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Totally Busted!

It was a fantastic day! I couldn’t believe that I had finally graduated from the college. I was so glad to be done with the whole studying thing. As I had just graduated yesterday, my parents had thrown a surprise party for me and invited a load of the cool crowd from my neighbourhood, including this fit guy called Marcus and his very attractive friends.  I’ve had my eye on some of them for awhile but because of all the time I spent away at the college, I didn’t get much chance to chat or flirt with them but that was all going to change now.

Another reason I was glad that I wouldn’t be at the college anymore was because I absolutely hated having to conform to the dress code. It seemed like I was the only girl there who thought the code was bizarre and didn’t like wearing ultra short skirts with no underwear or just wearing panties as a bottom. I loathed this aspect so much that I never talked about the college with people who didn’t go there hence none of the individuals at this party knew much about the code as I was the only one from the neighbourhood who attended it.

Anyway, all that was behind me now and as I stepped through the front door into my house, the waiting crowd of smiling revellers all congratulated and cheered me. Then I saw Marcus coolly standing in the corner of the main party room staring at me with a smile, waiting for his chance to talk to me. I got a little self conscious while greeting everyone else; he could not take his eyes off me. Finally he came over and we had a chat. We both flirted wildly. Everything was going great and I could tell that he was about to ask me out when there was an ominous knock on the front door.

My mind raced for who it could be. It didn’t sound like more people for the party.  Was it the police? Or an angry neighbour complaining about the noise being too loud? I went to open it and what I saw was far worse than a neighbour, the police or anything else.

It was the Dean.

I was absolutely astounded. “What was he doing here?!” I thought. I smiled and tried to play it cool, “Hello.”

“Hello Beth,” he said back rather sternly. This got my back up and I was really starting to get worried.

“I would like to have a word with your parents,” he said more like an order than a request that could be refused.

“Err, ok. Follow me. Is everything alright at the college?” I asked as we walked to my mum and dad at the back of the house. I was trying to fish for any information that would reveal why he was here but he simply didn’t answer.

As I lead him through the house past occupied rooms, every room we passed fell silent when they saw him. None of the people knew who he was as they did not attend the college but he carried a very imposing figure. As we passed the stairs, I stopped suddenly trying to think if mum and dad were up there and I felt something hit the back of my legs. I looked around and the Dean was staring at me intently with a hint of irritation in his eyes. I then spotted the object that had hit me. The Dean was carrying a large brown leather suitcase. In my complete shock at seeing him at the door, I hadn’t noticed it before. Now I was really puzzled as to what on earth was going on. The Dean interrupted my thought process by clearing his throat loudly and I remembered that I was supposed to be taking him to my parents. Just then I heard my mum laugh from the kitchen and was relieved that I didn’t have to have the Dean following me anymore. Dad was there too, they had the kitchen to themselves.

“Mum, dad, this is…”

“Oh yes! We didn’t expect you so soon,” my dad said.

You mean you knew he was coming!” I thought.

Dad saw the look of perplexity on my face that he had not told me about this but he smiled and said proudly, “No doubt he’s here to tell us what a top notch student you’ve been throughout your time at his college.”

Judging by my interaction with him just now, I could only hope that was the case. The Dean asked for some privacy (from me) and I closed the kitchen door with the three of them beginning their conversation and I went back to the party in the front room. All around me, the others were having a great time laughing and dancing but I now felt sick and could not take my mind off what was happening in the kitchen. Marcus’ friend Zack found me and started flirting but now I was so nervous about the Dean being here, I couldn’t enjoy it.

My favourite track came on the radio and just when I started to relax a bit, I heard loud voices coming from the kitchen area and they were not sounding friendly or jovial but had an air of anger about them. My dad stormed into the front room where I was and looked at me with more fury than I had ever seen. Mum came in followed by the Dean and she was just as mad and asked everyone to quieten down and turned off the music. She asked some of the other guests if they could gather everyone who was in the garden to come for an important matter. The Dean remained silent.

