Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 4.2

By Wednesday, most of the issues raised during Monday’s class had been resolved. Marti got a new towel. Both she and Lisa were accepted by the Dean to be Mr. Wilson and Ms Martin’s new Project Assistants. Their schedules were adjusted to allow both girls to be in the gym with the ten other participants. They received Inspection Exemption bracelets. The Dean gave up on the idea of a video record of the proceedings, stating that the written reports were more than sufficient.

Megan and Eddie suspected he wanted to distance himself from any public accusation of tampering with the tapes or leaving the volleyball gym unlocked. He was making rookie mistakes.

The Twelve MuskeTits did not wear their black towels every day. The smaller teens, Mika, Beth, Marti and Nikki bought a few more, in brighter colors. They, and the other girls also, returned to a normal dress mode. In a nutshell, most of their clothes would fit in a nutshell. Sheer, short blouses, miniskirts, and transparent panties. The usual attire of the college girls.

One item, never forgotten, was the exemption bracelet. Even when wearing one, all of the girls carefully adhered to the Dress Code. They were good students, never taking advantage. Attracting the Inspectors’ attention was not a good idea. Teasing Inspectors was worse. The boys were just doing their jobs.

Megan and Eddie met at a quaint coffee shop in town to discuss the progress the Project. She felt a need to define limits and establish lines of authority. Eddie agreed completely, but first he wanted to recap the events that lead to this meeting. Megan said that she was concerned at how easily Eddie had taken control of the class at the end of the testing section. She confessed that it did not bother her all that much and wondered why. But she did give Eddie credit for his professionalism in dutifully observing the Kegel strength competition and accurately recording the outcomes and details.

Eddie thanked her for her kind words. He assured her that he had no problem being her assistant and following her lead. The University put her in charge of the Project for good reasons. She was responsible for the data collection, the methodology and the analysis. Her signature would be on the final report. It was her ass, however cute, that was on the line. She was answerable to the college community and must make sure that things were done her way. Eddie told her that he was confident in her ability to direct the Project. Neither he nor anyone else could expect her to take responsibility for something not under her control.

Megan thanked her friend, in turn, for his confidence in her capability and her derriere. She asked his opinion on why and how he had taken over the girls at the end of the session. And her, too.

He sipped his coffee and considered the question. He admitted that perhaps he slipped into the mindset of Dress Code Inspector sometimes when confronted with so many naked coeds. He was but two years away from being a student himself and one of the best Inspectors ever. He said, grinning at his friend and colleague, that he remembered consensually raping her fondly and that she did not seem all that hurt by the experience.

Megan also remembered her first rape at the business end of his dick, which was not the last. She said that at first she was more embarrassed than ever to be found in violation of the code. After her clothes were confiscated and she was naked on the sidewalk, she could feel her privates dampen. And she became afraid of the consequences. It would be her first, after all. She recalled Eddie touching her hardened nipples to confirm her arousal. He then took her to a grassy spot, partially concealed by the hedges and proceeded to administer a quite energetic and surprisingly delightful consensual rape. Later she realized that he had helped her overcome her fear of inspection and that his comments during the examination gave her the confidence she needed to dress within the confines of the Code and retain her sense of modesty. She started to feel good about being a sexy girl soon after. Shyly, she whispered that, although he was her second sexual partner, she thought of him as her first. Megan said she gave up her cherry to her date on Prom night, who turned out to be a jerk. The sex lasted maybe thirty seconds, hurt a lot and the asshole went promptly to sleep.

Eddie held her hand, saying that he was glad he could help. They sipped their drinks for a while silently taking mental trips down Memory Lane.

