Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 4.1.0

The Ten MuskeTits, having rested from the movie viewing and the resultant stress-relief period afterwards, donned their bracelets, draped and pinned the trademark black towels. Monday morning seemed to come too soon and too often. Such is college life at good old Central U.

At Donna’s prompting, the other nine teens (Jen, Melissa, Ashley, Chrysta, Mika, Beth, Audrey, Becca and Nikki) agreed to play dumb if questions arose with respect to the videotape. Best to show no interest. That way, no one looks at them too closely. No more than another would look at ten drop dead cute young girls wearing towels, walking across campus.

They strolled toward the gym. It was a good thing they were wearing the special inspection exemption bracelets. The Ten MuskeTits accidentally started a dress trend when they marched back to their dorm after the successful commando commando raid to retrieve the Project video. What with the sudden towel/fashion fad, the inspectors were working overtime.

No matter how short, towels are opaque. Care had to be taken to insure that no girls were “double-covered”. That meant towel removal. And if a piece of bath accessory is all you have, you might find yourself naked in public. Many trendy girls found themselves in just that condition. Most simply peeled off, pirouetted sweetly, smiled, then walked away.

The shy and modest girls fared not so well. Many hesitated a second too long, worried about public exposure, too embarrassed to react. Impatient inspectors, suspecting the blushing girls had something to hide, felt compelled to demand that they surrender the garment immediately. Slow responding modest girls had their wrap snatched away, leaving them naked. The inspectors, vigilant code enforcers all, checked the girls thoroughly for violations. The suspicious towels were usually kept for evidence in case a hearing need to be held.

Naked girls with no chance to cover up, boys well aware of the rule allowing anyone to touch any exposed portion of a girls body added up to lots of aroused girls. With no shortage of horny boys willing to “give them what they wanted”, the girls were in trouble!

Our ten girls had to step over and around coupled couples everywhere. Consensual rapes in all styles, in all stages were in progress wherever there was an open space. Anal, missionary, cowgirl, doggie and standing were the most popular. Crysta noticed two of her friends, Julia and Tracy, being DP-ed, standing, by four members of the Chess Club. Chrysta thought shouting “Checkmate” while bouncing the two girls between their dicks and giving “high fives” was a bit much and bordered on rude. Consensual rape is supposed to be punishment, she thought, no matter how enthusiastic Tracy and Julia appeared to be!

Nikki happened to look up at the clock on the Bell Tower. Apparently she was the first to tear her eyes from the spectacle on the grounds. She urged the girls to rush to the volleyball gym before they were late. The MuskeTits arrived just in front of Megan Martin, Project Director, and Eddie Wilson, PE teacher, coach and advisor to the Preventive Medicine Health Project.

None of them seemed to notice that the door was not locked. Except Melissa. Ms Martin and Mr. Wilson were way deep into planning the class procedure for the day and went right in behind the towel-clad coeds. The girls, very distracted by the multiple “punishments”, could hardly walk straight. Melissa, getting to the door first, reflexively pushed the lever to open the door. Only after the door opened did she realize that it should be locked.

Melissa knew beyond doubt the door was locked when the Commando Commando Raid was completed. The ten had used the transom. No locks were involved. (There was no way she could know about the Dean’s interference.) Something awful, awry, or potentially awkward might be in their future. Given the secrecy around the Project and the personal nature of the evaluation and testing methods, privacy was paramount. Then she saw the empty tripod. Melissa’s suspicious gene went to Warp 8. Missing video camera (even if disabled) plus the open door……..

Eddie and Megan went directly to his office to prep for class.

Before the girls could remove their traveling towels, Mel pulled them into a huddle. Whispering her concerns, namely that even though most of them had been fucked royally in public (Melissa being consensually raped and photographed with her breasts squashed against the window or hanging over the railing and Donna screwing her infomercial partner/boyfriend on TV), those incidents had been part of normal university life. Paying dues for a quality education, nothing more. No future employer would hold that against an applicant. Most employers would, in fact, consider it a plus, proving that the girl could deal coolly with the rules and regulations of any institution, be they related to changing dress codes or workplace behavior.