I was now terrified and still did not have a clue what this was about. I looked around at the other guests and they could all tell that whatever was going on, I was at the centre of it. Here I was, trying to attract these cute guys but was now feeling embarrassed that this was happening in front of them.

This front room was quite large and all the furniture had been removed for the party. Once everyone from the garden and the rest of the house was here, we had about 40 people who fitted comfortably in this room.

Once everyone had gathered, the Dean spoke, “I am sorry to interrupt your get-together. No doubt you are celebrating Beth’s graduation. However, a serious matter with Beth has arisen that could not be ignored.” I was now freaking out.

“Beth, do the dates February 28, and June 2 last year mean anything to you?” the Dean asked. I didn’t have a clue what he was on about and said ‘no’.

“These are dates on which you were inspected for possible dress code violations,” he paused, waiting for the penny to drop but I still didn’t know what he talking about.

“Both inspectors booked you for a public hearing,” he said.

“But I didn’t have any hearings!” I said defiantly.

“Exactly,” the Dean said in the most sinister way.

I pondered on this information and tried to think back to those instances. Slowly but surely, total shock and horror came over me as I began to remember receiving the citation tickets and hearing dates from the inspectors.
On the first day, I was so miffed about receiving the hearing that when there was an emergency near the records room later that day, I managed to sneak in and alter the hearing list, removing my name. The next occasion I was inspected, it wasn’t easy but I did the same thing but this time, creating a diversion myself, then sneaking in and changing the records.

How on earth did he find out?! I don’t remember there being any cameras in the room otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.

“Yes, all coming back to you now, is it?” The Dean said as he saw the look of realisation on my face.

I couldn’t speak. I was dumbstruck that my secret had been found out. I had completely forgotten that I had even done that.

The Dean explained to the whole group what I had done, “This young lady was caught in violation of the dress code. Twice. Each time a hearing was booked for her but each time she had managed to enter the records room and remove her name from the hearing list.”

As none of the other people went to my college (and I was too embarrassed to talk about the rules with them), they didn’t know what significance of any of this was.

I suddenly remembered that I had now graduated from that college and didn’t belong there anymore so there wasn’t that much that could happen to me now.

“I’m sorry,” I said to the Dean offhandedly thinking that was what he had come to hear.

“It’s a little late for that, my girl,” he said back.

I was a fully grown woman now and no longer part of his college. That was all he was getting from me. My parents shook their heads at my attitude.

With your parent’s permission, I will now implement the punishment that you escaped,” the Dean said.

“You can’t do that!” I said incredulously. “I don’t go to the college anymore.”

My dad jumped in, “What you did is tantamount to vandalism! You are lucky the Dean is not going to call the police and have you arrested! You will accept ANY punishment he chooses to give you!”

I couldn’t believe my dad had just spoken to me like that in front of all the visitors. If this was going to happen, I wanted to clear the guests sooner rather than later. “Ok, fine!” I said, “Well… I guess the party’s over then. You can all go.” I said to the guests dejectedly.

They started to make their way out but the Dean stopped them, “Just one moment. If Beth had attended her hearings, they would have been in public so I would like an audience present for this. I would like you all to stay as without witnesses, her punishment would be less severe.”

What?! No! I don’t want…” I began to say but my mum furiously cut me off, “Enough, Beth! You will not utter another word while the Dean is in this house.”  My dad continued, “This mess is of your own making and you will obey whatever the Dean says!”

Now I knew I was totally beat with the Dean, my mum and dad all ganging up on me.

The guests regained their positions in the front room and I desperately tried not to make eye contact with Marcus or Zack. I was so humiliated with being treated like a six year old.

When everyone was settled, the Dean said, “Because what you have done is extra ordinary, the punishment usually carried out during and following a hearing will not be sufficient.  We will need an extraordinary punishment to fit the offences you have committed, one you will not forget in a hurry. We will begin with the removal of your clothes.”

Now I know I did not hear that correctly and judging by the bewildered looks on the faces of the guests, they did not hear that correctly either.

“What are you waiting for?” The Dean asked.

