Announcement of the gym team (archives)

Announcement of the gym team
Mary and Anne had been hurrying to the dining hall, where the gym team should be announced. They were delayed by an episode with Jane sunbathing, but arrived just in time for the announcement to begin.

Mary and Anne had previously discussed Anne’s secret technique when auditioning for the gym team. Her secret was to undress and be uninhibited by her clothes. That would give her an advantage over the other girls, which she was sure was the reason she had won the gym contest every semester.

The principal began. “Welcome to the announcement of the gym team for this semester. As all of you have read in the college magazine, prior the gym contest, there has been a few changes to the private auditions.”

“Do you know what he’s talking about”, Mary asked. “No, I haven’t read the magazine either. I didn’t think there was anything about the gym contest in there”.

The principal continued. “Of course the most important change was, that although the auditions were still private, they were videotaped. Of course they won’t be shown”.

“What? Videotaped?” Anne was surprised.

“No I was just kidding”, the principal said. Anne just sighed of relief, when the principal continued. “Yes, I was just kidding about that the videotapes won’t be shown. Of course they will be shown. Here they are.”

“This is Alice …”


“As you can see, she changes into her ‘Eve’s costume’ quite early in the audition.”


“What, she’s also undressing!”. Anne looked at Mary “Did you tell anyone about my secret trick!?”

Mary shook her head. “No! I swear – I didn’t tell anyone”.

“…And here you see Alice perform one of the classic stretches”


“And finally, she makes an original move. I believe this is what gave her a spot on the gym team.”



“Well done Alice, and welcome to the gym team.”

Anne was still in shock. “I can’t believe she used my secret. She stripped down just like me and gained all the advantages I got. Meaning I didn’t have any advantages over her. I certainly hope none of the other girls knows my secret”.

“This next girl was nervous about the fact that the auditions are videotaped, and chose to wear a mask.”


“You may notice that this girl chose to use a prop for her audition. It takes special talent to include props in an exhibition. Speaking of exhibition …”


“This girl caught the attention of the judges early on, by introducing her prop, which was a bold choice. Because it is yellow.”

Anne was distraught. “Oh no, they all know the secret. Going pantyless gives you all the advantages, and it seems all the other girls know it this year.”. Anne stared at Mary …

“It wasn’t me! Honestly! I didn’t tell anyone”.

The principal continued his presentation:

“When the audition was near the end, she finally chose to give the prop the attention that the judges expected her to give it.”


“This led to a convincing demonstration of her pussy stretching abilities.”


“We made sure to check right after the audition, that she had not used any artificial lubricants for this exercise. Even though pussy stretching is not part of the usual gymnastics programme, we have to consider all the abilities displayed. Including her ability to willingly let her pussy be inspected after the audition. I checked that she didn’t cheat with lubricant, by inserting my cock in her pussy, and comparing that sensation with the other times I’ve had my cock in her pussy. No cheating there.”

“This girl was also quite impressive, but rather unoriginal. She announced that this was her ‘opening position'”


“Unoriginal!? I’ll say”. Anne was not pleased about this. “The ‘opening position’ is my move. She can’t do that”.

Mary nodded. “I know, you told me about it”.

The principal continued.

“We let the girl continue, even though she was disqualified immediately.”


“A pity. She was quite good. But we simply had to disqualify her, because she used the so-called ‘opening position’. Every one of the judges know that it belongs to Anne.”

Mary tapped Anne on her shoulder. “They acknowledged your move, Anne. Nice, huh?”.

Anne nodded and smiled. The principal laughed

“The girl was not happy when we told her she was disqualified. Of course, when we told her we would include Anne in the gym team again this semester, she fully understood. We all know Anne is the best gymnast at college.”


“I’m in. I won! Wait, what did he say? The best gymnast? I won all these semesters because I was simply a better gymnast? I thought …” Anne was confused.

Mary finished her sentence: “You thought you won because of your ‘secret’ trick of not wearing panties?”

“Well, yes”.

“I guess you simply won because of positions like that one”. Mary pointed to the screen. Anne’s video was being shown and everyone applauded it.



Anne is the better gymnast because she gets nude. The two are linked. It is the freedom she has without the clothing that allows her to stretch and jump better than the other girls.

Let’s say everyone wore clothes. Anne’s technique are the best in the school, but will she win against other school’s with highly talented gymnasts of their own? Maybe, maybe not. The nudity allows her to excel in competition.

Let’s say everyone went naked. Anne’s technique would be better than the other schools’ top gymnast, because Anne is more relaxed in her ‘Eve outfit’

For world competition, Anne needs to train more, and that includes relaxing in her Eve costume. She should wear it all the time.

Comment By base At 10/14/2007 12:18 PM

Dear gymnastics enthusiasts,
I must admit I barely noticed the girl’s ‘opening position’, because I was captivated by her absolutely gorgeous breasts! Her third picture shows them off the best. They are not too large, yet delightfully supple, like a pair of perfect teardrops.
Comment By Richard Hertz At 11/9/2007 11:03 PM

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