Turning up the heater (archives)

Turning up the heater
Carrie and Anne was on their way back to the dorm through the park, when Carrie heard something and stopped Anne.

“Did you hear that?” Carrie asked Anne.

“Hear what? Your new shoes making a squeaking sound?”.

“Ha ha – no, not that. Those guys laughing mentioned your name”. Carrie pointed at a group of boys sitting in a circle, talking and laughing. Anne didn’t see them right away, because there were some bushes in between them.

“Really? …” Anne stopped to think for a moment. “Let’s go closer so we can hear what they are saying.”. Carrie and Anne hid in the nearby bushes, eavesdropping on the boys:

“… yeah, and we got some great pictures to prove it. Those girls just can’t keep their covers on at night when we turn it up. Look at this picture of Anne”


One boy was a bit confused. “Wait, why is she naked?” he asked.

“We turned up the heater, remember. What a great idea. When it is so hot at night, the girls are naturally kicking off their covers.”

“Ahh I get it, not bad. Who is that?”. The boy pointed at another picture.


“I don’t know her. But I definately want to.”

“So let me get this straight … you turned up the heater, then you walked from room to room, taking pictures of all the naked girls?”


“That’s genius!”

“Yeah, I got some nice shots too – look at this one”


Anne and Carrie had been listening, now understanding what the guys had been talking and laughing about. They wanted to find out more, so they didn’t say anything, they just stayed in the bushes, listening to the boys talk.

“When did you do this?”

“Last monday”

Carrie gasped. “What is it?” Anne whispered to Carrie.

“You don’t want to know where I slept last monday. I just hope they didn’t find me” Carrie said.

“Where were you then?” Anne asked, both with equal parts compassion and curiousity.

“I slept with Holly. It was great, but I wouldn’t want anyone to have pictures of it”.

The boys continued showing each other pictures.

“Here’s another one – it looks like she had a rough night. Poor girl, she didn’t know why it was so hot.”


“Did you get any pictures of Mei Ping, the chinese exchange student? I really think she’s hot.”

“Sure I did. She really must have been hot, the way she spread her legs”.


“That’s all I have”, the boy said.

The other boys nodded at him. “Those were some great pictures. Let’s do it again some time, then I want to come as well.”. “Me too, I want to cum next time”. Most of the boys left with only 2 boys staying behind, among them, the one that had shown the pictures.

Anne turned to Carrie. “It seems like they didn’t take those pictures after all, she whispered”. Carrie was relieved, until she heard her name mentioned by the boy.

“You like Carrie, right?” the boy asked the other boy.

“Oh yes, she’s something alright”.

“Ok, then, I’ve got a picture for you. If you want to go for Carrie – it seems like you may get a bonus with it! Here she is with Holly.”


“Nice. You don’t publish this anywhere do you? That would be embarrasing for Carrie”.

“Of course I won’t. I’ve only published it on the college intranet and sent it to a few friends. I’m sure it won’t spread throughout the internet.”

Those sneaky boys! gotta love em!

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Comment By base At 10/7/2007 8:26 AM

They knew it was naughty but who knew it would work out so well? In that heat those girls sure did end up spreading their legs wide, too! And for that last shot, how could they resist reaching over and gently sliding the dildo in and out of Carrie’s pussy, while taking some nice photos?

Of course, best intentions aside, I’m sure all of these photos, including the shots of those two in post-coital slumber, were everywhere on campus. I’d be interested to know how Carrie found it as that last picture starts appearing on posters, and when inspectors start stripping her to see if she is ‘wearing’ a dildo…

Comment By boy At 10/7/2007 10:12 AM

It’s perfectly fine to ‘wear’ a dildo … but it does count as a bottom.
Comment By Axel At 10/8/2007 2:03 AM

Well yes – and once the pictures go over the college intranet every inspector will have seen them, and will feel the need to have her take off any other bottoms to make sure she isn’t breaking the rules!

Would love to hear about further such adventures, with boys turning up the heat and going room to room taking photos and videos of the girls pulling off the covers and lying nude, spreading their legs wide to get some air in those oh so hot places. Are the dorm rooms on college grounds, so that the groping and sexual excitement rules apply, or would the boys be bending the rules by doing a bit more to these naked girls than take pictures?

Comment By horny boy At 10/10/2007 8:55 PM

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