I looked earnestly at my parents, silently begging them not to make me do this, especially in front of all these people, but they both scowled at me insisting that I hurry up and undress. Mum and dad decided to leave the house so that the Dean would not feel restricted in the punishment he could give me but before heading out the front door, mum said to me, “Beth, you have greatly disappointed us. We better not come back to find that you have created even more problems for the Dean. Remember, you will accept any punishment he decides is fit for your crime.” and they left.

“Go ahead, remove your clothes,” the Dean said again. With about 40 people watching me, I slowly unbuttoned and remove my clothes. I didn’t dare look up at anyone but from the corners of my eyes I could see that they were all in disbelief as to what was going on.

I was down to my bra and panties, thinking that was it but the Dean told me to continue.

What!?” I said, looking up at him.

“Continue Beth! Every time you make me repeat myself or wait for you, I will increase the severity of your punishment.”

I could only gulp as I began to undo my bra and pulling it off my shoulders and down my arms, feeling the cool air on my breasts, then I slipped my panties down, trying not to bend over to the crowd too much. And there I was, completely naked in front of a room full of people that I didn’t know all that well. And Marcus and Zack. I had forgotten about them. The crowd were gasping in absolute shock and surprise that there was now a girl in front of them who was completely naked. Most of them were situated behind me facing the Dean and I was sure Marcus and Zack in particular were now looking right at my butt. I blushed crimson at the thought.

“While under this punishment, the college rules will still apply so no covering up. Arms down by your sides.” I reluctantly had to do what he said. “Now turn around 360, slowly.”

I looked up at him silently beseeching him to not make me turn around and show my private areas to all the people present, but he humiliated me even more by saying, “You should have thought about your modesty before. You will turn around and let everyone see your embarrassment.”

I had no choice and slowly turned around on the spot. As I did, all the eyes of the men and women present were glued to either my tits or my vagina. They could not believe this was happening and nor could I. On my way round, I saw Marcus. He could not take his eyes of my hairless pussy. With him and Zack staring at me naked, my thoughts turned to fantasies that I’d had about them while masturbating. I felt my vagina starting to moisten up and a whole new level of embarrassment came over me as this was hardly the time for it.

The Dean told me to turn my back to the crowd and bend forward, touching my toes. I slowly turned around and bent over. As I did so, I heard all the guys gasp and murmur as they got the sight of my full round ass and my plump pussy bulging out from between my legs. I thought I could distinguish Marcus and Zack’s voices whispering from the rest and I was absolutely mortified at what was happening, and hated the fact that the thought of Marcus and Zack getting an eyeful of my pussy was strangely arousing. I despised my body for betraying me.

The Dean left my in this position for awhile, letting the crowd gaze my nakedness. “This is all part of the punishment,” he said. “The next time you think about breaking the law you will think back to the humiliation you suffered today and it will sway your mind. Because of the severity of your misdemeanours, I feel some corporal punishment is in order.”

Oh no!” I thought.

I was still bent over. He placed his suitcase near me on the floor and opened it. I didn’t have a clear view but from the corner of my eye, I could see all sorts of weird looking things in there but then he pulled our something I did recognise and my heart sank. He was now holding a flogger. He stood beside me and I could hear him quickly pull on the leather strips making it snap, adding to my anxiety.

“Keep yourself steady,” he said, then he slowly draped the flogger all over my ass, letting the cool leather gently sweep across my butt checks. The sensation was odd, it was almost tickling me and was making my ass sensitive. Then without warning he struck the flogger down across my left butt cheek making a loud slapping sound. I flinched, jerking forward making myself loose balance.

“I told you to keep yourself steady!” He repeated angrily. It was the sound that the flogger made that had surprised me rather that the pain of it as it didn’t actually hurt that much. The Dean then struck my right butt cheek with a loud slap and this time I was aware of my soft fleshy ass ripple as he struck it. I hoped it did not attract the attention of the onlookers too much.

