Ultimate Outfit — Green Net Dress (archives)

Ultimate Outfit — Green Net Dress
Jane has actively participated in the girls’ discussion of which outfit would be the ultimate outfit to wear. Having told the other girls why their outfits wouldn’t work, the girls expect her contribution to the discussion to be something really special.

Jane┬ámakes sure the girls are prepared to see┬áher dress. “Ok, here it is girls, are you ready? I am changing into the ultimate outfit.” she says, and walks behind her closet door.

10 seconds later she comes out, smiling, wearing a green net dress.


“Before you say anything, let me make it clear to you what you see”, Jane says. She is used to being in control and the girls are used to her being in control, so they all sit silently, waiting for her to explain everything.

“Ok, so am I wearing any panties?” Jane asks.

“Obviously not” Carrie laughs “we can all see that!”

“Ok” Jane says, and smiles in a knowing way. “Now tell me this … do you see my pussy?”

There it hits them – the girls slowly begins to appreciate the idea. Mary is starting to understand how it all works, and ventures to explain the others why it’s so clever. “Her pussy is covered AND it’s obvious she is not wearing panties, so there is virtually no risk of ending up in an inspection.”

While the girls are amazed, Carrie is smiling and when she opens her mouth, the other girls instantly stop talking “Ok … but why are you not actually wearing this outfit in public? Why did you have to change in your room? And why do you keep holding the dress?” Carrie asks.

The girls turn to Jane, waiting for her to let go of the dress.


Jane let’s go and Carrie’s other questions are implicitly answered. Jane begins to defend her dress “It’s not practical to wear in public, but in theory …”

She is interrupted by the loud laughter of all the girls. “In theory your dress is not bad – it works as a sort of ‘Concept Model’. But the ultimate dress needs to be actually wearable!” Carrie says. “Yours isn’t”.

Jane knows there is no point in arguing, especially because she can’t wait to get out of the dress and into something more comfortable as soon as possible.

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