New bathing suit (archives)

New bathing suit
When I heard there was a swimming pool at college, I immediately went out and bought a new bathing suit. I love swimming. It’s nice, relaxing and can some times be a lot of fun.

What I don’t understand is, why virtually no one uses the pool. When I arrived in my brand new bathing suit one afternoon, I was the only one there.


It’s ok that no one else is there, because I am not there for the company. I bath for relaxation and because it’s a comfortable feeling to be in the water.

What isn’t comfortable, however, is my new bathing suit. I got it at a low price, but they didn’t exactly have my size left. I decided I could do with a smaller bathing suit.

I got it on, but after a while of swimming, it was really getting too tight around the chest. I was the only one there, so I thought to myself, why not just loosen it up a bit around the neck. My tits could really use some air at this point, having been in that tight bathing suit way to long.


Ahh, that’s better. In fact, why not take it all off. No one is around anyway, so what would be the problem. I took it completely off.


I knew there was a slim chance that someone might stop by, but in that case I could simply keep most of my body under water, which would hide it from prying eyes.

You probably think you can guess what happened next. You think someone came after all and they were all pointing and laughing at my naked body. No, that didn’t happen at all. It was just great and I felt so free and relaxed in the water.


I was swimming naked around in the pool for half an hour or so. Excellent – I’ll do that again some time, I thought and sat on the edge of the pool.


Now, where is that bathing suit? … wait … where is my bathing suit? What the … WHERE IS IT? Oh, yes, you must have guessed by now what had happened. I had left the bathing suit in the water and it had drifted off into the pool vents.

I was terrified. I had only gone naked because no one was around. I am not the kind of girl that’s comfortable being naked in public. How would I get back to the dorms. I dreaded it. It would not be a fun experience – Especially not after having been in the pool. There had been tendencies at college lately to assume that wetness from water was in fact wetness from ‘excitement’.

As I sat thinking about what to do, suddenly I heard a voice from behind.

It was the maintenance guy. “Is this yours” he said, holding out my bathing suit.

I was so incredibly relieved.

– YES, I said to him, smiling. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you!

I was so happy that I shouldn’t go through the public naked, that I completely forgot that I was in fact naked in public right now. It occurred to me when I saw the boner in his pants and his eyes glaring at my …


Well, who wouldn’t look. I’m beautiful. He was shy and walked away after having given me my bathing suit..I didn’t take it on right away. Instead I left it in the water and enjoyed my newfound freedom and swam around a bit more. This time I could relax even more, because I had already endured being nude in public.

A bit later I was ready to get out of the water.

Now, where is that bathing suit …


Of course, I gave her back her swimming suit. It clogged the filtration system when it got stuck in the pump. I felt bad for her because the screen on the vents were not installed yet. Her swimsuit was torn. I just tossed the metal clasp. It was bent and torn loose. The crotch of her suit was torn in two. While I wanted to stay and watch her swim, I decided to join the others to watch her swim through the large glass window inside the recreation center.

The repairs to the pump will be costly. I’ll suggest they make the pool for skinny dipping only until we can get the vents installed and the pump repair.

Comment By The Maintenance Guy At 10/13/2007 7:38 AM

The problem isn’t suits, it’s the size of suits. Suits that are too big, ie bigger than these styles:

will clog the filter and should be immediately confiscated by pool staff.

Unfortunately while skinny-dipping is the ideal solution for dozens of reasons, participants in intra-college championship competitions are required to wear a swimsuit. Unless and until we are able to alter this rule, we will be issuing our swim teams with suits in this style, as modeled by Bambi and Leanna:

Comment By axel At 10/14/2007 10:47 AM

Well I would certainly hope that such suits would be immediately confiscated rather than clog the filter. These girls just have to realise that they can’t be behaving like this!

How many people were watching her through that window, which I assume looks directly into the water of the pool? I bet they got a good look indeed, as those shots above certainly made it clear that she believed she was totally unwatched and so spread her legs nice and wide, giving a nice view of that smoothly shaved pussy and those tits. I hope they got some good video!

Comment By horny boy At 10/15/2007 8:06 AM

and an excellent choice of swim suit for the team, not least as it makes it so easy for people to check whether the girls are breaking the excitement rule.
Comment By horny boy At 10/15/2007 11:04 AM

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