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Pretty Girl of the Day, March 14, 2016

There have been some reports of girls who have become slightly embarrassed when a boy removes some of her clothing without asking. While it’s understandable for a young freshman girl to be a little surprised to be stripped in public, she should understand the good reason for it. There just aren’t enough Inspectors to check all the girls on Campus who might be hiding a Dress Code Violation. Girls should welcome any opportunity to show publicly that they’re being good, and following the rules.


So, when a boy begins removing your panties in public, and maybe you’re a little shy, or you get embarrassed, just laugh it off. Most importantly, don’t clench your cheeks or try to cover your pussy, as this just defeats the purpose of being stripped. After your panties have been completely removed, don’t be embarrassed to relax, and let people see what a good girl you are.

Don’t be in a hurry to put your panties back on, either. Often, after your panties have been removed, a boy might want to caress your pretty butt. Let him.  He might even stroke your lips, and you might get a little wet. That’s okay. Let him dip his finger into your vagina, and help spread your natural lubrication up between your lips and under your hood. Try not to let your sexual excitement show publicly, but on the other hand, don’t close your legs or cover yourself with your hands while the boy continues to fondle you.

If your excitement does show, then, sadly, you have violated one of the rules of the College Code of Conduct, and technically, you should be punished. But don’t feel bad. Lots of girls violate this rule, and the punishment is relatively painless, though perhaps a little embarrassing for some girls: you just get fucked in public. For many girls, the fucking itself isn’t so bad. They might even enjoy it, especially if they harbor a bit of a rape fantasy. The public nature of it, though, and the fact that usually their rapist strips them naked, that’s a bit scary for some girls.

My advice: Try to enjoy your punishment for showing sexual excitement. That is, try to enjoy being raped in public as much as possible. For example, you might cum, which is fun. After being raped, most girls are usually able to find their clothes again, and put them on. If you’re missing an item or two, however, don’t feel bad. It’s quite common for a girl’s clothes to go missing during a rape. Try to go on with your day as normally as possible, even if you’re partly (or possibly even completely) naked. Most people will understand, and not any worse of you just for being naked.