The Four Pillars

The Codes include the four Pillars of Decency, which are the Dress Code, Inspections, and special rules regarding bare skin and sexual excitement.  Each one stands on its own as a strong regulator of decency, but together they are even stronger.  The heart of the Dress Code requires simply that girls avoid wearing underwear, which will naturally encourage them to wear more modest outer clothing.  The Inspections keep the girls honest by checking a small number of girls at random to ensure they are obeying the Dress Code.  A special “Touching Rule” further encourages girls to be modest by allowing any student to touch a girl’s bare skin.  The less bare skin a girl has, the less unwanted touching she’ll get.  Finally, to discourage girls from allowing themselves to be seen in a state of sexual excitement, the Consensual Rape rule punishes a girl in such a state by giving her the very thing she visibly craves: sexual intercourse.  By its nature, any punishment is against a girl’s will, but this punishment is called “Consensual” Rape because any aroused girl is giving her implied consent to engage in sexual intercourse.  After all, if she didn’t really want to engage in sexual intercourse, she wouldn’t have displayed her arousal.  Together, the four pillars of decency strongly encourage girls to dress and behave in the most modest and decent way they possibly can.

Pillar One: Decency in Dress

Girls are expected to dress decently at all times.  In particular, a girl’s outerwear should cover her breasts and also her lower torso, both front and back.  It is considered improper for girls to rely on underwear for proper coverage, so panties are prohibited.  Instead, a girl is expected to wear a dress or skirt that is long enough for her to feel completely decent.  To ensure every girl’s outerwear is sufficient to cover her completely and decently, each girl is required to ensure that no part of her body is covered by more than a single layer of clothing.  Girls may wear either a body-cover or a two-piece outfit.  a body-covers includes such things as adress, leotard, and overalls.  If a girl wears a dress, it should be as long as necessary, and may be longer, if she wishes additional modesty.  A two piece outfit consists of a top, which may not extend below waist (or belly-button) level, and a bottom, which may not rise above the waist, and which should cover the girls lower areas sufficiently for her to feel decent.

Attached panties are strictly forbidden.  Some ultra-short skirts are sold with attached panties.  A girl wearing these is not easily distinguished from one wearing separate panties and skirt, so the use of attached panties in any garment is strictly forbidden.  A girl who wants to wear such a garment may use scissors to remove the panties, however, and then she may wear it.  However, she should be cognizant of the original purpose of the attached panties, which may have included both modesty and keeping the garment in place.

Shorts may  be worn without any panties beneath them, of course.  The Dress Code does not draw arbitrary distinctions between similar articles of clothing.  In particular, there is no distinction between panties and shorts.  Thus, a girl who feels comfortable wearing panties may feel free to do so, using her panties as shorts.  A short shirt (half shirt) and panties is a casual look that many girls enjoy.

A Skirt may be worn with the same restriction as with shorts.

Although it covers a girls most intimate area, a loin cloth is discouraged, as it does not fully cover her backside.  If a girl chooses to wear a loin cloth, she should keep in mind the possibility that viewing her from certain angles may compromise her modesty.  She should take steps to limit these angles, in part by keeping her legs together as much as possible.

An apron or backless dress my be worn, but is discouraged for the same reason as the loin cloth.  If worn, great care must be taken to preserve modesty.

Overalls may be worn, but no shirt or any other clothing may be worn together with overalls, so a girl who chooses this option must ensure the bib is sufficiently large and secure that her breasts are adequately covered.  A girl wearing overalls should keep in mind that her breasts are fully visible from the side, which might make some girls feel uncomfortable.

Pubic Hair can be considered a form of clothing, depending on the degree of coverage it affords.  If it is sufficiently bushy, a muff can be considered the same as panties, and thus it can’t be worn under a dress, skirt, or shorts.  A girl may feel free, however, to wear a shirt with her muff, and this is perfectly acceptable as long as she feels confident and modest dressed this way.  However, some girls may not feel fully covered wearing the shirt-and-muff combination for the reason given in “loin cloth”, above.  From some angles, the girl’s backside might be seen, and some girls may feel shy about this.

Pillar Two: Inspections

The majority of girls will obey the Dress Code, and ensure that no more than one article of clothing covers any part of their bodies.  However, one or two girls will still crave the additional modesty afforded by panties under their dresses.  It wouldn’t be fair to all the other girls if the College simply allowed these bad girls to get away with breaking the rules.  Therefore,random, voluntary inspections will be performed throughout the campus, at all hours of the day.  For the safety of the girls, the inspections will be conducted in public, so that the student body can ensure they are conducted honestly and fairly.

To begin an inspection, a uniformed officer will single out a girl who looks to him as if she might be violating the Dress Code.  He will ask her to remove one or more articles of clothing.  As the inspection is voluntary, the girl may choose to comply (by promptly removing the indicated articles of clothing) or not, at her option.  Most girls choose to comply with the inspection, because they have nothing to hide.  They know that being forced to strip in public is the small price they have to pay to keep all the other girls honest.  Only a small fraction of girls are stripped each day, and there is no shame or humiliation in it, because sooner or later, every girl will go through it.  The people who gather to watch the inspection, especially the girls, are generally kind and supportive, because they know they will be on the other side soon enough.

