Overalls (archives)


I like a challenge. One really fun challenge is to strip down to one item of clothing, and stay decent. It’s fun to wear a minidress, for example. I love the feeling of being naked under it, especially if half of my butt crack is showing. I know people are wondering if I’m wearing thong panties, and I love being coy about not showing them my pussy, so they keep wondering.

If I’m going to wear one item of clothing, though, it’s more fun to wear an item that isn’t usually worn by itself. One example is a t-shirt. It’s natural to assume I’ve got short shorts, or at a very minimum, panties, under my t-shirt, so it’s a fun shock to sit back and spread my legs to show people I’ve got nuthin’ under it.


Another fun single-item is overalls. With overalls, the looser the better. For one thing, a loose top gives me the freedom to flash my tits while appearing to be covered up — the bib covers them, just barely, but it’s so loose that everyone gets a side view.


With my tits on display like that, it’s a no-brainer to just take down the top. After all, if my tits are on pretty much full display, there’s no harm in just undoing the straps, and letting the bib fall by my waist. This is what I love so much about overalls — they’re so versatile.


And, like I said, I wear them really baggy. That has a special advantage after I take down the top. You see, with nothing on top holding them up, they slide slowly down my thin waist. I pretend not to notice, letting them fall lower and lower until I just step out of them! My pussy is in an uproar just thinking about it!

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