Check before you go out (archives)

Check before you go out
Hi, I have a little tip for you, if you’re a girl that wants to dress sexy but still look confident that your dress provides adequate coverage. I use this tip myself. Here it is:

If you want to be comfortable with your outfit in public, you have to check your outfit BEFORE you go out. If you forget this, you will constantly be checking and re-checking your cleavage and your dress length.

So please girls, go through this little checklist that I go through every morning. It really helps me relax in a sexy dress.

First, check the length.


Yes, it covers everything. Check.

Second, check the cleavage. There has to be a cleavage but no nipples can be exposed.


Excellent, the cleavage is visible but without any visible nipples. Check.

After having gone through this checklist I can relax and I don’t have to check my dress all the time. I checked it this morning, and nothing throughout the day has changed. It is still the same size, so why check it again.


Hey, what happen to the old Richard Hertz site? I still prefer richard’s writing!
Comment By razorlord At 10/4/2007 12:52 PM

Note that her pose in the last picture leaves her fully vulnerable to the groping rule. If a girl isn’t good at staying dry, these guidelines will generally lead to at least a couple rapes a day.
Comment By Anonymous At 10/4/2007 1:03 PM

I prefer Richard Hertz’ writing as well.

He does write stories in this blog. His latest story is ‘High School Game’. But unfortunately he doesn’t write very often and I want this blog to be updated regularly.

I encourage anyone with writing skills to write a story and let me publish it here.

Comment By Grinch At 10/4/2007 4:06 PM

This dress is perfect! It’s long enough for a girl to feel decent, yet short enough for her to feel sexy. I wish we could see her from the back, because I’m sure it covers just enough of her butt, but not too much. A girl should show a little of her cheeks, too. Thanks for publishing these guidelines.
Comment By Richard Hertz At 10/6/2007 2:35 PM

Thanks for your writing as well, care to have more guideline for both girls and boys or even the staff of the college!
Comment By razorlord At 10/18/2007 4:42 AM

More inspections! These girls need inspecting…close inspecting…including to check on violations of the rules of visible excitement…on behalf of all the boys at college, I’d like to make a plea for more inspections please!
Comment By college boy At 11/3/2007 9:01 AM

One thought on “Check before you go out (archives)

  1. senior for sluts

    Yoooo I remember this slut! I ended up behind her in line for lunch. After sending a text and flipping my phone closed, all of a sudden there in front of me were her bubble butt cheeks peeking out from under her dress. If I could see that much from the back, I knew she must either be more exposed than she thought, or wearing an illegal thong. Either way, I decided to let her twist for a bit before revealing to her how revealing her outfit was. She startled a little when my fingers felt up the back of her thigh, confirming my suspicion that this was the freshest of meat, a first-quarter freshman. She relaxed when I stopped short of her supposed hemline, and took her next step forward in line with confidence, pushing her dress even farther up her hips. Struggling to contain myself, but with a lot of line left in front of us, I dragged my digits a little higher, and the silly slut spooked again. I repeated this until there were just half a dozen people ahead, and finally let my palm pat her now almost fully exposed ass. She gasped, cried, “Wait!” and dropped her hands as if to pull her dress back down – but too late. By now it was halfway over her mound, like you can see in the picture, and the rules prevent girls from covering up to avoid a groping, especially one already in progress. She whimpered a little as I teased and probed her pussy, working her lips apart with a soft squelch and pinching them back together, and she gasped as I slid a single finger easily into the slippery slit she had thought was safely hidden. As we approached the front of the line, I moved my hand around to the front and pressed my steadily stiffening dick against her ass. “Are you going to rape me,” she whined as she stumbled forward on trembling legs, her weight mostly supported by the fingers hooked inside her. “Oh, you’re getting fucked, alright,” I assured her, and she sobbed out a groan. She tried to bend over in front of me to take it then and there, but I wrapped my fingers around her throat and pulled her back upright. At the front of the line, I slammed a tray on the buffet track, spun her around, and plopped her ass down on it, dress now well above her bellybutton. Her puffy pink pussy swallowed my cock in seconds, and she gave in completely, her back against the glass, arms flailing with abandon as I slid in and out of her obscenely aroused snatch while slowly stepping sideways along the counter. I thoughtfully took two of each lunch serving on another tray as we progressed, and pumped my nice strong upperclassman cum deep enough in her quivering quim that I had time to get our drinks before any dripped out. I caught the first dribbles in her coke before helping her down, and after that she held it under her bench between sips to make sure she didn’t miss a drop.
    Needless to say, I never saw her wear that dress again – except when I wanted to.
    What was her name again… Tiffany?


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