But live action video of the activities of the teens during the Project. That was another matter entirely! A movie featuring ten beautiful teenaged girls along with a very shapely young lady, plus a ripped, well-hung young man, all having crazy, multiple-partner sex, viewed out of its academic context by millions on YouToob, raised exponentially the chance of somebody getting the wrong impression about the character of the coeds.

The MuskeTits agreed that such a possibility might spell trouble. A search of the gym was started, with the hope that they would finish before the teachers returned. Mika noticed an electronic glow coming from underneath the bleachers. She signaled for four of them to converge in front of the place where the glow could be seen. While they distracted whoever was hiding, the other six, in two groups of three would sneak behind the bleachers on each end to trap the interlopers.

Mika, Beth, Nikki and Ashley provided the diversion. The best diversion they could come up with was to pull off their towels and begin normal preparation for class. The others, in their finest stealth mode, made their way to the pair of spies.

The distraction team could not have chosen a better method. Being naked, hiding under the bleachers, peeping on their friends and excited to a fever pitch by the events leading them to this place at this time, combined to keep them on the edge. Four naked girls touching each other right in front of them pushed them nearly over the edge.

Suddenly the sole towel covering their hot little bodies was snatched away and Lisa and Marti were pulled out into the open. They were surrounded by the MuskeTits on the end of the seats opposite the office, out of sight of Mr. Wilson and Ms Martin. Or so they thought.

Audrey and Melissa held Lisa by her arms. Crysta held her from behind. Becca and Jen got Marti’s arms while Donna took rear honors. Ashley, Mika, Beth and Nikki provided front cover. In essence, Lisa and Marti found themselves restrained and encircled by very concerned teen girls, four of them as naked as they were.

Crysta hissed in Lisa’s ear. “What in the world are you doing here? This is a closed class and part of a special University Project! Speak up before the instructors return or you will be in big trouble.” To emphasize her seriousness, she gripped Lisa’s boobs from behind, firmly pinching her already erect nipples.

Donna said the same to Marti. And pinched her nipples also, perhaps a little more tightly. Marti, overwhelmed by embarrassment, humiliation, and just plain exhibitionist lust, came hard right there. Donna’s grip on her tits is all that kept her from falling bonelessly to the floor. The boob pressure as she swooned, being gently but completely restrained, the thought that she had an orgasm in front of eleven girls, in public, and the sight of the other naked coeds caused her to come again, harder than before.

Lisa wisely decided to confess. She told of seeing them come home that night, her curiosity about the towels, her and Marti’s stealing into the room, viewing the video, how hot it made them and how envious they were. Next Lisa spilled the erstwhile master plan to get enough information ask to be included. Lisa swore that she and Marti had no intent to hurt anyone. They just wanted to be included in what they thought was a cool secret club.

Ashley stepped closer to Lisa and softly caressed her pussy. “This better be the truth or we will never let you come.”

Nikki said, “I think she’s telling the straight facts, let her have it!” Ashley had been rolling Lisa’s clit between her thumb and index finger. When Lisa began to pant and her chest flushed bright pink, she pinched, twisted and pulled her pleasure button. Just for the hell of it, Crysta squeezed her nipples. Lisa orgasmed like never before, setting Marti off again.

Nikki slipped back under the bleachers, shut down the LCD screen but left the SLR running in HD video mode. The video would be better than whatever was playing at New Town Multiplex and none of the teens would get tired of reruns. They might even undress specially for the red carpet premier in Donna and Crysta’s Dorm Room Theatre. Entertainment Tonight, eat your heart out!

The girls thought they could either sneak the former spies out, or try to convince Ms Martin and Mr. Wilson to let Lisa and Marti audit the Project sessions as objective observers. They had no idea that most of the capture and interrogation of the wannabe Mata Haris was in full view of the closed circuit cameras in the gym.