When the girl is naked, the inspector may use restraints to keep her in place, while he completes the inspection of her clothing.  He may take measurements of her body, and of the clothing to ensure it is in compliance with the code.  To avoid unnecessarily humiliating the girl who is being inspected, the inspector is not allowed to take longer than five minutes to complete the inspection.  If he finds probable cause to suspect that she has violated the code, he may take her clothes as evidence, which will be used against her in a hearing to be conducted at a later date.  But if he finds no cause to suspect her of violating the code, the girl is released, and permitted to put her clothes back on, and go about her business.

If she declines the inspection, or even if she hesitates before complying, the inspector may at his choice let her go or infer that she is hiding something, which he may consider probable cause that she is in violation of the Dress Code.  If the girl resists turning over her clothes as evidence, the inspector may take her clothes by force.

Remaining naked all day. A girl whose clothes have been taken from her on suspicion of violating the Dress Code must remain naked for the remainder of the day.  This rule exists to encourage the girl to comply voluntarily, and so that she serves as a warning to others: obey the code, or suffer the consequences.

Teasing.  Inspectors are not permitted to tease the girl they are inspecting.  For example, though an inspector is permitted to place a girl’s clothes on the ground between her legs, he may not require her to pee or poop on them.  If she should happen to soil her clothes, he should not suggest that she mash her own feces into her miniskirt using her bare foot.  Finally, he should not require her to don her soiled clothes as a condition of her own freedom, because this would be teasing, which is not permitted.

Avoiding Inspections.  Inspectors are allowed to perform only a certain number of inspections each day, and are incented to find as many violations as they can.  They are trained to single out only the girls who appear as if they might be violating the Dress Code.  The type of attire that may give this appearance includes anything under which panties might be inconspicuously worn.  Pants, shorts, and long dresses are common types of clothing that cheats often use to hide panties.

Although there is no shame in being inspected, some girls still feel understandably shy about being stripped in public.  So they make an effort to dress in a way that makes them less likely to be singled out for inspection.  Some girls wear a dress long enough to feel decent but short enough to make it clear there aren’t any panties under it.  Girls who feel comfortable and modest with their back side showing, for example, may wear either a loin cloth or an apron, and are rarely stopped for an inspection.

Begging.  During the (up to) five minutes while a girl is tied up, naked, waiting for the inspector to decide whether or not to find probable cause against her, it is not uncommon to hear her beg for her freedom.  In fact, if a girl does not beg, many inspectors will take her resignation as tacit admission of guilt on her part.  These inspectors expect that an innocent girl will beg all the more loudly.  Girls know this, of course, but they also know that loud protestations of innocence are likely to draw a big crowd.  So they face a dilemma — cry out loudly, and be found innocent, or else suffer silently, and be found guilty.  Since the latter entails remaining naked all day, loud begging is quite common.

Deals.  Even if she thinks she’s innocent, as she cries out for mercy, and as the crowd around her grows larger, a nagging doubt may grow.  Did I overlook any rule this morning as I dressed?  Is my shirt an inch too long?  She may offer to stay tied up for an extended period in exchange for being found innocent.  The inspector is not permitted to suggest ways for her to escape punishment, but he may encourage her to make other offers.  Thus it isn’t at all uncommon for a girl to offer herself up for rape in exchange for being found innocent.

The Hearing.  If a girl is suspected of violating the Dress Code, the inspector will usually take all of her clothing into evidence, leaving her naked.  He hands her a summons to appear before a college official to determine if she did, in fact, violate the Dress Code.  The summons gives the date and time of her hearing, as well as what she should wear on the day of the hearing.  Almost all girls are expected to spend the whole day of the hearing naked (although this is negotiable).

The main reason for requiring a girl to be naked on the day of her hearing is that she serve as both a warning to others and as an advertisement of the hearing.  The hearing is public, and it is usually quite a spectacle, so the students all make an effort to come early to get a good seat.  Surprisingly, most girls don’t mind being naked on the day of their hearing.  First of all, the naked girl knows the other students understand her nudity, and so there’s no shame in it.  Secondly, it’s such a relief to her that this dreaded day has finally come, that she actually looks forward to her hearing.

At the hearing, the accused girl is often restrained to prevent her from making any attempts at modesty.  She is used as a model, repeatedly dressed and undressed by the prosecutor as he makes his case for her “indecency”.  Finally, she is allowed to put up a defense.  She may have a representative, but it must be a girl who has also been naked all day.  Needless to say, most girls defend themselves.  Finally, the case will be turned over to a jury of horny boys.

As the boys deliberate, they are allowed to ask the defendant to enter the jury room as a model, so they can properly weigh the evidence against her.  They are permitted to “examine” the defendant as necessary, but they may not rape her.  Any sexual contact between the defendant and members of the jury must be completely consensual.

