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The next college magazine
“Mary, did you see this weeks college magazine? There is a photoshoot of an inspection of a girl in a skirt!”.

Carrie was shouting at Mary from a distance, holding up the magazine.

“Oh that? I saw it. It was quite terrible. She was inspected, even though she was obviously not in violation of the dress code”. Mary met up with Carrie, looking at the magazine.

“Are you sure? Was it her?”


Mary looked at the magazine.

“Hmm, no. It wasn’t. Must’ve been last weeks’ magazine. Did they find another ‘victim’ this week? I don’t understand why they target these girls. Everyone can see she isn’t in violation with the dress code. She is obviously not wearing panties”.

“Oh really?” Carrie turned to the next page.


“What? I don’t understand … ”

Mary looked back at the first picture, then at the second.

“I guess it’s not certain whether a girl like that is wearing panties or not. Maybe I’ll be more careful in the future, and wear a shorter skirt. Or no skirt at all”

“I think that would be a good idea” Carrie said, pointing at the next picture. “This inspector chose to teach her a lesson. Of course she tried taking of her panties right away, smiling at the inspector. But the damage was done – she had been in violation of the dress code by wearing panties”.


Carrie continued telling the story of this unfortunate girl.

“The first thing the inspector did was, that he had her hold up her skirt, like she had done when she had to show him whether she was wearing panties.”


“He asked her to sit down to demonstrate a second point. At this point, the inspector had every right to call the girl in for a hearing, something that you want to avoid. That would mean she should forfeit her clothes and stay naked until the hearing. As she wanted to avoid this, she was pretty much under the power of the inspector”.


“She spread her legs as the inspector had instructed, but even so, he instructed her to spread her legs even further”


The inspector wanted to make sure the inspection was humiliating. Of course not to punish this poor girl, but to make it obvious to onlookers how painful inspections are, so that they would try harder to follow the dress code. So this is all for the greater good.

“Now, if you do exactly as I say, I will let you keep your clothes. Will you do it?” The inspector said.

“Do what?” The girl asked.

“Exactly as a say!” The inspector said – knowing that she had only one answer to that question.

“Ok” she answered. “What is it, then?”

The inspector’s instruction was simple.

“Crawl all the way back to the dorm on all four.”

“And wear a shorter skirt next time.”


She doesn’t look nearly humiliated enough for this to really be punishment…these girls break the rules, she should have had boys standing around watching all this, taking photos, hoping for her to be excited…loving her crawling away…
Comment By horny boy At 9/3/2007 10:45 AM

It’s unfortunate that this inspector abused his position this way to humiliate the poor girl. Yes, she allegedly violated the Dress Code by wearing panties, and she should have been found indecent as a result. But humiliating her sends the wrong message to the vast majority of girls who strive to comply fully with the Dress Code.
Comment By Richard Hertz At 9/8/2007 10:05 PM

Of course, the purpose of the Dress Code is to foster decent attire on the part of all the girls of the college. To be fair, each girl can define ‘decent’ in her own way, wearing the style of clothes most comfortable for her, as long as she makes sure not to wear panties under her skirt, no matter how short it is. In other words, the only way a girl can ever be indecent is to wear panties under her skirt or dress.

Some girls will feel decent in very short skirts, which is fine. If her skirt is so short that it only half-covers her butt (or less), then her lack of panties will, from time to time, become self-evident. These girls will rarely be inspected, since it is clear without an inspection they’re in compliance with the Dress Code.

Comment By Richard Hertz At 9/8/2007 10:07 PM

But other girls will need to wear a slightly longer skirt in order to feel decent, and that’s OK, too. It’s every girl’s right to keep certain areas of her body private. But it’s the Inspector’s right to ensure she’s following the Dress Code, and most girls are fine with that. There’s no shame in being selected for inspection, as long as the girl is decent (i.e. not wearing panties). Yes, other students will gather to watch the inspection, but the purpose is certainly not to humiliate, but simply to inspect. The decent girl should be proud to remove her skirt, and show that she is, in fact, decent.
Comment By Richard Hertz At 9/8/2007 10:08 PM

Everyone understands that inspections are a necessary part of college life. Even the shyest girls can take comfort in knowing their period of public nudity will last no more than five minutes, after which they will be allowed to go on about their business, no worse for the experience.

Having said this, I simply don’t understand why some girls would choose to wear extremely short skirts or dresses just to avoid being inspected. The only reason for this that I can imagine is that some inspectors are abusing their role, and causing unnecessary humiliation on the part of the girls they inspect. Even a girl, like the one in this pictorial, who is clearly indecent, should be treated with respect. Instead of forcing her to crawl away, she should have been stripped naked, and given a fair hearing. This would have served just as well as a deterrent, and it would have allowed the poor girl to retain a modicum of dignity.

Comment By Richard Hertz At 9/8/2007 10:10 PM

As I recall, while she was crawling away a couple of boys noticed her and, seeing her exposed pussy, one took the opportunity to fondle her while the other took photos with a phone cam. She didn’t seem happy about it but new the rules and let the boy touch her between her ass cheeks. As he stroked her slit, and his buddy took more shots from maybe two feet away, getting real close-ups, I remember the first boy suddenly whooping with triumph and declaring ‘I think she’s getting a bit wet!’ The boy taking photos laughed when the first boy slipped a finger inside her pussy, and made sure to take a few close-up shots of that too. I had to leave just after this, but I could tell their young cocks were growing hard. Does anyone know what happened next?
Comment By horny boy At 9/9/2007 3:46 PM

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