Eddie and Megan, finishing the preps, confirmed Mika and Nikki as the two who would remain out of the Kegel muscle tug ‘o war. They would make sure the contestants were stimulated for ball insertion. When not attending the girls, they would attend Eddie and Megan.

Eddie glanced at the screens in his office and called Megan over to look. “What in the world is going on and who are the two new girls and why are they here?” Megan machine-gunned questions too quickly to get answers if any were available. Eddie wondered to himself why were they naked, why did they have that fresh-fucked look and, now that they were inside the Project quarters, how much did they know? He made a note to add audio to the video set-up. ASAP!

The two teachers decided to play it by ear, and simply opened the office door, entering the gym before the coeds could formulate a plan. Megan and Eddie pretended surprise to find two naked strangers surrounded by the expected teens.

Going directly to Lisa and Marti, the instructors looked them over silently. Lisa was nervous and apprehensive. Marti had entered a yet higher level of embarrassment. Here she was, stark naked in front of a male teacher, in the volleyball gym, practically miles from anything to cover her painfully hard nipples or her dripping pussy. Her exhibitionist streak had grown like it was on steroids. It was joined by a newborn submissive steak of which Marti was not even aware and would not have understood if someone pointed out. The Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt would have fainted if they saw her now. If one of the Sisters spanked her for being naughty, Marti would probably catch fire.

Marti was becoming a psychosexual hodgepodge, all in one day. And so far she remained a virgin!

The silence continued for several minutes as Mr. Wilson and Ms Martin considered their options. Send them away. Report the intrusion to the Dean. Keep them in. What to do?

Jen finally broke the spell. Thinking fast, she said that Lisa and Marti believed the ten girls were coming to the gym to workout and wanted to join the rest of their friends staying in shape. Both coeds arrived before the rest of the class and just walked in through an unlocked door. They had not the slightest idea of the true mission of the sessions every Monday morning. Ashley added that now that they were in, it was better to include both girls in some capacity. It had to be better than letting them try to guess and maybe gossip around campus. Explanation and inclusion must be the safest choice.

Megan and Eddie chose inclusion. They would explain later to the Peer Review Committee that they needed on-site observers to insure the academic integrity of the reported results. To the Dean, if he got too huffy, they would ask him if he locked the doors after he interfered with the video camera. That is, after all, how the two new girls got in. Between taking the blame for the failure of the camera and carelessly exposing the Project to intrusion, he would be forced to butt out. They would point out that the college was lucky that it was two coeds and not collegiate spies from a rival university sneaking in. Extortion is an ugly word. We will just say that the instructors had the persuading hand.

Mr. Wilson and Ms Martin brought the new girls up to speed about the Project, the testing methodology and the importance to the reputation of the college as a research institution.

Time to get the class started. Megan paired the contestants off: Donna with Audrey, Crysta with Becca, Melissa with Ashley, and lastly, Jen with Beth. Nikki got the jump ropes from the equipment chest, returning to the mats with a tube of KY for emergency use. The girls not bare already, removed their towels.

Mika, eager to do a good job as fluffer, asked Ms Martin for a demonstration of proper technique. Nikki concurred, wanting to keep all variables equal. Megan, logically, agreed. She removed her sheer panties and the spaghetti strap tee-shirt. Sitting in the chair at the end of the mats, Megan called Lisa over. Holding her legs open, she showed Lisa how to stimulate a vagina using fingers only. She was allowed to wet her fingers to fondle the pussy in question, but under no circumstances was she to use her tongue. The contestant must produce all lubrication.

Mika and Nikki watched closely, sometimes touching Ms Martin’s pussy to check progress, even going so far as to push one of the ball handles inside her to see how tightly it fit. In a few minutes, the girls were able to slide the ball in with minimal effort. Megan pronounced herself adequately aroused and wet enough to allow insertion of the apparatus used in the test. Mika and Nikki checked to feel the level of lubrication deemed necessary. They felt ready to move to the next stage. Megan kept Lisa nearby in order to maintain the control sample.