Finally, the defendant is made to stand in front of the courtroom with her legs apart as the jury files in.  It is not uncommon for people in the audience to snicker as cum oozes out of the defendant’s pussy, and down her leg.

The foreman of the jury will pass a note to the judge, giving the jury’s verdict.

Punishment.  If the girl is found “indecent”, then she will be permitted to suggest a punishment for herself.  If the judge decides the punishment is sufficiently harsh, given the number of her prior offenses, and the severity of this offense, then he will allow it.  If not, he will ask her to suggest a more severe punishment.  This may be repeated many times, until the judge is satisfied with the girl’s punishment.  The reason the defendant is asked to suggest her own punishment is twofold: first, it is considered more humiliating to have to suggest your own punishment, and second, the punishment a girl suggests for herself is often more severe than any the college is legally allowed to impose on her.  It is well known, for example, that a girl should ask to be raped at least three times as her first suggestion, because if she suggests anything more lenient, it will be rejected, and her ultimate punishment will be much worse.

Pillar Three: Touching

The Dress Code encourages modesty primarily by requiring that a girl’s outer clothing be her only clothing and so it must cover her fully.  Since a girl is not permitted to wear panties under her dress, she will take extra care to ensure her dress is long enough for complete modesty.  Should the primary method fail, the secondary system of inspections, hearings, and punishment for any girl who violates the Dress Code should be sufficient to keep each girl in line.

In a way, the primary and secondary methods of the Dress Code work against each other.  The primary method, outlawing panties, tends to encourage girls to wear longer, more modest dresses.  The secondary method, inspections, reinforces and supports the primary method by making it very unlikely that a girl would dare ware panties, but it also may encourage girls to wear shorter dresses, because girls in very short dresses are rarely inspected.  Without additional checks and balances, it is feared that hemlines might have a tendency to rise over time.  So a third pillar of the codes is needed to encourage girls to remain as decent as possible.

To the extent they can look but not touch, a girl in an ultra-short dress has the effect of teasing the other students.  Moreover a girl with beautiful naked legs clearly intends for others to enjoy them to the fullest.  It is only fair, therefore, that all students be allowed not only to look, but also to touch the bare skin beneath a girl’s dress.  If a girl doesn’t like that, it is her right to cover herself more modestly.

This is the third pillar of the Codes: A girl is required to allow all bare skin of her torso and thighs to be touched by any student.  The girl may not try to prevent such touching by any means, such as, but not limited to, withdrawing from the area, using her hands, or closing her legs together.

For most decently dressed girls, this so-called “Fondling Rule” doesn’t pose much of a problem.  She may have to spread her legs every now and then when she’s standing in the lunch line, but her fondler will not be permitted to go higher than the bottom of her dress.  But for some girls — in particular, a girl whose dress is at crotch-level or above — the Fondling Rule is a big problem.  A boy (or another girl, for that matter) is free to touch her legs all the way to the top, and between them as well.  The lower part of her cheeks, which are necessarily exposed by such a dress, are fair game for the boy to touch.  When he does, the girl is required to spread her legs farther, and relax her cheeks to give the boy full access between them.

For the average girl, the prospect of being fondled this way, whether by a friend or a stranger, is enough to counteract any fear of inspection, and keep her dressed modestly.  But in case there exists a girl who is not dissuaded from wearing a short dress by the prospect of being fondled, the fourth pillar was invented.

Pillar Four: Consensual Rape

Before beginning the discussion of the Consensual Rape rule, we must be clear about the meaning of the word “rape” in this context.  As we use the term here, rape is forced sexual intercourse performed against a girl by a boy.  It is never desired by the girl, but sometimes it is requested nonetheless by the girl’s body.  If a girl indicates her readiness for sex by any clearly identifiable condition of arousal, then she is, in a very real sense asking for sex.  If she is raped as a result, then the rape is a response to her body’s request.  This is what we define as consensual rape.  The girl gives her consent to be raped by her display of sexual arousal.

The public display of sexual arousal by a girl is prohibited.  The punishment is as simple as it is severe, and clearly fits the crime.  It can (and should) be meted out by any male student who observes a girl’s arousal.  The boy punishes the aroused girl by giving her what her body clearly craves — he rapes her.  This punishment is clearly the most harsh, as it should be.  The most serious violation of the code that a girl can commit is to allow herself to become visibly aroused.  If a girl believes rape is an unfair punishment, then she should avoid at all costs allowing herself to become publicly aroused.

Now that the four pillars of decency have been presented, it is clear how they work together.  Because the inspectors have quotas to fill, they are adept at finding the smallest violations, and stripping the violators naked.  Once a girl is forced to remain naked, she is subjected to incessant fondling, making it a constant struggle for her to avoid becoming visibly aroused.  Once aroused, she opens herself up for rape.  It is rare for a naked girl to make it through a day without being raped at least once.  Some may say this is unfair to the girls who are left naked by inspectors, but then who violated the Dress Code in the first place?  A more careful girl would not have failed the inspection, or she would have avoided being inspected in the first place.