Dress Code — Poncho Dress (archives)

Dress Code — Poncho Dress

A popular style of minidress is the “Poncho Dress”, which is a circle or square, with a hole in the center through which the girl pops her head. It’s a simple style, which girls like because it covers their most intimate of areas, while leaving their legs and sides bare.

Many girls are attracted to this style by the “naked feel” they experience inside it, which comes about because the fabric drapes so loosely about the wearer, with her arms largely inside it most of the time. Many girls become moist when they feel naked, and enjoy resting their hands in their laps, an opportunity not afforded so modestly by other styles.

Some square models are actually cut in a diamond shape, with the small diagonal across her shoulders, revealing more of the girl’s bare side. Wearing this style, girls appear more nude than they really are, which lets them share some of that nakedness they feel under the dress. From the side, a girl in a diamond poncho dress looks exquisitely sexy: her naked breasts are clearly visible in profile, even though her nipples are modestly covered. Her bare bottom, too, is fully accessible in profile.



It’s a versatile style that allows an opportunity for unique modifications. For example, the head hole can be placed slightly off-center so that less fabric hangs down her back. This very attractive “bare butt” look is gaining in popularity all across the campus.

In another popular bare-back modification, only a half-circle is used, with the diameter fastened to both wrists and around the neck. In this style, a girl’s sides and back are bare, allowing the her to fully share the nakedness she feels under the dress while keeping her nipples and pussy fully covered. Moreover, if she so desires, she can temporarily unfasten it from her neck, and flip the entire dress over her back, and wear it like a cape. In the evening, when temperatures drop, many girls take advantage of the extra warmth they feel snuggled inside their dress this way. The lack of frontal coverage is a small price to pay for snuggling inside a sexy dress.

I love my poncho dress, especially on a crisp Autumn day. It is wool, and alike th images here, it is not see thru, although I’d one one like that for spring or summer. Anyhow, my poncho has the top opening wide, well, maybe too wide. My slim shoulders can both pass through it, so I wear it high on one shoulder and leave the other shoulder bare. the boys find it a sexy outfit even though I’m not showing all that much.
Comment By Wendy At 10/21/2007 11:34 AM

Well, not that much until I have to bend over or reach for something high. I once was reaching for a book in the library, and I used the wrong arm (bare shoulder). The poncho slip as I I raised my arm, and the open went over my other shoulder, when I dropped my arm from instinct, the opening was squarely over both shoulders. with my arms down, the poncho hit the floor.

I shrieked, and that caught the attention of the librarian who insisted I leave the library for making too much noise. She didn’t even allow me to pick up my poncho dress. I had to come back when she was off work.

Comment By Wendy At 10/21/2007 11:37 AM

Then the girl behind the counter refused to give it to me from the Lost&Found box. She said, ‘If this was yours, you’d be nude right now. Besides, it is a really pretty poncho dress. I might take it home.’

I didn’t want her to steal my poncho, so I took off my clothes since everyone had seen me leaving the library nude early that day. ‘There. I’m nude, and that’s my poncho dress.’

She handed me my poncho dress, but she took my button skirt and crop sweater top. She said, ‘This are pretty, too.’

I raced to the dorm to leave my poncho dress, and ran back to the library in the nude. She reluctantly gave me my skirt and sweater back. with a smile she handed me the buttons she cut off.

Comment By Wendy At 10/21/2007 11:42 AM

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