Meanwhile, Eddie had seated himself on the chair at the other end of the mats. He was there to observe, record and lend a hand where needed. He called Marti over to be his helper. She came right over, reclaiming sufficient brain cells to get some simple motor skills back. Mr. Wilson had her stand at his version of parade rest alongside the chair. Hands clasped behind her back, feet shoulder width apart, head help high, and breasts proudly thrust forward. Some part of her wondered why she obeyed without question.

Marti never felt so exposed and helpless. Being naked, in public, with this male authority figure commanding her every action, was sending her into that “zone” again. Not that she ever got far from it today. In a rare burst of clarity, she remembered the camera concealed under the bleachers. Thanks to her cleverness the night before, the gift from her mother was recording her every move for posterity. For everybody to see. Over and over again. Touching their girly parts. Watching her in her shame and humiliation. With her helpless to stop them. Again and again. Her fevered brain began to imagine what would happen if a copy got to the Sisters at Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt Parochial Preparatory School. Would they make her strip naked and be spanked, bent over the teacher’s desk while her classmates watched? Would Father Christopher witness her humiliating punishment? With her cute, firm ass in the air? Her lower lips wet and peeking out from between her smooth thighs? While she was forced to watch herself on the embarrassing video? Helpless to prevent it?

Marti was, once again, on the verge of another massive orgasm.

Observing Lisa aid Megan in the lubrication demonstration had aroused Eddie. So when he stood up to get a clear view of the assistant’s efforts, his expanding penis expanded its way through the opening in his silk boxers. This was uncomfortable. Rather than stop taking notes, he asked Marti to remove the offending garment. Marti remained frozen to the spot in which Mr. Wilson had placed her. Eddie, sensing no response, glanced in her direction. What he saw was a cute teen girl, eyes clinched shut, blushing furiously with what appeared to be vaginal moisture dripping down her leg. WTF!

Coach Wilson was used to instant obedience in his gym. With a touch of impatience in his voice, he commanded Marti to come over, right now, and remove the distraction. In her swirling mind, that snap in his tone activated her recently awakened submissive nature. Marti moved, robot-like, to Eddie. He put his hands on her shoulders, gently pushing her to her knees in front of him. On her knees, Marti waited for the next order. Mr. Wilson told her to just pull the boxers down so he could step out of them and get back to the task.

Marti stared in fascination at the rather large, engorged penis staring back at her. It was the first one she had ever seen. Eddie, keeping one eye on the class, looked down at her looking at his now impatient dick. “Just unsnap the top fastener and pull them down. And be quick about it. We have work to do!” he ordered. Marti gripped the waistband, yanjed the snap apart and pulled the boxers to the floor. Eddie told her to fold and put the boxer shorts on top of the towel pile behind the mats.

Marti obeyed. But when she pulled them down, she leaned forward enough to bump her lips on Eddie’s penis. She could smell him. She folded the manly garment, stood and walked to the towel pile. Her arms, of their on volition, brought the boxers to her nose. That smell again! Now she was facing the hidden camera, stark naked in public, sniffing this hot man’s shorts. Her nipples were hard enough to use for a hat rack. How slutty that must look! Shaking all over, Marti made herself put the garment down and return to her previous stance beside Mr. Wilson.

Megan, her lube level faithfully being maintained by Lisa, who was happily using her tongue on the pretty Director, noticed the interaction between the Coach and the blushing girl. She thought nothing of it. Eddie appeared to be doing a fine job observing the tests while directing the new girl.

On the mats, Donna and Audrey, properly stimulated to the correct wetness, were allowing Nikki and Mika to insert the vaginal apparatus into their ready pussies. They stepped slowly apart, drawing the jump rope taut between them. Ms Martin signaled for them to start pulling as she clicked her timer. Fifteen long seconds later, Donna had eased the ball out of the squeezing Audrey. Donna was declared the winner. Like a good girl friend, she helped console the loser.

During the first test, the fluffer girls started preparing Chrysta and Becca for their turn. It took only a few minutes before Mika and Nikki were able to insert the balls. The tug ‘o war began, taking thirty seconds to come to completion.

