna and Crysta attend is a small liberal arts college not far from their homes.  There are roughly an equal number of boys and girls who attend the college, which offers the standard classes you would expect.  The campus is beautiful, with a great lawn at its center, with a Student Center and Dining Hall nearby.  The girls think of the college as a sort of cocoon, where the most comfortable place is their dorm.  Even though the dorms are co-ed, the girls make themselves at home there, so they dress casually.  It’s a matter of convenience more than anything else.  At first, the freshmen girls made sure they were fully covered outside their rooms, but the upper class girls seldom bothered to wear clothes just to socialize within the confines of their dorm.  The freshmen saw the merits of this, and soon the majority followed suit.     The campus is comfortable, too, although nudity is frowned upon.  With rare exceptions (“Spirit Days”), girls are expected to keep their breasts and vulva covered.  This rule is enforced by a Dress Code that has a complex set of interlocking provisions designed to encourage girls to remain modest in the public areas of the campus without making very many detailed requirements.

Beyond the campus is the town.  It’s never really necessary to go to into the town, because the College has just about everything a girl needs.  But there are stores and restaurants, and even a mall in the town, and these draw the girls away from the relative safety of the campus into a world in which dirty old men stare at them, and old ladies cluck in disapproval.  This happens because of the girls’ adherence to the Dress Code, which some townspeople disapprove of.  For example, many girls like to wear “baby doll” dresses, which are perfectly acceptable under the College’s Dress Code, as long as the matching panties, which are usually supplied with the dress, are not worn.  (There’s quite an involved rationale to explain this, but in short, the idea behind this provision of the Dress Code is simply that girls will wear more modest dresses if they know they’re not allowed to wear panties under them.)  So many girls venture off campus essentially bottomless, as required on campus, only to find themselves the object of scorn once they get into town.

Dining Hall — a place where both boys and girls can go to enjoy a great meal.

Facility — the campus provides many public facilities, such as the Great Lawn, swimming pools, and rest rooms that make campus life a little easier.

Campus Bus — free transportation from one end of campus to the other.

Town — shops, restaurants, and the mall.


Some of the girls head into town after swimming.