College Rules of Regulations

This background information will help you understand the girls’ stories much better.  We’ll tell you about the College rules regulations, which are called the Codes.

The Codes encourage girls and boys to behave properly and decently.  They have interlocking provisions which bolster one another.  For example, the Dress Code prohibits girls from wearing panties, which encourages girls to wear outer clothing that is sufficiently modest.  An interlocking second rule authorizes public inspections of girls to verify they are in compliance with the first rule.  By stripping a small fraction of girls each day to verify they aren’t wearing panties, the vast majority of girls will comply with the rule, and never need to be publicly stripped.

The Codes are organized as follows:

Introduction to The Codes — the purpose and general approach taken by the College.  Specific introductory topics include:

  • The Four Pillars of the Code — the Dress Code, Inspections, and special rules for Bare Skin and Sexual Excitement.
  • The Grievance Procedure — in case a girl feels she has been victimized by the rules, she has recourse.

Dress Code — a clear guide, including definitions of terms such as “dress”, “shirt”, etc.  Specific dress code topics include

  • Skirt length — a guide to help girls avoid skirts that are either too short or too long to be appropriate. (links to the old blog)