Breathlessly, Megan called out the times and the winners to Eddie. Mr. Wilson dutifully recorded the results on his clipboard. He heard heavy breathing coming from Marti. Looking up at her heaving tits, he decided that she seemed ready to collapse in a puddle. Reacting instantly, clearly concerned for the girl’s safety and needing to be able to observe the Project activity without interruption, Eddie gripped Marti around her waist. Realizing that he could not take notes one-handed, Eddie moved her to his front and placed her on his lap facing the girls on the mats. His erect dick was trapped in a fully upright position between his six-pack abs and her soft warm bottom.

The dazed virgin coed meekly sat down as Mr. Wilson commanded, keeping her hands clasped behind her back bringing them in contact with his impossibly hard penis. Her hands, again acting on their own, grasped the steel rod resting between her cheeks. Her brain, finally teaming up with her body, wondered how something so iron-hard could be so hot and soft on the surface. Must be one of the miracles the Sisters spoke of. Thinking of the Sisters, her nakedness in public, while basically giving a lap dance to a nude man and being filmed in high definition color threatened to send her off again. Eddie, feeling her slip away, lifted her up enough for him to push his dick forward. As he lowered her down, his erection popped up between her legs. Maybe she could use it like a saddle horn to stabilize her on his lap. Marti automatically reached down and gripped the pulsing object and held on. She could feel his heartbeat against her clit. Now Eddie could use both hands to take notes.

On the floor, the Crysta vs. Becca contest ended with Crysta relieving Becca’s pussy of the ball handle. Ms Martin called out the time and the winner. Crysta, following the example set by Donna, consoled the loser. Ashley and Melissa, already excited by the competition, were ready to go immediately. Mika and Nikki merely needed to confirm. Pushing the little balls into steaming pussies, they moved out of the way. Ashley and Melissa began.

With Marti holding on, Eddie could reach around her from both sides. As he wrote, his forearms brushed against her nipples, sending electric shocks straight to her vagina. Her hips began a slow up and down motion, rubbing his dick against the soppy wet pussy lips. Her entire world narrowed to that incredible sensation. Mr. Wilson and the excited coed simultaneously came to the realization that she was using his dick to jill off. She began to come like never before squirming and bouncing out of control.

Eddie saw that the trial between Ashley and Melissa was coming to an end. Afraid Marti would fall to the floor, he did as he had done with Ms Martin during an earlier class. He lifted her up again and positioned his dick at her pussy. Feeling the virgin tightness, he slowly lowered her until he felt her maidenhead. Knowing that he was about to pop a cherry was driving him into his own frenzy.

Mr. Wilson keeping enough of his cool to avert his eyes from her tits placed the clipboard in her lap and prepared to take more notes. Her left her balanced by her hymen on his rather large unit. Marti, in her rapidly vanishing innocence, was unaware of the danger to her twat. In one last orgasmic spasm, her strength abandoned her and she sat down fully. Her virginity was swept away. And it hurt, causing her to squeal. But the hurt was receding, being replaced by a delightful fullness as her pussy stretched and welcomed the sudden intruder. Eddie could not believe how wonderfully tight and soft her virgin cunt was.

The others heard Marti’s squeals. They thought it was her reaction to Ashley’s victory over Melissa. Ms Martin repeated the results of the third pair as she watched Eddie and Marti interact. Mr. Wilson again recorded the information. As Jen and Beth, more than wet at this point, inserted their own jump rope handles, too excited to wait for the fluffers. Mika and Nikki went over to the six girls whose mutual “consolation” efforts had ended in a predictable mass of sticky girl parts tangled together on the floor. They dove right in. No one seemed concerned whose tongue or fingers belonged to whom.

Watching Beth and Jen pull, Eddie handed the clipboard and pen to Marti. Marti took both in one hand, using the other to explore the connection of Mr. Wilson’s dick to her pussy. This whole thing was all so very new to the girl from Our Lady Of Perpetual Guilt! She leaned forward to get a better view only to see that several inches of penis were still outside. “How could that be?” she whispered softly. She could feel him at the entrance to her cervix. Though she did not know the name for it at the time, she knew enough to know that he had reached the end of her vagina with dick to spare.

