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Outdoor Shower

One of the definite plusses of going to this College are the outdoor showers, which can be used any time. In the Spring, the weather is warm and usually sunny, so most girls like to wear just shorts around campus. As long as the shorts are skimpy enough, the “panty patrol” (as the students call the Dress Code Inspectors) generally leave the girls alone. To be safe, a lot of girls simply wear panties as shorts, and the girls agree: it’s a simple outfit to pick out in the morning — just slip on a pair of panties, and head out the door!


So with the weather so fine, and the girls parading their stuff in their finest silk panties, the showers are quite a hit. When one is unoccupied, a girl will often slip out of her panties, and take advantage of its cool, refreshing water.


After a shower, most girls like to wait a bit before putting their panties back on, so they can dry off. So, quite often a girl will take a shower before lunch, and leave her panties next to the shower while she goes to the ‘caf’ for lunch. Then, after lunch, she can come back and put on her panties before heading off to her next class. It’s all very convenient for the girls.


And quite entertaining for the boys, too.

It is true: I’ve seen groups of boys wait to watch the girls take outdoor showers, yelling out comments about wanting to soap the girls up or encouraging girls to soap each other’s tits and pussies.

I’ve also seen boys steal the panties of all the girls while they are in the showers and then insist that, since their pussies are wet, the girls are exposing themselves while sexually excited, and hence violating the college code – and violating the college code in this way means the girls must get violated themselves.

So it is not unusual to see a few girls having young hard cocks fed into their pussies and assholes as soon as they leave the showers. Often they need to have another shower immediately afterward as a consequence. This can go on for quite a while.

Comment By horny juror At 7/26/2007 12:50 AM

Personally, I find myself agreeing with the boys’ interpretation of the code of conduct there — wetness from water is far too easily confused for arousal, after all.

I wonder if this rule should not be enacted, but extended — I know for a fact that the girls’ swim teem meets would become *far* more popular this way. (I’d worry about the stress on the athletes, but what better way is there to prove that only those devoted to the team compete?)

Comment By Anonymous At 8/23/2007 5:24 PM

A different type of shower led to a similar situation. I was out inspecting when a rain shower started. I saw a girl wearing a rain coat as permitted, but she seemed to be hiding something. We inspectors have been trained to spot the subtle body language of Dress Code violators.

I had her remove her rain coat, despite the protests. As she stood int he rain shower, her tee shirt got wet and very transparent. She was wearing pasties to prevent her nipples from revealing her sexual arousal.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 10/21/2007 10:03 AM

Upon seeing this violation, I had her remove all her outfit for her hearing. When she pulled off the pasties, her stimulation was noticed by many. Despite the rain and muddy ground, many took their turns.

She was fortunate that she was not wearing her outfit. She was covered in mud, sweat, and more than one’s bodily fluid.

She thanked me! then walked over to the fountain and took a bath to wash the dirty and semen off her body. She skipped off to class singing in the rain.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 10/21/2007 10:07 AM

Anonymous, I think you are right: so many boys have been sneaking past me into the showers to watch the girls swim team showering that I think the girls must not be very vigilant about things. If every boy who saw their pussies wet was required to rape them, they might learn.
Comment By swim coach At 1/17/2009 6:02 AM

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