Ultimate Outfit — Colorful Dress (archives)

Ultimate Outfit — Colorful Dress
The girls are sitting in Jane’s room, continuing the recent discussion of what is the ultimate outfit. They mostly agreed that one of the most important things about the outfit is, that it should be probable that you avoid inspection.

Having heard this, Anne has grown confident that her outfit is the ultimate outfit. She silently leaves the room, and while the girls are arguing, Anne jumps into the room, wearing a colorful minidress.

“Here I am, this is my ultimate outfit”


At first, most of the girls look as if they are adjusting their eyes to a bright light. “Wow, that’s … colorful”, Carrie says. The other girls nod.

“Yes, that’s certainly a nice dress you got there” Jane says sarcastically – it is obvious that the girls collectively object to the many distasteful colors in the dress.

“Ok, I get it, the colors in my dress are ‘too much'” Anne says, “But it has an advantage”. The girls don’t say anything, and Anne continues “Well, look closer”.


One by one, the girls make a small gasp, until Jane stutters “We … we can see your pussy!”.

“Yes I know” Anne says “It is completely uncovered, but none of you noticed until I drew your attention to it! It’s the colors!”.

As the girls slowly starts to understand, Anne continues her statement “… and because it is backless, there is no doubt that I am not wearing a bra”


“So when inspectors look at me, they can clearly see my pussy and they can clearly see that I am not wearing a bra. And the rest of you didn’t even notice my pussy, and I’ll bet you, if I keep it completely hairless like this, almost no people will notice it – It’s the colorful dress!”.

At this point, the girls are split in two groups. One half is stunned that they were distracted to not see the pussy. Was this really the ultimate outfit?

The other half, however, doesn’t really say anything. Carrie is one of the girls who are just sitting silently looking at Anne’s dress.

“What about it, Carrie?”, Anne asks “it’s quite a well thought out idea, isn’t it. Isn’t this the ultimate outfit?”.

“Well” … Carrie is a bit shy to tell Anne about her problem with the dress, but continues “Ok, I can see your point – but I can see something else as well. Your pussy is on display. All of it. All the time. I don’t know if I really think a dress that puts my pussy at full view to everyone is the ultimate outfit”.

Anne looks annoyed “Ok, so it’s visible, but it won’t be seen. It’s the colors! People will get distracted and won’t really see your pussy at all”.

Carrie, having no real argument against it, quietly responds “… but still”.

“Well, I like it”, Anne says confidently, and sits down.


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