Eddie, hands freed for action, fondled her teenaged tits. He rolled her ultra sensitive nipples between his strong fingers, causing her to spread her legs. Marti’s fingers got busy caressing his dick and her clit in front of a now attentive audience.

Beth had out gripped Jen to everyone’s surprise. Jen was the larger girl and stronger. Beth, newly introduced to penetrative sex, still had a smaller and therefore tighter pussy. She was able to grip the ball more, allowing her to pull the ball from Jen’s vagina. The loser took her defeat in good cheer, anticipating the consolation period. The final pair joined the others in the girly pile.

Megan shouted the result and gave herself over to the attentions of Lisa who could now indulge her fantasy of munching a sexy hot teacher. She cared not if Mr. Wilson heard her. She stood up, pulled Lisa to the mats, and pushed her onto her back. Lisa’s tits stood firmly from her chest as if carved from alabaster. Megan lowered her dripping pussy to the teen’s eager mouth and dropped her own mouth to the sweet cunt before her, tasting the girl at last. Lisa kissed, sucked and licked the teacher’s pussy as she reached out for Ms Martin’s boobs.

Eddie snatched the pen from Marti’s hand and pushed her hand with the clipboard to her humping lap long enough to make the final notation, letting the notes fall to the floor. He crisscrossed his arms over the bouncing boobs, holding them roughly. Marti added her hand to the mix at her pussy, one set of fingers rubbing her clit, and the other set fondling the giant penis, partially buried in her twat.

Eddie told her to move back and forth. Anything he said, she heard as a command. Her submission was complete. Then he began to lift her up by her tits, letting gravity pull her down. Mr. Wilson’s total control of her young body made her feel like his personal fucktoy. She could feel his penis going in and out of her violated cunt. She lifted her fingers to her mouth to taste what she had smelled earlier. His taste, joined with her juices, plus a drop of her virginal blood was nectar to the overheated girl. Her hips went crazy. Eddie could feel her cunt lock down on his prick. He stood up, yanked her off his throbbing dick and spun her around to face him. She screamed at the emptiness in her pussy.

Megan and the eleven teenagers, now completely relaxed, stared at the sight in amazement. They all saw Mr. Wilson spin Marti like she weighed nothing. They saw Marti grab and position his erection at her pussy lips. They watched Mr. Wilson drop Marti down, impaling her brutally on his hard dick, her  legs locked around his waist. They heard her come like you would read about in sexual legend, screaming like a banshee, topping even the incredible performance of Mika last week.

Marti could feel that magnificent organ push past the end of her pussy and enter her cervix. She did not know if it was supposed to hurt or not. All she knew was that Mr. Wilson had taken her completely and that was enough to push her into an orgasm she was sure no girl had ever experienced in the history of girls and orgasms.

Eddie could feel her cervix grip his dickhead. His balls exploded, trying to send his very soul into her sweaty body. He pumped what seemed like gallons of semen into the teen beauty, able to shoot between her powerful spasms. After an eternity, his balls ran out but his dick stayed as hard as Chinese algebra. She slowed to weak shudders, her orgasm never quite ending.

Still inside the teen, he carried her to the watching girls, picking Lisa. He had not fucked her yet and the idea appealed to him. He placed the compliant girl on her back, put Marti into a sixty-nine position over her and ordered them to eat each other. He put Donna and Crysta in the same arrangement beside Marti and Lisa, Donna, on top. They roomies needed no further instruction.

Eddie got behind Marti, pushing his dick into her drippy cunt in one long stroke. Gripping her hips, he continued to long stroke the hot girl beneath his. He could feel Lisa’s tongue licking his prick as he went in and out. Marti could feel Mr. Wilson’s tool owning her pussy. She could feel Lisa’s tongue caress her pleasure button. She came again, almost as strongly as before. Mr. Wilson pulled his dick out and pushed her face to Lisa’s twat, ordering her to eat her friend.

