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Dress Code — Skirt (archives)

Dress Code — Skirt

A skirt is any article of clothing that goes around the waist, and has cloth covering the girl’s front and back. If the skirt is a “miniskirt”, then it covers no more than two inches below the pussy (in front), and no more than two inches below the bottom of the butt cheeks (in back).

Some skirts are so short that a girl feels like they don’t hang down far enough, so she pulls the waist down very low on her hips. The girl pictured here has lowered her skirt to the point that her pussy is almost visible above the waistband. It is perfectly OK to wear a skirt this way. The only requirement is that “most” of your pussy be covered (in front), and that “some” of your butt crack be covered (in back).


Panties may not be worn under miniskirts. There are a few reasons for this rule. The simplest reason is that panties may never be seen, and sometimes it isn’t possible to keep whatever lurks under a miniskirt totally hidden. The more complicated reason is that girls who wear panties sometimes come to depend on the panties, rather than their outer clothing, to cover them. They wear shorter and shorter dresses, to the point where their panties are considered part of their outfit. To encourage girls to wear more decent dresses and skirts, they are strictly prohibited from wearing panties under them, with the fervent hope that girls will be less likely to risk exposure, and wear longer skirts.

To enforce the “no panties” rule, Inspectors will, from time to time, ask girls to prove they’re not wearing panties.


Girls should take these requests in stride, as does the girl pictured here, and simply lift their skirts to allow the Inspectors to do their job. Remember, of course, that all inspections are voluntary. A girl is never required to comply with requests such as these, if she feels the least bit shy. However, a girl who doesn’t lift her skirt (or who delays lifting it) might be suspected of hiding something, such as an illegal pair of panties. In this case, the girl may be cited for suspicion of indecency. She may be required to surrender one or more articles of clothing to the Inspector, which will be returned to her at the court hearing. Again, girls should not be put off by the requirement to surrender articles of clothing. It is possible that some girls might be slightly embarrassed by this, but these girls should consider the bigger picture. By having Inspectors who vigorously enforce the Dress Code, the overall level of decency among the girls at the College will be maintained at a high level.

Some girls raise their hems, and some girls unfasten the skirt to allow a complete inspection.

Once a girl fumbled with her skirt buttons for so long, that I enlisted the help of a passing male student. Apparently, he was a foreign exchange student and did not understand English too well. Rather unbuttoning the skirt, he removed the buttons. The girl managed to save one button, and she was able to attend classes since she remained decently covered when the wind died down.

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