Miniskirt (archives)

My boyfriend says my skirt is too short, but I don’t think so. Here I am, sitting on the landing of a stairway, wearing my miniskirt, with my hands in my lap.


Clearly, the skirt is covering my lap, so I don’t know what my boyfriend is going on about. He says people can see my pussy, but I don’t think so. I think he’s overreacting to the fact that I don’t like to wear panties. This is for his benefit as well as mine. My lack of panties is for our private enjoyment only, not for everyone else to look at my pussy. I take great care to exactly cover my pussy, but to always have it available for my boyfriend to grope whenever he wants to. The surprise of having him touch me when I least expect it is well worth the embarrassment of accidentally flashing my pussy from time to time. I just wish he would see it that way, and get off my case!


I say it’s time for a new boyfriend. If he thinks you are showing too much, tell him, A gentleman would use his hand to cover you.
Comment By base At 10/10/2007 10:11 PM

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