Eddie sidestepped to Donna’s ass. He watched Crysta lick and kiss that pretty pussy. Rather that replace Crysta at Donna’s cunt, he chose to take her ass instead. Donna sensed his approach then felt his penis at her rosebud. Having been anally consensually raped, she knew to relax her sphincter and go with the flow. Mr. Wilson put his erection in place and pushed in. Donna had a great ass. In short order, Chrysta and Eddie brought Donna to a screeching orgasm. He ran to the showers, cleaned his best friend and returned to the gym full of hot, horny girls. He flipped each pair of girls over, giving his dick easy access to the girly parts of Lisa and Crysta.

He chose Crysta first, deciding to give her a hard doggie fuck. As he entered her steaming twat, his balls dragged over Donna’s face. Donna licked and sucked him then did the same to her roomie. Chrysta came quickly, pre-primed by everything before. Donna came again, thanks to the efforts of her sweet roommate.

Megan, eating Audrey and being eaten by Mika, marveled at the stamina exhibited by Eddie and wondered just when was it that she lost control of the class to the Coach. Well, they had collected the day’s data, solved the intruder mystery, and saved the integrity of the Project and the University’s reputation. Ok for now. Back to the sweet tasting Audrey.

Meanwhile Eddie had decided to finish in Lisa. He got behind the former spy, placing his dick on Marti’s forehead. He commanded her to suck him, NOW. She pushed Lisa’s ass up and thrust her mouth over the penis belonging to her Master. Eddie pushed all the way in and down her throat. Again, she did not know better and simply accepted what he had to give. That made her happy, Lisa’s action at her cunt made her start to come again. Eddie pulled out of her throat, and told her to put his dick into Lisa.

Marti, like a good girl, did as ordered. Lisa heard the words and got ready for the fuck of her life. Eddie did not disappoint. He entered smoothly, stretching her cunt as he plowed deeper. She was going to be a great fuck. Lisa loved every inch of his prick as she was penetrated. Marti went back to her clit licking duties with a vengeance. Eddie started a rhythmic pattern, pumping hard each time. He didn’t care if Lisa got off or not. He needed to come and come bad.

Lisa never noticed his change on priorities. She was at the edge of an orgasm that would rival Marti’s. Eddie felt himself approach Nirvana just as he felt Lisa’s cunt begin its final approach. He ordered Marti to bite Lisa’s clit on his next thrust. Marti obeyed her Master faithfully like a good schoolgirl must. Eddie jammed his dick into Lisa’s pussy as hard as he could. Marti bit her clit. Lisa went into orbit taking Eddie and Marti with her. Eddie pumped another gallon of baby makers into the pulsing pussy, thrusting again in unison with his spurts. This prolonged Lisa’s ecstasy until she fainted.

Marti removed Mr. Wilson’s penis from the throbbing cunt and began to lick and suck it clean, ignoring the semen dripping on her face from Lisa’s cunt. Eddie found himself getting hard again. Megan and the other girls gazed in astonishment at this man who embodied the finest attributes of manhood at The University.

To the surprise of all, Mr. Wilson took Marti’s hand, drawing her to her feel, facing the assembled girls. He put her at “parade rest” (head up, shoulders back, feet apart, hands clasped behind her back). Proud tits thrust forward.

“Did you all know that this teenager was a virgin until today?” he asked the audience. They stared in shock. Marti reddened, her blush spreading over her whole body, suddenly aware of the eyes burning into her. Her nipples could cut glass. She could see the girls see the sperm dripping out of her pussy. could feel their eyes watch Lisa’s juices glisten on her face with more of her Master’s semen running down her chin, dropping to her out-thrust titties, hanging on her painfully erect nipples. Watching the class stare at her very naked in public body, recently publicly fucked by her Master she had known less than a half hour before she had come on his dick in front of eleven girls and her young, cute teacher, Girls who had seen her Master’s dick deep in her naughty cunt as she wantonly spread her legs, inviting anyone to see her rub her dirty little girl clit in public, in front of a high definition camera for the world to witness her naked shame and embarrassment.

