The Ultimate Outfit (archives)

The Ultimate Outfit
The girls are arguing with each other, when Mary enters the room.

“… but then you would risk inspection” she hears someone say, and another girl responds “but can we ever be sure to completely avoid inspections, shouldn’t we be prepared for them”.

Mary has walked in on an argument about what is the ultimate outfit. Recently, Mary was pulled over on her bike with an outfit that was not allowed according to the dress code. The result was that she had to ride home bottomless. And she was lucky the inspector was lenient. Mary could really use some expert tips from the other girls. She sits down and listens to the girl arguing.

Carrie has a white mini dress which she argues is the ultimate outfit, because it supposedly enables her to stay decent. However, the girls think it may put them at risque to get inspected.
Read Carrie’s demonstration of her white minidress here.

Anne silently leaves the room, and comes back in a colorful dress that is sure to keep her from inspections. However, is it too daring? Some girls say it is.
Read Anne’s demonstration of her colorful dress here.

Jane has a green net dress. She changes in her room to show them the dress that she is sure will cover her private parts and still make it improbable that she is the target of inspection. Is this the ultimate outfit?
Read Jane’s demonstration of her green net dress here.

Holly has been quiet for some time, in the otherwise heated discussion. Secretly, she thinks she has the ultimate outfit. It’s a bathing suit and she is going to wear at the beach tomorrow.
Read Holly’s demonstration of her ultimate pink net dress here.

It was a close contest. Each girl has an outfit with advantages over the other outfits. At least in each girls’ own minds. Read each story to learn which outfit is the ultimate outfit.

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