He paused and I foolishly thought he was done but then he really laid into my ass.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!, went the flogger across my ass. Each time I could feel ripple after ripple travel around my buttocks. I was wrong about it not hurting much as the pain was building up.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!, he continued. He must have hit me with the flogger about 25 times in total. I was starting to whimper out loud but he finally stopped and I immediately felt a rush of heat radiating from my butt and knew it must be bright red now. The dean told me to stand up and I immediately placed my hands on my butt to soothe it and I winced. Most of the crowd laughed when I did that and I felt another degree of humiliation lower.

The Dean asked for a chair and Marcus and Zack volunteered to get him one. They brought back the one from my dad’s study. It was a large, sturdy leather chair and they placed it in the centre of the room.

“Since you two seem responsible,” he said to Marcus and Zack, “I would like you to take the place of makeshift code inspectors.” They didn’t have a clue what he was talking about but since it sounded like it would get them more involved with what was going on with me so they rapidly agreed to anything.

“Good,” the Dean said. “I only require you for specific tasks, not the full roster of duties a regular inspector would carry out.” Again, I could see that they were clueless but game for anything.

The Dean told me to turn around 360 again so that everyone could see my bright red bottom clearly. I really didn’t want to move and he got annoyed again, “I cannot believe your utter reluctance in carrying out my commands!”

He reached into his suitcase again, rummaging around then pulled out a silver chain. I thought he was going to place it around my neck like a collar and lead but as he came closer, I saw that the chain and clamps on each end. He attached them firmly to both my nipples.

“If you touch the chain, even once, you will receive a caning!” he said showing me a rather foreboding wooden cane he had also taken out of his case.

Now rather than order me to move about, he simply pulled on the middle of the chain clamped to my nipples and I couldn’t help but instantly move in any direction he pulled. “That’s much better”, he said. He pulled on the chain and led me about a small circle, letting everyone see my rosy coloured ass from his flogging. I had to really resist the urge to reach up and grab the chain. His pulling didn’t hurt but it certainly got my attention. Every tug he made sent a tingle through my nipples.

“Actually,” he said, “you are still a little sluggish. One more clamp is needed.” I was puzzled as I didn’t think there was any more room on my nipples for more clamps but her reached into his case yet again and pulled out another chain and attached one end to the middle of the one hanging on to my nipples.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered. I did and was flabbergasted at what he did next. He spread the top of my pussy lips apart and attached the clamp at the other end of the second chain to my clitoris!

Now he tested out it by pulling on where the two chains joined and led me about another circle, this time around the chair. Some of the guests were quietly laughing at the way I was being led around as he kept pulling in an upward direction making me stand on my tip toes and now with every tug he made my clitoris got a little tingle and the pressure from the clamp was starting to make it throb too.

The Dean pulled on the chains leading me to sit on the chair and then made me shift forward so I was sitting on its edge. He asked Zack to stand behind it and ordered me to raise my legs and asked Zack to hold onto both my ankles and pull them towards him. With my legs way up in the air, I was totally aghast at the very exposed position I was in. The Dean asked Zack to pull my legs as far apart as they would naturally go. Marcus was still in front of the chair and of course the only thing he and everyone else was looking at was my bright pink open pussy.

The Dean began a lecture but I couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying, I was far too focused on my extreme embarrassment with everyone focused on my exposed vagina. He went on for a few minutes while I was still in this position with my legs spread wide open. While lost in my own thoughts, I noticed Marcus’s trousers had an odd shape to them, then realised of course that he had a mighty erection that he was trying to hide.

I heard the Dean say, “vaginal wetness” and I figured he must have been explaining some of the rules of the CCC. He asked Marcus to study my pussy carefully to see if I was showing any signs of sexual arousal. Again, I could not believe this was happening and neither could the rest of the people gathered but Marcus’s face displayed a mix of shock and exhilaration and he paused not sure if he had heard correctly.

“It’s quite alright,” the Dean told him. “Check closely her for wetness.”

Marcus bent forward tentatively, moving his face so close to my slightly gaped pussy that I could feel his breath against it for he was breathing quite hard.