Oh. My. God!! The camera!! Her imagination returned to the scene in her head of the Sisters bending her over Father Christopher’s cold oak desk, now onstage in the auditorium. With the whole school watching her naked humiliation. They would bind her arms to the opposite side of the desk, leaving her helpless to resist the spanking administered by her Master.

Marti was so turned on that she started to sway. Eddie, again afraid she was going to fall and hurt herself, stepped behind her, pushing his renewed hardon into her rectum, giving her a firm balance point. Marti’s eyed bulged open, her teen body stiffened. She almost cried out, but could not catch her breath. She felt her feet leave the floor as her Master stood upright, lifting her with his penis in her ass and his hands on her tits.

Ms Martin observing slightly to one side understood what was happening and approved. A similar maneuver and helped recover her composure previously. Once she had gotten used to it. The other girls, more to the front, were clueless.

Marti realized that it was her Master punishing her for her obviously naughty behavior. The discomfort turned to pleasure as Mr. Wilson began to vigorously take her ass. He reached down to tweak her pussy, causing her to orgasm immediately. Her sphincter clamped his prick bringing forth his third load of the class. Her ass finally relinquished its hold on his softening dick and he slipped out, lowering her to the floor, leaving her dripping from yet another hole. In public.

Eddie asked Megan to pick three girls to clean Marti up. Ms Martin chose Ashley, Mika and Beth, instructing them to lick Marti clean. Eddie ordered Marti to remain standing motionless until they finished. She did not know if she could take the blissful torture, but her Master had commanded. She would find a way.

Eddie went back to the showers, collecting Ms Martin along the way. After cleaning his prick, he pulled Megan into the shower, backed her up against the wall and fucked her royally. She was powerless to resist and did not want to anyway. He used her like he had used Lisa, a beautiful personal fucktoy. His relentless pounding took her to heaven and her pulsing pussy drew his fourth orgasm out. They rinsed off and returned to the gym.

The chosen trio had finished the clean up of Marti. Now she was merely dripping wet, trembling on display. Megan looked at the burning girl and said to Eddie, “May I?” He nodded, “OK”. Megan went up to Marti, stared boldly into her wide eyes, and before the teen could react, pinched her nipples as hard as she could.

Poor Marti’s pussy, tits and brain exploded all at once. She fell to the floor, quivering and moaning. Mr. Wilson picked up the limp girl, cradled her in his arms and took her to the showers, telling all the others to follow. “Time to clean up.”

They showered, helping one another, all helping Eddie with Marti, dried off and returned to the gym. The instructors sent the teens to get their black towels and ready themselves for the walk back to the relative safety of the dorm.

Poor Marti had no towel, hers being sacrificed to the camera. Only Nikki was willing to go under the bleachers to get the scraps for fear of discovery by Mr. Wilson or Ms Martin. She rightfully insisted the towel scraps be used to conceal the contraband camera because she had not turned it off. Marti had to walk home naked. Would this day never end?

Jen said that they could crowd around her, shielding her naked body from most of the students on campus, and with a little bit of luck avoid any horny boys. So, surrounded by a group of towel-clad girls, Marti went outside to begin the walk home. Twice the girls had to go single file, giving the whole world a look at her naked girly parts. Marti just knew in her heart that dozens of boys had seen her tits and pussy and ass, shamelessly on display in public. She was humiliated and embarrassed beyond belief. And so hot she might come before they got to the dorm.

She almost made it. Her flaming cunt took over her body at the door to the dorm. “Spank my naughty, dirty, slutty schoolgirl ass now!” she screamed, clutching her cunt there in the doorway. Donna and Chrysta grabbed her arms, Beth grabbed her clit and the others rained hands down on her tight ass. As the third slap landed, Marti came so hard she passed out.

The Eleven MuskeTits gently carried the Twelfth to Donna and Chrysta’s room before a mob formed at the dorm. “Her fainting is becoming a habit already. We gotta watch out for this girl!” Becca laughed as they crowded into the Commando Commando Headquarters.

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