The Codes

These are the rules and regulations provided to all students in the Student Handbook.

Rules and regulations exist at the College to advise and gently guide the students, faculty, and staff toward the path of proper behavior and decency.  The rules are crafted not to force proper behavior, but rather to encourage it.  Proper behavior can’t be imposed on people; it must come from within.  The College fosters a free and open marketplace of ideas and fashions, where any strict prohibition would stifle a girl’s individual freedom.  Although certain behaviors must be discouraged to the point of extinction, it is viewed as improper in this academic environment to proscribe them completely.  Rather, it is the overall purpose of the CRR to encourage alternative, more proper, behaviors.


Behaviors addressed by the CRR include on one hand those things that can be dangerous or distracting to oneself or others and on the other those things that are beneficial and helpful, either because the set a good example, help other students, or discourage bad behavior in others.

Academic Honesty

All work a student turns in must be his or her own work.  Cheating, or helping someone else cheat, is wrong, and will not be tolerated.  Professors may take reasonable steps to ensure the students in their classes maintain the highest standards.


Inside a classroom, the professor has ultimate power.  Students are required to obey the professor at all times.  In the event of a conflict between the CRR and a professor’s rules, the professor’s rules supersede the CRR.

Provocative Dress

The most distracting behavior is provocative dress on the part of girls.  Even an occasional glimpse beneath a girl’s dress can be very distracting.  If a girl feels she can’t bend over from the waist without exposing herself in an undignified manner, then her dress is too short.  The only sure way for a girl to avoid accidentally exposing her panties to view is not to wear them.  Pants or shorts should be tight enough that a girl does not expose “butt cleavage” when sitting, but not so tight that “camel-toe” is evident.  Although no fabric is completely opaque, some of the lighter fabrics transmit both the shape and color of the skin beneath.  A girl may be tempted to wear a bra under a semi-sheer top, but this can be distracting to other students.  Like panties, bras should not be worn, as they may be distracting.  Instead, girls should accept a certain degree of transparency in exchange for comfort.  Rules prohibiting panties and bras might appear at first risqué rather than modest.  But in fact, the reverse is true.  A girl who knows her dress is the only thing standing between her and humiliation will naturally choose a more modest style of clothing.


If a girl becomes sexually excited, she may experience symptoms that include stiffening of the nipples, vaginal secretion, and redening or swelling of the labia.  This swelling, caused by engorgement, may also cause a girl’s outer labia to separate slightly, revealing her moist, red, inner labia.  If a girl experiences these symptoms in a public setting, such as in the Dining Hall, or while relaxing on the lawn, she should make sure her dress is not out of place, and she should bring her legs together as much as possible, so that no one will be distracted by her condition.  In a more private setting, such as the dorm, a girl has more options.  If she is wearing pants or panties, she may wish to discretely remove them, and keep them nearby in case she needs to put them back on in a hurry.  She can spread her legs apart, and dry off as she waits for her symptoms to subside.

It is natural for a sexually excited girl to want to soothe herself.  She may want to rest her hands in her lap, and slowly stroke the moist tender area between her legs.  Unfortunately, even quiet masturbation is distracting to others, and should not be done in a public setting.  A girl must resist the urge to rest her hands in her lap.  However there is no rule against resting your hand in the lap of another girl.  If another girl rests her hand in your lap, it is possible that you might tend to become aroused.  You are required to resist that tendency, and avoid becoming aroused.  In particular, you must not reach orgasm (“cum”), especially if you have a tendency to vocalize while you are cumming.

Sexual intercourse

Girls should refrain from voluntarily engaging in public sexual intercourse with a boy, either vaginally or anally.  Kissing is perfectly fine, but the minute a girl feels any penetration of her vagina or anus by the boy’s penis, she is required to resist his advance.  It is the strength of her resistance that distinguishes rape from sexual intercourse.  An act of rape can’t be distinguished from sexual intercourse without a prolonged struggle on the part of a girl.  It is not at all unusual for her clothes to be ripped to shreds during the struggle.  While she is being raped, she must continue to resist him until one (or both) of them reaches orgasm, at which point she is no longer required to continue resisting.  Only after she has resisted the boy’s advances right up until the end can it be determined that the act was, in fact, rape and not consensual intercourse.  Boys are asked to refrain from raping girls, as this is, in most cases, a violation of the Code of Conduct.  After a girl has been raped, she should locate her clothes, and if they are not too badly damaged, she should put them back on.  If a girl stops struggling prior to orgasm, then the act is termed “Consensual Intercourse”, and the girl is subject to punishment, as this is a violation of the Code of Conduct if it is performed in public.  These rules are designed to be easy to enforce, because whenever intercourse occurs in public between a boy and a girl, one of them is at fault — the boy is at fault if the girl puts up a sufficiently prolonged struggle, and the girl is at fault if she doesn’t.  As a practical matter, the condition of the girl’s clothing indicates the strength of her struggle.  If she has nothing left to wear afterwards, then she is cleared of wrongdoing, her shredded clothing indicating she struggled sufficiently.

Mutual Grooming

Girls often show affection for one another through mutual grooming.  This is normal, healthy behavior, and is not discouraged by the CRR.  Grooming behaviors include stroking one another’s hair and skin, and adjusting each other’s clothing.  Sometimes grooming leads to kissing, which is normal and healthy.  It is considered impolite for a girl to resist this type of grooming.

Dress Codes

Girls are expected to dress decently at all times.  As a general guideline, a girl’s outerwear should cover her breasts and also her lower torso, both front and back.  It is considered improper for girls to rely on underwear for proper coverage, so panties are prohibited.  In general, a girl’s body should be covered by at most a single layer of fabric.  This is the only actual requirement of the Dress Code.  From this one simple rule, it is expected — and the results bear out that expectation — that girls will wear more substantial outer clothing than they would otherwise wear.

The Four Pillars of the Codes

The Codes have four overarching rules, called The Four Pillars.  Each rule is simple, and easy to remember.  They are:

1. Dress Code.  No panties or underwear of any kind may be worn by a girl.  This encourages girls to wear outer clothing that covers them modestly.

2. Inspections.  Random, voluntary, public inspections will be conducted to ensure girls comply with rule 1.

3. Touching.  Bare skin on a girl can be touched by another student.  The girl may not resist.  This encourages girls to limit the amount of bare skin they show. 

4. Consensual Rape.  If a girl “asks for it” by a public display of her arousal, then any boy can (and should) rape her.  This encourages girls to limit the amount of bare skin they show (so that touching, allowed by rule 3 is minimized), and especially to limit the public display of their nipples and vaginal area, which might show signs of arousal.