I had begun to get wet before but because of all the humiliation and the flogging, it had stopped but with my legs in the air, spread apart and Marcus so close so my pussy, I was beginning to get moist again. Luckily, he moved away before my pussy began to seep and told the Dean I didn’t look aroused, however the clamp on my clit wasn’t helping things.

“Good,” the Dean said, “You’ll have to keep an eye on her. We’ve already seen that she’s no stranger to breaking rules.”

He told Zack he could let go of my legs and I was glad not to be showing my pussy to the whole crowd anymore, who now looked like they were enjoying the show. He pulled the chains upward for me to stand up then he sat in the chair himself and said I was to receive a second dose of corporal punishment, this time a spanking. I began to groan but he shot me a look that I am sure could have killed so I fell silent.

He pulled the chains towards him for me to lie across his lap. The tingling in my nipples and throbbing in my clitoris had built up quite a lot and was becoming unbearable. I really didn’t want to become aroused but my clit was now desperate for some rubbing attention and I could feel my pussy juices about to breach my vulva lips.

I was now across the Deans lap in a position which left my ass up in the air. I was wondering what he was going to use on me with this time and as if he was reading my mind he said, “For your final spanking, I will use my bare hand.” I didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing but when he began to strike my ass, I knew I was silly for thinking it could possibly be a good thing!

Smack! Smack! Smack!, his hand went on my right butt check which began to sting instantly. He then slapped my left one, Smack! Smack! Smack! Then he alternated between the two, intermittently spanking both my butt cheeks. More stinging ensued and I couldn’t help wincing a bit more with each strike. Even in my discomfort I could make out that a lot of the party goers, male and female, were enjoying the sight of the Dean spanking me. I was so humiliated, I couldn’t wait for the day to be over. After about 30 seconds, he was done, but it felt like a lot longer.

To make matters worse, I could no longer fight the stimulation my nipples and clitoris were receiving from the clamps and I was really wet from all the pressure, tingling and throbbing. With all the movement I was making every time the Dean had smacked my ass, my pussy juices had become smeared all over my inner thighs and with the Dean so close, he could surely smell me.

“Marcus, check her for any signs of sexual excitement again,” the Dean said knowingly.

I silently cringed knowing what he would find. Marcus moved in close to me while I was still over the Dean’s lap and bent down to look between my butt cheeks.  “You’ll have a better view if you separate her thighs,” the Dean advised.

Marcus grabbed the backs of my legs, placing both his thumbs just under my butt cheeks and pulled them apart but they made contact with the parts of my thighs that were coated in my slimy pussy juice and my legs slipped out of his grasp.

“Hmm, as I thought,” the Dean said, “This is just the kind of behaviour I would expect from a delinquent like you. Just because you are naked in front of a group of people does not give you the excuse to become shamelessly sexually aroused! This is supposed to be a punishment. How dare you enjoy it!”

There was nothing I could really say. The Dean pulled on the chains for me to stand up and continued, “Well, you know the additional punishment for becoming sexually excited in a situation like this, don’t you?” he asked me.

I nodded my head keeping my eyes on the floor trying not to make eye contact with all the people standing around the room who were all staring at my naked body once again.  Everyone was even more puzzled by the latest turn of events and were wondering what kind of additional punishment I was in for.

“Yes, you do, but your friends don’t seem to. Why don’t you explain to Marcus, Zack and the rest what punishment you have to undergo now?”

With my eyes glued to the floor, I started to mumble about being consensually raped but the Dean interrupted me, ordering me to look up at everyone gathered and particularly Marcus and Zack. I told them the whole ethos behind the rule, about ‘giving the girl what her body really craves’, etc. Most of the crowd began whispering to one another in disbelief and Marcus and Zack’s jaws dropped but they tried to hide their reactions.

“That’s right,” the Dean said, “That is Beth’s punishment and the punishment of any other girl at my college the breaks the rules in this fashion. Again, this is something that would usually be carried out by an inspector, but since you two are makeshift inspectors during this time, this important duty befalls one of you two.”

Now some of the other boys in the crowd had slight disgruntled looks on their faces wishing that they had volunteered before.