Eddie then related some of his experiences as coach. He had been taught that a coach needed absolute obedience in the gym. His charges in the volleyball gym were mostly young girls, growing into their womanhood who needed a firm hand to guide them safely through the obstacles of University life. He learned to allow them some leeway to push the envelope a little, but had to take care to keep them in line. His word was law. As Coach, he pushed them to their physical limits to avoid the dreaded “freshman fifteen”. He helped them stay in top shape so that they could be proud of their bodies and proud to be girls. He consoled them when their lovely bodies got them in trouble with the Inspectors. But his duties required that he enforce the Code of Conduct at all times. He consensually raped several teens a month but used the experience to advise and inform the girls of the behavior expected of them at the college. Every sexual incident happened either on the field or during practice so he was able to share his words with the classmates of the girl during her consensual rape. On the few occasions when boys were present as witnesses, he would demonstrate the accepted ways to inspect and discipline a girl found to be in violation of the Codes. Additionally, if they were embarrassed and humiliated at their public rape enough, they might use that emotion to encourage them to comply more often with the Codes of Conduct.

All in all, he was sure that it was a positive learning time for the girls. His coaching philosophy must have been correct. None of his students and team members ever dropped out of college, nor did any transfer to a different university.

Megan asked about his popping of Marti’s cherry in public and his putting her on display while announcing her condition to the class.

Eddie answered that in the performance of his roles as code enforcer and coach, he had been the first man to penetrate dozens of teenaged girls. But he always took extra time to make certain that each girl could look back at her introduction into womanhood with a smile. Marti was no exception. He considered that duty a benefit of his job. Needless to say, he loved his job.

Megan wanted to know what his thoughts were now about how and why he had arbitrarily picked three girls from the group, made them perform cunnilingus on each other and Marti, while he fucked either their pussy or their ass, one after another. What’s more, he had dragged her, the Project Director, in full view of the class participants for whom she was an authority figure, to the shower where he roughly and loudly fucked her against the wall. She assured him that, for some unknown reason, she was OK with it then and now. But what was going on in his head?

Gathering his impressions of the session, Eddie told her that he went into his coach persona as soon as the testing ended and her Director’s authority seemed to disappear. For whatever reason, she had turned her attention to Lisa’s tongue and stopped being in charge. Perhaps it was a combination of her quiet concession, Marti’s submission and the sight and smell of the excited teen girls that caused the Coach in him to emerge. The Coach is Master of his house and everyone in it. The volleyball gym is His House where his word is absolute law. So he stood up and took command. And took Marti’s cunt while standing up. And later, her tight virgin ass. Neither the girls nor she, Megan, ever questioned his control. They just did as directed. With respect to his banging of her pussy in the shower, she did not seem to mind all that much when he dragged her in and minded even less as she was taking his dick up against the wall. If she needed him to explain his motivations, then she needed to explain why she politely asked his permission before abusing Marti’s nipples, sending the poor submissive girl into a crashing orgasm. His voice was beginning to enter into command mode.

Unconsciously Megan was responding the Voice. She felt compelled to answer truthfully and completely. She explained that getting fucked so thoroughly by him in the shower made her feel almost like she was his property to use as he saw fit and that she became extremely hot at the idea. Maybe it was a realization of how little actual control she had of her body as a student and how much control he had of her body. She knew then and knew now that he could have her whenever he wanted. He could fuck her, as often as he wished, anytime and anywhere he desired. And she had no power to resist.

About her use of Marti, she explained that the teen’s public submission to Eddie must have awakened a mild dominatrix gene in her, the same one that made her an effective Project administrator. She could see that Marti clearly considered herself to be owned by her Master, Eddie. Therefore she felt it necessary to get Eddie’s permission to play with his new fucktoy. And she clearly could see the obvious signs of extreme arousal in another girl. She wanted to know what it was like to use a powerless-to-resist girl, to push her over the edge. Pinching those sweet hardened nipples was a sudden and inspired idea. Marti’s explosive orgasm was a joy to see and cause.

She was ready to apologize to him if she had acted wrongly and would accept any penalty he felt necessary to give her, smiling as she spoke.

Gracefully, Eddie (now not so much in Coach mode) accepted her apology. He suggested that if it was OK with her, they needed to plan the next round of Kegel tests for the Project. The gym was empty and planning now would save time next Monday.

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