“On second thoughts,” the Dean continued, “Due to the severity of situation, I think both of you should perform the inspector’s duty.”

Both the boys stood there not sure of what to do and for me, this was really weird as like I said before, I had often fantasised about Marcus and even Zack but I had never wanted to have sex with them in a room full of people.

“Well, come on boys,” the Dean urged, “I have another appointment soon.” He stood up from the chair and moved it aside and pulled the chains attached to my nipples and clitoris forcing me to the centre of the room then onto the floor making me lie down.

“For convenience, I would suggest the missionary position, but you are free to choose any one you please,” the Dean said to the boys.

Still astounded by the situation they were in, the two boys looked at each other somewhat bewildered but with a little more encouragement from the Dean and a few cheers from the crowd, they began to undo their trousers, seemingly unfazed by all the voyeurs.

Marcus stepped between my legs and I had to part them for him. He came down lower and began to push his erect penis deep into my pussy. I was still very wet so he slid right into me, letting out a deep sigh as his cock head rubbed against my tight vaginal walls. As he buried himself deep within me, his pubic mound made contact with my now engorged (and still clamped) clitoris that was had become quite sensitive. Spasms of pleasure spread through me as Marcus ground at my pelvis.

Before long, he was grunting wildly and he was just about to cum when suddenly, he pulled out of me and straddled me across my chest which had inadvertently pinned my arms down under his legs. He began furiously stroking his cock and after a few seconds, he ejaculated thick gooey loads of cum all over my face. I was helpless and couldn’t move but could only try to angle my head out of the direction of his powerful ejections but didn’t have the neck room.

“Good thinking,” the Dean said. “That will make her more humiliated and add to her punishment. Beth, you are forbidden from cleaning Marcus’s cum off your face.” Oh, man! I thought. I really wanted to groan out loud but I knew better than that by now. And I was more humiliated with Marcus’ cum dribbling down all over my face with the whole group now sniggering and tittering at the sight.

Marcus got off my chest greatly relaxed from his orgasm and now it was Zack’s turn.  He adopted a similar position to Marcus but remained upright. He pushed his hot dick into me and I forgot all about the cum oozing down my face as I could feel my own orgasm building up and because of Marcus’s previous efforts, I was very close to cumming . Zack fucked me for longer than Marcus, banging into me with rapid forceful determination and it wasn’t long before I reached the cliff and came, involuntarily jerking around as my body spasmed, making my breasts jerk and jiggle around which all the boys watching me loved.

As I was panting from my orgasm, Zack withdrew his dick from my pussy which was very wet and shiny being covered in my cunt juices. He moved up to my head, adopting the same position Marcus did by straddling my chest but Zack forced his cock into my mouth. I was still in a little daze and coming down from my orgasm so didn’t quite follow what was happening. Before I knew it, Zack was frantically wanking his extremely erect cock into my mouth and moments later, what felt like a bucket full of gloopy jizz flooded into my mouth. Now fully aware of the situation, I began to cough and splatter.

“No, Beth! Swallow what Zack is kind enough to give you!” the Dean bellowed. I reluctantly gulped down Zack’s salty sweet spunk, trying to hold back my gag reflex.

Zack moved off me but I lay there on the floor exhausted from my orgasm. The sound of the gathered crowd started to came back to me as they now beginning to discuss what had just taken place and I became extremely embarrassed all over again at the fact that I was naked, had just been fucked twice and had been brought to orgasm in front of all these people, and to top it all off, I still had Marcus’ cum on my face which was beginning to dry.

“Well,” the Dean said, “I think that went rather well. Consider your punishment served, Beth.” He unclamped my nipples and clitoris and put the chains back in his case. He pulled out some leaflets handing them to Marcus and Zack saying, “You two have proved you’d make fine students and inspectors at my college, it’s not too late to transfer.”

He thanked them for their services and ordered me to do the same. He left me on the floor, packed up his things telling me that he hoped I had learned my lesson and headed for the door followed by almost everyone else who wanted to enquire how they could transfer to the college as well.